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Did you know that residents of the District of Columbia don't have the full voting rights that other American citizens enjoy? That's because the District of Columbia is not a state. There are more than 700,000 people living in D.C. but they have no voting representation in Congress! Why? That's a good question.


The population of D.C. is larger than that of four states.

Residents of D.C. pay over a billion dollars annually to the federal treasury, more total federal taxes than 9 states.

District residents have fought and died in every war since the War for Independence, and during Vietnam, D.C. had more casualties than 10 states, and more killed per capita than 47 states.


1993 New Columbia Admissions Act Act would have granted DC statehood. It failed to pass in the House and was not brought up in the Senate.


Do you think this is fair?


House of Representatives New Columbia

Admissions Act Roll Call Vote 595

November 1993

Vote Total Members of 108th

Congress (2003-2004)

In Favor 153

Against 277


House of Representatives New Columbia Admissions Act

Roll Call Vote 595 - November 1993

Vote Name Party State Member of 108th

Congress (2003-2004)


Abercrombie Democrat Hawaii Yes

Andrews Democrat New Jersey Yes

Becerra Democrat Califonia Yes

Berman Democrat Califonia Yes

Bishop Democrat Georgia Yes

Brown (FL) Democrat Florida Yes

Brown (OH) Democrat Ohio Yes

Cantwell Democrat Washington Yes

Cardin Democrat Maryland Yes

Clyburn Democrat South Carolina Yes

Conyers Democrat Michigan Yes

Costello Democrat Illinois Yes

DeFazio Democrat Oregon Yes

DeLauro Democrat Connecticut Yes

Deutsch Democrat Florida Yes

Dicks Democrat Washington Yes

Durbin Democrat Illinois Yes

Engel Democrat New York Yes

Eshoo Democrat Califonia Yes

Evans Democrat Illinois Yes

Farr Democrat Califonia Yes

Filner Democrat Califonia Yes

Frank (MA) Democrat Massachusettes Yes

Gephardt Democrat Missouri Yes

Green Democrat Texas Yes

Gutierrez Democrat Illinois Yes

Harman Democrat Califonia Yes

Hastings (FL) Democrat Florida Yes

House of Representatives New Columbia Admissions Act

Roll Call Vote 595 - November 1993

Vote Name Party State Member of 108th

Congress (2003-2004)

Hinchey Democrat New York Yes

Inslee Democrat Washington Yes

Jefferson Democrat Louisiana Yes

Johnson, E. B. Democrat Texas Yes

Kildee Democrat Michigan Yes

Kleczka Democrat Wisconson Yes

Lantos Democrat Califonia Yes

Levin Democrat Michigan Yes

Lewis (GA) Democrat Georgia Yes

Lowey Democrat New York Yes

Maloney Democrat New York Yes

Markey Democrat Massachusettes Yes

Matsui Democrat Califonia Yes

McDermott Democrat Washington Yes

Meehan Democrat Massachusettes Yes

Menendez Democrat New Jersey Yes

Miller (CA) Democrat Califonia Yes

Mineta Democrat Califonia Yes

Nadler Democrat New York Yes

Neal Democrat Massachusettes Yes

Oberstar Democrat Minnesota Yes

Obey Democrat Wisconson Yes

Olver Democrat Massachusettes Yes

Owens Democrat New York Yes

Pallone Democrat New Jersey Yes

Pastor Democrat Arizona Yes

Payne (NJ) Democrat New Jersey Yes

Pelosi Democrat Califonia Yes

Rangel Democrat New York Yes

Roybal-Allard Democrat Califonia Yes

Rush Democrat Illinois Yes

Sabo Democrat Minnesota Yes

Schumer Democrat New York Yes

Scott Democrat Virginia Yes

Serrano Democrat New York Yes

Slaughter Democrat New York Yes

Stark Democrat Califonia Yes

Thompson Democrat Mississippi Yes

Torricelli Democrat New Jersey Yes

Towns Democrat New York Yes

Velazquez Democrat New York Yes


In Favor

Visclosky Democrat Indiana Yes


House of Representatives New Columbia Admissions Act

Roll Call Vote 595 - November 1993

Vote Name Party State Member of 108th

Congress (2003-2004)


