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As most of us recall, Mayor Adrian Fenty was accused of having ripped off a little old lady of her home while in the practice of law although he denied it.


Mayor Fenty on this point was telling the truth!


The actual culprit who ripped off this/these little old ladies was Mayor Fenty’s wife Michele Fenty.


Mayor Fenty on WTOP openly admitted to what happened when he announced live that he had given that money back.


Adrian Fenty is an idiot, he never was much of a lawyer, is suspected of having put someone else up to taking the DC Bar Exam for him and when he did practice law, it was not in the field of real-estate law and etcetera, and it was his utter incompetence in the practice of law why Fenty dropped it and went straight into politics.


On the other hand, Michele Fenty’s skills as a lawyer is ten folds better that Adrian Fenty’s could ever be, it was Michele Fenty who was behind “that” one matter of stealing the home from the little old lady reported in the news if one looks closely at the work done, legally speaking.


If you compare the Resumes of Mayor Fenty and Michele Fenty, you can see who is the brains in that family, who is a seasoned lawyer and who is not but the one mistake the media made was its failure to uncover how many homes and assets the Fentys ripped off from the elderly.


Isn't it nice to know that DC's first family claim to fame was to prey upon little old ladies!

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Well said Human.


As you know, the Democrats in DC are far more to the left than the Democrats nationally, they have ruled DC without a threat and they feel that they have absolute power and we know how that has corrupted them.

It does bring a warm feeling to my heart. Like I've always said "Democrats ARE more Republican, then the Republicans Are".


Hey!!! the democrats voted to continue the War in Iraq.

I remember the democrat moto; "Do as We Say, Not as We do".

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