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Jonathan R. Rees has done an about face and filed an appeal with Alice P. Miller (Director) DC Board of Elections and Ethics concerning a recent ruling by the DC Office of Campaign Finance that only found that Councilwoman Mary M. Cheh was guilty of one of two campaign finance law violations.


Rees is seeking to prosecute this matter before the DC Board of Elections in a trial de novo where all witnesses and evidence can be presented in an open hearing and members of the media can be present to observe how the facts when applied against the laws and case law support the charges but were deliberately ignored and perverted by the DC OCF as a favor to a sitting council member.


Rees alleges that the DC Office of Campaign Financed failed to interview all possible witnesses that would support the charges, ignored evidence that would show that Cheh was purposely untruthful under oath with them in that she was occupying her campaign headquarters as early as May 2006 and not beginning in mid August, that Cheh only presented proof of $4,000 in rent of the $7,000 she agreed to pay under contract and more. Rees also asserts that DC Attorney General Linda Singer and her husband Joe Sternlieb did in fact create a political action committee which was responsible for the printing, mailing and handing out of “the handbill” which the DC Office of Campaign Finance did fine Cheh over, and that the funding for this was provided by members of Sternlieb’s group to be spent by Sternlieb on their behalf for the selected the ward 3 Democratic candidate as admitted to by Sternlieb.


Rees asserts that the director of the DC Office of Campaign Finance Cecily Collier-Montgomery is one of the most dishonest government officials who should have been indicted by the US Department of Justice for a long string of criminal acts as outlined by the Office of the DC Inspector General and accepted as factual by then US Attorney Roscoe Brown who felt dealing with the crookedness of Cecily Collier-Montgomery would be better suited by both administrative and civil action which never took place.


Rees argues the perverting of the Cheh matter is good cause for US Attorney Jeffery Taylor to re-open and re-consider indictments of Collier-Montgomery and her side kick Kathy Williams.


Rees states that he will take this matter all the way to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals after exhausting his administrative remedy if necessary, and has asked the Office of the United States Attorney – Fraud and Public Corruption Division to look into this matter and to re-consider indicting Cecily Collier-Montgomery.


Click here to read DC Inspector General’s Report on Cecily Collier Montgomery: The Report



Click here to read US Attorney’s Letter: The Letter


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Sorry Bfrank, just cut and pasted in a hurry.






Now Jonathan,

In third person writing, the author does not interject himself into the story.

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