Waters Democrat Califonia Yes

Watt (NC) Democrat North Carolina Yes

Waxman Democrat Califonia Yes

Woolsey Democrat Califonia Yes

Wyden Democrat Oregon Yes

Wynn Democrat Maryland Yes

Sanders IndependentVermont Yes

Gilchrest Republican Maryland Yes

Andrews Democrat Maine No

Bacchus (FL) Democrat Florida No

Barca Democrat Wisconson No

Barrett (WI) Democrat Wisconson No

Beilenson Democrat Califonia No

Bilbray Democrat Nevada No

Blackwell Democrat Pennsylvania No

Bonior Democrat Michigan No

Borski Democrat Pennsylvania No

Brown (CA) Democrat Califonia No

Bryant (TX) Democrat Texas No

Clay Democrat Missouri No

Clayton Democrat North Carolina No

Collins (IL) Democrat Illinois No

Collins (MI) Democrat Michigan No

Coyne Democrat Pennsylvania No

Dellums Democrat Califonia No

Dixon Democrat Califonia No

Edwards (CA) Democrat Califonia No

Fazio Democrat Califonia No

Fields (LA) Democrat Louisiana No

Flake Democrat New York No

Foglietta Democrat Pennsylvania No

Foley Democrat Washington No

Ford Democrat Tennessee No

Furse Democrat Oregon No

Gejdenson Democrat Connecticut No

Gibbons Democrat Florida No

Glickman Democrat Kansas No

Gonzalez Democrat Texas No

Hamburg Democrat Califonia No

Hefner Democrat North Carolina No In Favor

Hilliard Democrat Alabama No


House of Representatives New Columbia Admissions Act

Roll Call Vote 595 - November 1993

Vote Name Party State Member of 108th

Congress (2003-2004)


Jacobs Democrat Indiana No

Kennedy (MA) Democrat Massachusettes No

Kennelly Democrat Connecticut No

Klein Democrat New Jersey No

Kopetski Democrat Oregon No

Kreidler Democrat Washington No

Long Democrat Indiana No

Manton Democrat New York No

Margolies-Mezvinsky Democrat Pennsylvania No

Martinez Democrat Califonia No

McCloskey Democrat Indiana No

McHale Democrat Pennsylvania No

McKinney Democrat Georgia No

Meek Democrat Florida No

Mfume Democrat Maryland No

Minge Democrat Minnesota No

Mink Democrat Hawaii No

Moakley Democrat Massachusettes No

Natcher Democrat Kentucky No

Penny Democrat Minnesota No

Pickle Democrat Texas No

Reynolds Democrat Illinois No

Richardson Democrat New Mexico No

Rose Democrat North Carolina No

Rostenkowski Democrat Illinois No

Sawyer Democrat Ohio No

Schroeder Democrat Colorado No

Sharp Democrat Indiana No

Slattery Democrat Kansas No

Stokes Democrat Ohio No

Studds Democrat Massachusettes No

Swett Democrat New Hamshire No

Swift Democrat Washington No

Synar Democrat Okalahoma No

Tejeda Democrat Texas No

Torres Democrat Califonia No

Traficant Democrat Ohio No

Tucker Democrat Califonia No

Unsoeld Democrat Washington No

Vento Democrat Minnesota No

Wheat Democrat Missouri No

In Favor

Yates Democrat Illinois No


House of Representatives New Columbia Admissions Act

Roll Call Vote 595 - November 1993

Vote Name Party State Member of 108th

Congress (2003-2004)


