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Just want to say Thanks


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Thank You Luke for snapping me back into reality. You are right, I became that which I loathed the most "A Politician".


To those who wish to play politics with me? I don't have a problem with it, BUT REMEMBER THIS, AND IT'S VERY IMPORTANT? This IS WASHINGTON D.C. and you really never know with whom you are typing too ESPECIALLY in this town.


For this town is not just about Local politics, but it's also National politics, and International Politics.


All of you know, Or at least the regulars here know that I AM REPUBLICAN.

In this coming election I will Vote Republican, because I've seen first hand the results of the Clintons

As well as the Democrats games of politics. <Just read my posts on Latin America and you will get to understand it.>


Blingbling, as a Latino myself; You know that I will be always pushing for my group Latinos/Hispanics.

But understand this with me, When you play politics with me? IT'S FOR REAL.


Blingbling you ACTUALLY encouraged me to grab one of the shinning stars of the democrats party and TURN him for Illegal Immigration Reform, and now I have a very nice list of Leaders with in the African American Community who I CAN PUSH the Latino/Hispanic agenda with. "Thanks"




The Democrats ARE HAPPY because they got the Latino vote back. That's Politics. <Some Times I just CAN'T WIN THEM ALL> lol



REMEMBER THIS PEOPLE, in THIS town? Politics really is Hatfield’s vs. McCoy type of politics.

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Guest human_*

People, this really is how MAJOR political battles gets' started in this town "Washington D.C.".


Is it childish? YES


For me After getting this off of my chest? I can NOW concentrate on being constructive, rather than playing the games of political payback.


By the way;

Anyone for a game of checkers? Please! NO CHESS.

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Guest human_*

The Old games are still the best out there. I got my nieces those psp thing um ma bobs, and I'm all thumbs.


And those games are so complicated "Oh lordy!".The graphics are nice though.



I really like checkers ;)
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