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Carter’s loss of Stature in the World


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Carter is tarnishing his legacy


Former President Jimmy Carter once again is defending a terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel. In doing so, he quickly is wiping out any stature he may have had in the international community.


During a speech on Tuesday in Dublin, Ireland, Carter criticized governments in the United States and Europe. He claimed they are attempting to divide the Palestinian people, by providing support for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah Party. At the same time, U.S. and European governments are not helping the Hamas Party, which won 2006 elections among the Palestinians, Carter said.


Policies now followed by the United States and some European governments are an “effort to divide Palestinians into two peoples,” Carter alleged.


No help in that regard seems to be needed from outside the Palestinian community. And there is a good reason why the Fatah Party is being supported. It is that Hamas leaders, not content to work with Fatah politically, are attempting to take power through an armed coup. Already, Hamas gunmen have taken control of the Gaza area, forcing Abbas and his government to the West Bank.


Hamas may have won an election — but its leaders are demonstrating with AK-47s and rocket launchers that they have no intention of working through the political process. If the Palestinians are divided, then, it is because of Hamas’ propensity for use of force to gain its ends.


In his blind support for Hamas — and other factions dedicated to destroying Israel — Carter is proving only that some ex-presidents have nothing constructive to add to the debate concerning world affairs.

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