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Mission Impossible comes to Hard Drives


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Hey!!! When are they going to make these for the general population?





IronKey Launches Secure USB Flash Drive for Enterprises and the Military

Designed specifically for use on sensitive government, military and enterprise networks


September 20, 2007 - Los Altos, CA. - IronKey Inc., a provider of secure portable computing products and Internet security services, announced today the launch and availability of the IronKey: Enterprise Special Edition, a secure flash drive designed for use on sensitive government, military and enterprise networks.


"We have been working closely with numerous enterprises and government agencies to develop an IronKey that retained the military-grade hardware encryption and nearly indestructible design of the original IronKey, but that can be easily deployed in extremely sensitive and restrictive network environments," said David Jevans, CEO of IronKey and Chairman of the Anti-Phishing Working Group. "And that is what the IronKey: Enterprise Special Edition is, a device designed to protect the most critical data assets of our government, military and enterprise customers."


The IronKey: Enterprise Special Edition, like all of IronKey's product family, has been designed to be the world's most secure USB flash drive, using onboard hardware encryption to protect the gigabytes of files that can be stored on the device. No software or drivers need to be installed on your computer to use an IronKey. A password is used to unlock your IronKey, and this is verified in hardware. If an IronKey is lost or stolen, attempts to unlock or tamper with the IronKey will trigger a self-destruct sequence, ensuring data is kept confidential.




Designed For Government, Military & Enterprise Networks

Designed for use on sensitive networks, the IronKey: Enterprise Special Edition automatically performs dynamic drive mapping to function seamlessly in enterprise environments with network-mapped drives. It does not include Firefox, Secure Sessions, Secure Updates or the IronKey Password Manager that ship with the consumer version of the device, making it ideal for military, government and enterprise deployments where there are strict requirements about use of browsers and networking connections.


IronKeys can easily satisfy most organizations' network management policies and interoperate with enterprise management and endpoint security products from the industry's leading providers and the IronKey Enterprise Security Alliance. The IronKey Enterprise Security Alliance is a partnering program that brings together vendors from different parts of the security and portable computing infrastructure to help create new highly secure enterprise and government solutions that can work across a variety of computing platforms including Windows, MAC, and Linux.


The IronKey: Enterprise Special Edition features include:


Hardware-Encrypted USB Flash Drive: With its strong hardware AES cryptography and authentication, there is no need to install additional hardware, software or drivers.

No Administrator Privileges Needed: Unlike many other encryption products, the IronKey does not require Administrator privileges on Windows XP or Vista.

Designed for Enterprise Networks: The IronKey performs dynamic drive letter mapping for use in enterprise environments with network-mapped drives.

Tamper-Resistant and Waterproof: The IronKey is designed so that it cannot be physically tampered with or disassembled by a determined hacker. The IronKey has also tested, passed, and exceeded military waterproof standards (MIL-STD-810F).

Easy to Inventory: Each IronKey has a unique, easy-to-read serial number, making it easy for IT managers to inventory the devices.

Assists in Regulatory Compliance: The IronKey helps organizations meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and GLBA.

Rugged and Durable: Unlike plastic USB drives, the IronKey's rugged metal casing is filled solid with epoxy, making it both tamperproof and waterproof.

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