Ackerman Democrat New York Yes

Boucher Democrat Virginia Yes

Cooper Democrat Tennessee Yes

Cramer Democrat Alabama Yes

Deal Democrat Georgia Yes

Dingell Democrat Michigan Yes

Dooley Democrat California Yes

Edwards Democrat Texas Yes

Frost Democrat Texas Yes

Gordon Democrat Tennessee Yes

Hall (TX) Democrat Texas Yes

Holden Democrat Pennsylvania Yes

Hoyer Democrat Maryland Yes

Johnson (SD) Democrat South Dakota Yes

Kanjorski Democrat Pennsylvania Yes

Kaptur Democrat Ohio Yes

Lambert Democrat Arkansas Yes

Lipinski Democrat Illinois Yes

McNulty Democrat New York Yes

Mollohan Democrat West Virginia Yes

Moran Democrat Virginia Yes

Murtha Democrat Pennsylvania Yes

Ortiz Democrat Texas Yes

Peterson (MN) Democrat Minnesota Yes

Pomeroy Democrat North Dakota Yes

Price (NC) Democrat North Carolina Yes

Rahall Democrat West Virginia Yes

Reed Democrat Rhode Island Yes

Skelton Democrat Missouri Yes

Spratt Democrat South Carolina Yes

Stenholm Democrat Texas Yes

Strickland Democrat Ohio Yes

Stupak Democrat Michigan Yes

Tanner Democrat Tennessee Yes

Tauzin Democrat Louisiana Yes

Taylor (MS) Democrat Mississippi Yes

Allard Republican Colorado Yes

Bachus Republican Alabama Yes

Baker (LA) Republican Louisiana Yes

Ballenger Republican North Carolina Yes

Bartlett Republican Maryland Yes



Barton Republican Texas Yes



House of Representatives New Columbia Admissions Act

Roll Call Vote 595 - November 1993

Vote Name Party State Member of 108th

Congress (2003-2004)

Bentley Republican Maryland Yes

Bereuter Republican Nebraska Yes

Bilirakis Republican Florida Yes

Boehlert Republican New York Yes

Boehner Republican Ohio Yes

Bonilla Republican Texas Yes

Bunning Republican Kentucky Yes

Burton Republican Indiana Yes

Buyer Republican Indiana Yes

Calvert Republican California Yes

Camp Republican Michigan Yes

Castle Republican Deleware Yes

Coble Republican North Carolina Yes

Collins (GA) Republican Georgia Yes

Combest Republican Texas Yes

Cox Republican California Yes

Crane Republican Illinois Yes

Crapo Republican Idaho Yes

Cunningham Republican California Yes

DeLay Republican Texas Yes

Diaz-Balart Republican Florida Yes

Doolittle Republican California Yes

Dreier Republican California Yes

Duncan Republican Tennessee Yes

Dunn Republican Washington Yes

Everett Republican Alabama Yes

Gallegly Republican California Yes

Gillmor Republican Ohio Yes

Goodlatte Republican Virginia Yes

Goss Republican Florida Yes

Grams Republican Minnesota Yes

Greenwood Republican Pennsylvania Yes

Hastert Republican Illinois Yes

Hefley Republican Colorado Yes

Herger Republican California Yes

Hobson Republican Ohio Yes

Hoekstra Republican Michigan Yes

Houghton Republican New York Yes

Hutchinson Republican Arkansas Yes

Hyde Republican Illinois Yes

Inhofe Republican Oklahoma Yes


Istook Republican Oklahoma Yes

House of Representatives New Columbia Admissions Act

Roll Call Vote 595 - November 1993

Vote Name Party State Member of 108th

Congress (2003-2004)

