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Evil Dead 2

jack morphine

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I think one of the best cult movies is evil dead 2. To see this movie you would be able to tell that it has all of the qualities to make it one, and it's a great movie to have on at a party. People see the crazy visuals walking by with a beer in their hand and then something in the movie catches their eyes. The f###### works like a magnet at parties. Watching this movie makes you feel like you want to see more.

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Guest evil_ash

EVIL DEAD 2 will be screening for 3 SHOWS only in Washington DC’s AFI Silver Theatre (www.afi.com/silver) on Friday July 2 thru Sunday July 4 at 11:30 PM!


See SPIDER-MAN 2 director Sam Raimi’s first great sequel! Featuring “Snooty Usher” Bruce Campbell at his slap-stickiest!


Fri July 2 @11:30 PM

Sat July 3 @11:30 PM

Sun July 4 @11:30 PM


Tickets and info at www.afi.com/silver

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