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I am happy that the Redskins won


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I am too Joe,

Early in the season I listened to the National Media hype about the Dallas Cowboys team this year. I even listened to my many Cowboy friends preaching to me how the Redskins will not win until Dan Snyder sells the team. I have listened to Cowboy fans who have purchased Redskins Season Tickets preach to me that Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson are the alpha and omega. I even listen to Cowboys fans driving in their white sedans waving their blue and white fags, I am mean flags chanting, "ROMO." Then there are those people that come out of the cracks saying, "Joe Gibbs is from another era!!! Jack Pardee and Bobby Beathard really built this francise. Joe Gibbs racing team has dropped GM and their new sponsor is Toyota.


I am not a NASCAR fan. I don't care about what Joe Gibbs does in his other life. I was not happy with Gibb's decision to have Al Saunders at first. I even thought that the Redskins team was off vacationing in Country Club land last year.


The Redskins "Monday Night Football" game against the Eagles really showed this team has woke up from their delusions of greatness. Now they want to get it. Redskins coach's and more importantly players are feeling like winners. Moss, El and Cooley are moving the chains and Spreading out the opponent defense. Plain and I really Jason Campbell's performance. He mightily overthrew Santana Moss for the "Nail in the coffin" lead and a interception that kept the defense on the field longer, his performance on the field hinted greatness. Gibbs is finally all smiles about his pick. The Redskins are the best when they want to.


ESPN was great in spotting Jason's looking at receivers accross the field. He is learning to become and actor. Campbell had the Eagles second guessing where he was going and what he was doing.


Side Note to ESPN. WAKE THE **to perform an anatomical sexual impossibility** UP!!! What happenned to "Monday Night Football" football that I grew up with? What happenned to the 36 year Institution of of Da-da-da-da? Has the production budget just focused on Hank William's "Are you ready for some Football" theme song? Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon were so negative and out of focus with the game. These two are not announcers, but rather famous Washington Post Writers. Most of the game commentary was negative, negative, negative, and not part of the game. It was like they wrote up what they would say and then just say it at the wrong time. At one point ESPN switched the camera from the game and focused on the dialogue with Charles Barkley for what seemed forever. Michael Wibon had to brush the statement, "By the way there was a time out." ESPN should look how ABC produced the show. Listen to Howard Cosell Don Meredith playcall the game. Ron Jaworski can stay the way he is.


Hail to the Redskins

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