Johnson (CT) Republican Connecticut Yes

Johnson, Sam Republican Texas Yes

King Republican New York Yes

Kingston Republican Georgia Yes

Knollenberg Republican Michigan Yes

Kolbe Republican Arizona Yes

Leach Republican Iowa Yes

Lewis (CA) Republican California Yes

Linder Republican Georgia Yes

Manzullo Republican Illinois Yes

McCrery Republican Louisiana Yes

McHugh Republican New York Yes

McInnis Republican Colorado Yes

McKeon Republican California Yes

Mica Republican Florida Yes

Nussle Republican Iowa Yes

Oxley Republican Ohio Yes

Petri Republican Wisconson Yes

Pombo Republican California Yes

Portman Republican Ohio Yes

Pryce Republican Ohio Yes

Quinn Republican New York Yes

Ramstad Republican Minnesota Yes

Regula Republican Ohio Yes

Roberts Republican Kansas Yes

Rogers Republican Kentucky Yes

Rohrabacher Republican California Yes

Ros-Lehtinen Republican Florida Yes

Royce Republican California Yes

Santorum Republican Pennsylvania Yes

Saxton Republican New Jersey Yes

Sensenbrenner Republican Wisconson Yes

Shaw Republican Florida Yes

Shays Republican Connecticut Yes

Smith (MI) Republican Michigan Yes

Smith (NJ) Republican New Jersey Yes

Smith (TX) Republican Texas Yes

Snowe Republican Maine Yes

Stearns Republican Florida Yes

Talent Republican Missouri Yes

Taylor (NC) Republican North Carolina Yes


Thomas Republican California Yes

House of Representatives New Columbia Admissions Act

Roll Call Vote 595 - November 1993

Vote Name Party State Member of 108th

Congress (2003-2004)

Thomas (WY) Republican Wyoming Yes

Upton Republican Michigan Yes

Walsh Republican New York Yes

Weldon (PA) Republican Pennsylvania Yes

Wolf Republican Virginia Yes

Young (AK) Republican Alaska Yes

Young (FL) Republican Florida Yes

Andrews (TX) Democrat Texas No

Applegate Democrat Ohio No

Baesler Democrat Kentucky No

Barcia Democrat Michigan No

Barlow Democrat Kentucky No

Bevill Democrat Alabama No

Brewster Democrat Oklahoma No

Brooks Democrat Texas No

Browder Democrat Alabama No

Byrne Democrat Virginia No

Carr Democrat Michigan No

Chapman Democrat Texas No

Clement Democrat Tennessee No

Coleman Democrat Texas No

Condit Democrat California No

Coppersmith Democrat Arizona No

Danner Democrat Missouri No

Darden Democrat Georgia No

de la Garza Democrat Texas No

Derrick Democrat South Carolina No

English (AZ) Democrat Arizona No

English (OK) Democrat Oklahoma No

Fingerhut Democrat Ohio No

Ford (MI) Democrat Michigan No

Geren Democrat Texas No

Hamilton Democrat Indiana No

Hayes Democrat Louisiana No

Hoagland Democrat Nebraska No

Hochbrueckner Democrat New York No

Hughes Democrat New Jersey No

Hutto Democrat Florida No

Johnson (GA) Democrat Georgia No

Johnston Democrat Florida No

Klink Democrat Pennsylvania No


LaFalce Democrat New York No

House of Representatives New Columbia Admissions Act

Roll Call Vote 595 - November 1993

Vote Name Party State Member of 108th

Congress (2003-2004)

