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Address to DC City Council Harry Thomas JR

Karl Rudder

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Mr. Harry Thomas,Ward 5

DC City Council


The Benning Road Public Library Branch has been closed for a long time and as you are now the Chair of that Committee supposedly addressing the issue of the DC Public Libraries I have yet to hear one word on your intent on how you will serve the DC Public Libraries for all DC residents and to specifically the residents of Ward 7 on just what are your plans to restore the Benning Rd. Branch of the DC Public Library. Why?


The Ward 5 residents are waiting to have a reliable exchange with your office. I have yet to receive any insight into what you have chosen to be the key issues that you will address for the next six months.

Might you be allowing Ward 5 residents to witness another vacationing member of the DC City Council?

Please enlighten me if you have any issues of key importance other than unclothed bars on Mt. Olivet Rd. NE that you have chosen to address as the most recently elected DC City Council member for Ward 5. Rumor has it that you are proposing a facility for the many foreigners that are seen daily looking for a job next to the Home Depot at the Brentwood Shopping Center to sit and eat while they hope and wait for employment opportunities.

The unclothed bar issue is a political trick that Ward 1 Council member Graham is playing with and you and other DC City Council members are all smiles about "addressing".

The failure of DC City Council members to actively be involved as a team in expressing impressive initiative can only be taken as clear evidence that you guys are just like so many other local and national politicians who are so loud and active as they run for office yet once elected they run into the closet.

Allow me to suggest that you organize a choir of DC City Council members and have one of your first songs being -"Oh the Games Politicians Play !"

"Oh the games politicians play now. Every night and everyday now. Never meaning what they say, Never saying what they mean."

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