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Nov 6 - 18: Flip Orley

The DC Improv

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The nation's premiere comic hypnotist, Flip Orley, is coming back to our nation's capital. Orley has been amazing audiences across the country with his remarkable performances for over 14 years. The beauty of his shows, is that no two performances are alike, because the volunteers are never the same. He has garnered national attention from his appearances on the "Today Show", "Entertainment Tonight", "Comic Strip Live", the "Maury Povich Show" and many others. His appeal is undeniable, and has sold out show after show in dozens of major cities.


Flip taps into each volunteers' own creative mind to create one of the funniest, most spontaneous shows that you will ever see in your life.


Flip Orley's new CD's are available through the DC Improv website and from the club itself. The titles include:


* Hypnosis and Relaxation, Achieve your Goal Weight and Be a Non-Smoker

* Hypnosis and Relaxation, Develop a Positive Attitude, Stop Procrastinating

* Hypnosis and Relaxation, Stress Management and Sleep Better



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