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Girl Making A Condom Rocket With Mentos And Coke


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What is our world coming to LOL. Watch this video by Jeff LaCroix


Girl Making A Condom Rocket With Mentos And Coke. Just A Little Experiment And Having Some Fun. Just How High Would A Condom Powered By The Presure Of A Mentos And Coke Reaction

Go? Things Don't Always Go As Planned. But That's What Makes It that Much More Fun. Her Reaction To What Happens Is To Funny! She's kind of sexy too.




View the video at YouTube.

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Guest human_*

KB; In this town a little light humor is essential. Some of us breathe, eat, sleep politics and then wake up the next day, and do it all over again.



Nothing better to do I guess but really funny...

Keep those videos coming...

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Just when I think that I have seen it all some thing new comes along that just aint right.


There are some things in this world that NO United States President should be subjected too.


Please google the following = Blow Up Barack Love Doll


I can understand people liking Barack Obama, but this just going way too far.

No,no,no,no!! Really,really Bad!! VERY BAD!! Oh Wow!!! Lordy!! Oh My God!!!

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After further research it seems that the Barack Obama Doll is very popular in China. This really is one for the books.



That is too funny. I found the actual company.






I guarantee they are selling like hotcakes. I would buy one as a gag gift.

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