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Sat.7.17: 1-year Anniversary Jam !!! Free Buffet


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KRUNK is every Saturdary @ South Beach

7904 Woodmont Ave / Bethesda, MD (10 mins from DC)




"There's only one spot in Montgomery County that consistently serves up top hip-hop DJs; massive, inexpensive mixed drinks; live performances; and an open mi©: Krunk..."


-Fritz Hahn and Rhome Anderson (washingtonpost.com)


K R U N K - S A T U R D A Y S - J U L Y - 1 7 t h , 2 0 0 4 :











Happy Birthday Krunk. Thanks to you, Krunk will be fortunately enough to turn 1 while going stronger than ever. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, we've watched ourselves grow with each other and with our music. Rarely have I experienced such wholesome, amusing, emotional, personal and downright intoxicating experiences within the confines of another venue. Krunk has resurfaced friends from various social circles; ones that I sometimes felt slipping away, but now proudly interact with one another. Krunk has given us the opportunity to share our love and vision with dozens, even hundreds every week in a positive upbeat environment. Krunk has proudly served DC hip-hop and echoed its voice to countless patrons- some who may have never envisioned such a love for hip-hop, and other that may never have envisioned their love leading them to Bethesda. Krunk is many things, but mainly, it's YOUR PARTY that YOU helped to make great! Thanks for loving the party as much as we do. We cannot wait to celebrate the accomplishment and to dish out another year to come...


In appreciation for your continued support, this Saturday we will be providing a complimentary buffet towards the end of the night so drink up! We will also have a complimentary champagne toast to properly commemorate the occasion. And do we have a night lined up for you, talent wise...





Shortly after Krunk's birth we drafted Mr. Nada as Krunk resident (thank you Jackson). Whether funk, soul, hip-hop, r&b or a touch of top 40, Dave makes you dance to most of the genres while defining crowd control. Krunkers know that Nada never leaves a dance floor disappointed and his impeccable selection guarantees you’ll leave Krunk wet in more ways than one.





Since day one Cam has laid down the real hip-hop as one of our most technical DJs. He has quickly blossomed into one of metro area hip-hop's hottest up-and coming DJ's with production credits that are quickly catching up. He's scratched with Q-bert, opened for Craze and made your jaw drop over his turntable finesse... we are always proud to host the one and only CAM ONE!





We go back like hypercolor shirts and slap bracelets, so it's with outstanding pleasure I can finally present to you his EP RELEASE. After years of hard work he will debut one of the strongest recordings to have ever been affiliated with Krunk! With Titts on the decks (and the occasional beat), it should be a performance to remember. Don't forget to take one home!





I'm hitting my crates hard to dig out all the tunes you couldn't resist this past year. All the Krunk classics are going to be stitched together Titts-style, ranging from up tempo hip-hop all the way up to hyper tempo B-more club. Consider yourself warned!





Say it, don't spray it. Things to bring: your wit, off-the-top rhymes, positive attitudes, sharp lyrical ability and mic control. Things to leave at home: stank breath, written or memorized content, thuggish ruggish attitudes and yo mama. Open mic from 10:30pm-12. Mic has been RED HOT as of late!!


!!! Get KRUNK each and every Saturday !!!


- Free admission

- Free drink (limit one)

- The hottest live acts, DJ's and MC's

- Drink specials & more for MEMBERS ONLY:

- Sign up for the forum to take advantage! http://tittsworth.com/forum

- Sign up for the e-mail list to stay informed! jesse@tittsworth.com to sub


- Open mic from 10:30 pm-12 midnight

- Consistently praised by Washington Post & more!

- Late nite MENU for REAL after hour EATS!

- Covered SMOKING SECTION available!

- 21+ w/ photo ID

- Hours: 10:30 pm to 2:30 am


- Only 10 mins from DC!

- Metro accessible!

- South Beach = 7904 Woodmont Ave/ Bethesda,MD

- Directions from Connecticut Ave / DC

- Directions from I-495, 355 & others

- FREE PARKING next to Black's (7750 Woodmont)


For press, pictures, weekly line-ups and more, please visit:


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Guest SandHouse

I luv rap music

I always have, and I always will

There ain’t no other kinda music in all the world

That makes me feel quite as chill

I luv rap music

Ya know, it’s sittin’ on the top of my list

So if ya wanna hang with me, ya better believe

We’ll be jammin’ to a hip hop mix

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