Lancaster Democrat North Carolina No

LaRocco Democrat Idaho No

Laughlin Democrat Texas No

Lehman Democrat California No

Lloyd Democrat Tennessee No

Mann Democrat Ohio No

Mazzoli Democrat Kentucky No

McCurdy Democrat Oklahoma No

Montgomery Democrat Mississippi No

Murphy Democrat Pennsylvania No

Neal (NC) Democrat North Carolina No

Orton Democrat Utah No

Parker Democrat Mississippi No

Payne (VA) Democrat Virginia No

Peterson (FL) Democrat Florida No

Pickett Democrat Virginia No

Poshard Democrat Illinois No

Roemer Democrat Indiana No

Rowland Democrat Georgia No

Sangmeister Democrat Illinois No

Sarpalius Democrat Texas No

Schenk Democrat California No

Shepherd Democrat Vermont No

Sisisky Democrat Virginia No

Skaggs Democrat Colorado No

Smith (IA) Democrat Iowa No

Thornton Democrat Arkansas No

Thurman Democrat Florida No

Valentine Democrat North Carolina No

Volkmer Democrat Missouri No

Whitten Democrat Mississippi No

Williams Democrat Montana No

Wilson Democrat Texas No

Wise Democrat West Virginia No

Archer Republican Texas No

Armey Republican Texas No

Baker (CA) Republican California No

Barrett (NE) Republican Nebraska No

Bateman Republican Virginia No

Bliley Republican Virginia No

Blute Republican Massachussettes No


Callahan Republican Alabama No

House of Representatives New Columbia Admissions Act

Roll Call Vote 595 - November 1993

Vote Name Party State Member of 108th

Congress (2003-2004)

Canady Republican Florida No

Dickey Republican Arkansas No

Dornan Republican California No

Emerson Republican Missouri No

Ewing Republican Illinois No

Fawell Republican Illinois No

Fields (TX) Republican Texas No

Fish Republican New York No

Fowler Republican Florida No

Franks (CT) Republican Connecticut No

Franks (NJ) Republican New Jersey No

Gallo Republican New Jersey No

Gekas Republican Pennsylvania No

Gilman Republican New York No

Gingrich Republican Georgia No

Goodling Republican Pennsylvania No

Grandy Republican Iowa No

Gunderson Republican Wisconson No

Hancock Republican Maryland No

Hansen Republican Vermont No

Hoke Republican Ohio No

Horn Republican California No

Huffington Republican California No

Hunter Republican California No

Inglis Republican South Carolina No

Kasich Republican Ohio No

Kim Republican California No

Klug Republican Wisconson No

Lazio Republican New York No

Levy Republican New York No

Lewis (FL) Republican Florida No

Lightfoot Republican Iowa No

Livingston Republican Louisiana No

Machtley Republican Rhode Island No

McCandless Republican California No

McCollum Republican Florida No

McDade Republican Pennsylvania No

McMillan Republican North Carolina No

Meyers Republican Kansas No

Michel Republican Illinois No

Miller (FL) Republican Florida No


Molinari Republican New York No

House of Representatives New Columbia Admissions Act

Roll Call Vote 595 - November 1993

Vote Name Party State Member of 108th

Congress (2003-2004)

Moorhead Republican California No

Morella Republican Maryland No

Myers Republican Indiana No

Packard Republican California No

Paxon Republican New York No

Porter Republican Illinois No

Quillen Republican Tennessee No

Ravenel Republican South Carolina No

Ridge Republican Pennsylvania No

Roth Republican Wisconson No

Roukema Republican New Jersey No

Schaefer Republican Colorado No

Schiff Republican New Mexico No

Shuster Republican Pennsylvania No

Skeen Republican New Mexico No

Smith (OR) Republican Oregon No

Solomon Republican New York No

Spence Republican South Carolina No

Stump Republican Arizona No

Sundquist Republican Tennessee No

Torkildsen Republican Massachussettes No

Vucanovich Republican Nevada No

Walker Republican Pennsylvania No

Zeliff Republican New York No


Zimmer Republican New Jersey No

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Guest smart-e-pants

The founding Fathers explicitly chose to set DC up as not a state, and without congressional representation.


DC residents may send over 1 billion to the feds in taxes, but they get 4 times that amount back, including 3 billion in federal gifts to help cover the city budget.


No one in DC is opressed; They all can choose to live in a state and have congressional representation, or live in D.C. and not have it. They have chosen the latter. While everyone likes to complain, D.C. residents have revealed that they care more about other things than they do about congressional representation.

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Guest Augustine

That is almost fair to say if you were not born in Washington DC.


Your argument is simular to what the British Parliment said to Ben Franklin and the New England colonist.


If I get taxed and have the possibility to get drafted. Then my vote should count.


I love the District and do not plan to move any day. I will fight for my rights.

Just like you should fight for all of yours. They are the most important thing in

this grand experiment of this ideal Republic.


With liberty and justice for all.

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