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Sat.07.10.04 : Krunk : Unusual Suspects W/ Dj Titt


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KRUNK is every Saturdary @ South Beach

7904 Woodmont Ave / Bethesda, MD (10 mins from DC)




"There's only one spot in Montgomery County that consistently serves up top hip-hop DJs; massive, inexpensive mixed drinks; live performances; and an open mi©: Krunk..."

-Fritz Hahn and Rhome Anderson (washingtonpost.com)


K R U N K - S A T U R D A Y S - J U L Y 1 0 t h , 2 0 0 4 :





MoCo's very own Unusual Suspects have been hitting the DC/MD/VA hip hop scene hard for the past two years to say the least. Known for their high energy shows and their unbelievably tight freestyle abilities, their studio and improvisational skills are not to be taken lightly. Made up of Blest, CM Dislexsick, Copeasetic, and Scudmisstle, The U.S. have been absolutely killing stages on an almost weekly basis while constantly elevating the bar for DC hip-hop. You may have caught a recent and impeccable appearance alongside Afu Ra, in which case actions speak louder than words. If you still haven't heard them for yourself, do not miss this Saturday's Krunk as we proudly host a Krunk and personal favorite, THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS.





Whether Baltimore club or classic hip-hop, this DNB vet always sets his mind to keeping the dance floor as lit as his liver. Never stopping the rapid mix, except for maybe a shot, this beat guru draws from an extensive library of tempo varying tracks that guarantees Krunk lives up to its name! Get yo dance on!!





Besides ripping the open mic to pieces, Optimst spins the hottest reggae, rnb and hip-hop, and of course, Michael Jackson. Since we're 21+ I'll temporarily spare my boy the MJ jokes, especially in hopes of keeping Bunn quiet. Look out for the EP RELEASE on July 17th, which will also double as the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY. We can't believe it's been a year yet we still continue to redefine the meaning of the word Krunk on a weekly basis... Thanks to you!!





Say it, don't spray it. Things to bring: your wit, off-the-top rhymes, positive attitudes, sharp lyrical ability and mic control. Things to leave at home: stank breath, written or memorized content, thuggish ruggish attitudes and yo mama. Open mic from 10:30pm-12.





Our boy Dae is always hustlin' to help metro area hip-hop and this Saturday it's our turn to in turn help him celebrate another year in passing. This MF Doom and RJ Junkie has his sights set on big things but this weekend it's all about big drinks. I hope your ride has Scotch Guard!!


!!! Get KRUNK each and every Saturday !!!


- Free admission

- Free drink (limit one)

- The hottest live acts, DJ's and MC's

- Drink specials & more for MEMBERS ONLY:

- Sign up for the forum to take advantage! http://tittsworth.com/forum

- Sign up for the e-mail list to stay informed! jesse@tittsworth.com to sub


- Open mic from 10:30 pm-12 midnight

- Consistently praised by Washington Post & more!

- Late nite MENU for REAL after hour EATS!

- Covered SMOKING SECTION available!

- 21+ w/ photo ID

- Hours: 10:30 pm to 2:30 am


- Only 10 mins from DC!

- Metro accessible!

- South Beach = 7904 Woodmont Ave/ Bethesda,MD

- Directions from Connecticut Ave / DC

- Directions from I-495, 355 & others

- FREE PARKING next to Black's (7750 Woodmont)


For press, pictures, weekly line-ups and more, please visit:


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Girl meets boy on Thursday night

Boy was high, girl fly like kite

They hold hands until next day

Boy then lets go, hit his way

Boy rules butt, brags to his boys

Erection brings bad boy joys

Boy thinks of that big fat back

Big black fat love, big black fat

Girl calls boy to stand him up on Saturday



Saturday, it's a Saturday

It's a Saturday, it's a Saturday

Saturday, it's a Saturday

Saturday, it's a Saturday


Back once more with the wallop in the score

Must I ride and rip, should I make you rock your hip

Reviver of a roller-boogie in a rink

And sure to make you think about the times

To scope fun instead of fights

(But diving from a piece of metal sure to take your life)

Yo, slip your butt to the fix of this mix

Toss that briefcase, it's time to let loose

'Cause you've worked like heck to get the week in check

So unfasten that noose around your neck

Connected like a vibe from the wheel to the foot

Come on everybody dig the funky output


Five days you work

One whole day to play

Come on everybody, wear your rollerskates today

It's Saturday, Saturday

Saturday, it's Saturday

Saturday, it's Saturday

Saturday, it's Saturday-ay

(Is the word, is the word, is the word)


Now as you pump your fist I reminisce

To a bounce, rock, skate, roll

Fess to impress


Hey, pretty diamond, do you like the way I'm dressed

Cool, keep the faith and be my mate

'Cause all we need is feet

(And rollerskates)

But promote the hustle 'cause it keeps me thin

No need to talk, look who just walked in


(Is there a Dred on skates?)

Yes, man

(So kick the wham on this jam)

Oh Mr. Sprinkler, Mr. Sprinkler

Wet me for one, Mr. Sprinkler

I'm heatin' high-five in a daze, no split

With a yawn I trip to the dawn

Out comes the bodies following the one idea

It's clear, rattle to the roll

Hold back up the track, grab your rollerskates y'all

And let's zip on by

Zip-a-de-doo-dah, let's zip on by

Feed on a weed and we're feeling high

Sun is on thick and the cheese is rollin' quick

Come on, there's no time to hide

Season is twist, spinning and winning

No hackeysack, let let me in

Spill on the bottom away, but it's okay, huh

It's a Saturday


Now let's all get baked like Anita


Watch Mr. Lawnge, don't look at the peter


Feel on the fun, I'll feel on the


Hey, watch that!


It's a Saturday


Now is the time

To act the fool tonight

Forget about your worries and you will be all right

It's Saturday, Saturday

Saturday, it's Saturday

Saturday, it's Saturday

Saturday, it's Saturday-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay










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