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New Launch day of "KAGUYA"


The launch of the Lunar Orbit Explorer "KAGUYA" (SELENE) by H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 13 (H-IIA F13) was rescheduled for 10:35:47 a.m. on September 13 (THU), 2007 (Japan Standard Time) after replacement work of parts in the two onboard baby satellites of the "KAGUYA" was successfully completed.


Once the "KAGUYA" is launched, it will go around the Earth twice and then toward the Moon, before entering into a lunar orbit. The Main Orbiter of the "KAGUYA" will then separate the Relay Satellite and VRAD Satellite and observe the Moon's surface over a one-year period while it goes around the circular orbit 100 kilometers above the Moon passing over both poles. Each of the small satellites will circulate on different elliptic orbits to observe the Moon.



Science Mission;


The KAGUYA will carry out more precise research on the Moon than any other previous exploration mission.


1. Science of the Moon

There is always volcanic activity on earth and mantle convection takes place under the ground, so the earth is constantly changing. Thus we can not understand the original figure of the earth. If we understand details of the Moon through observations by the KAGUYA (SELENE), we can resolve the mystery about when and how the Moon was formed.


2. Science on the Moon

There is an atmosphere around the earth, but not around the Moon. Thus sunlight directly hits the surface of the Moon. The "KAGUYA" will circulate around the Moon for about a year and conduct research on what influences the Sun is having on the Moon.


3. Science from the Moon

The KAGUYA is also equipped with devices that observe things other than the Moon. The space environment is suitable to observe electromagnetic waves in space, because no artificial electromagnetic waves such as from TV and cell phones exist there. In addition, the KAGUYA will be able to study the impact of the Sun on the Earth by observing both auroras of the North and South Poles at the same time from the Moon.

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