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Congressional Corruption of the DC Taxicab Industry

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January 8, 2008


Besides being the only major city in this entire country that is not actively represented in Congress and has control over its own tax revenue the District of Columbia is also the only major city in this entire world not using some modern version of a meter to equitably compute taxicab fares and used as a reliable means to record and tax the income of the local Taxicab Industry.

Despite the success for the past 76 years by the shallow efforts of politrickcians, reporters and supporters of the very unique DC taxicab zone system fare structure it is essential that DC residents, taxicab drivers and tourists no longer be insulted and only be further brainwashed into believing that the continued use of a very unique taxicab zone system or a meter in DC taxicabs is merely an issue of popularity.

The DC news media reported on 12/26/07 on the efforts of supporters of the zone system to soon publish the results of their conducting a "poll" among DC residents and taxicab drivers in regards to their view of Mayor Fenty's decision to install meters in DC taxicabs.

Before hearing and assigning any merit to the results of any upcoming poll among DC residents in concern of the use of the zone system or the meter in DC taxicabs let us first ask how many DC residents or DC taxicab drivers knew that:

1) DC initially had used meters and that the zone system has been in operation for 76 years despite the fact that it wasn't ever approved.

2) The unique DC taxicab zone fare system had been denied for 20 reasons by the DC Public Utilities Commission? (Public Utilities Commission order no. 956 11/6/31)

3) They can call the Public Service Commission and ask for a free copy of DC Public Utilities Commission order no. 956.

4) The denial of the zone system to replace meters in DC taxicabs was upheld by Judge Adkins ruling, "The zone system is only a means to exploit the labor of the driver?"(PUR 1932C pgs.17.19) and Judge Adkins decision had been upheld by the DC Court of Appeals.

5) Every major city in this world uses a meter to equitable compute local taxicab fares as well as a reliable means to record the income of local taxicab companies and drivers as well as a reliable means to compute the tax revenue that was due from every local taxicab company and driver.

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Guest Karl Rudder

I just read an article by Adrian Fenty in Streetwise Media that allows him to continue to serve as a governmental puppet and not even hint at the Congressional Corruption of the DC Taxicab Industry that for more than 70 years had forced the "zone system" into operation! Reading "Karl Rudder's Blog" will better enlighten you on the little known legal facts of this issue and allow you to know how Congress created gov't puppets and dictated to the news media to not ever speak the TRUTH about this issue.

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