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Anyone interested in volunteer tutoring should contact Margarita Correa at DC Public Schools. Margarita can be reached at:


Email: margarita.correa@k12.dc.us

Tel: 202.727-6165




I will do my best to continue to contact Margarita Correa 202-727-6165 to volunteer my services as a tutor for students of the DC Public Schools. Your providing her email address has allowed me a means to comfortably share my resume of having served as a substitute, temporary and GED Instructor for the DC Public Schools.

I am sure you know that there is an intense need to expand the learning experience for the youth of DC, Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit and throughout this country far beyond the hours of merely 9am - 3pm. I look forward to seeing this issue as being far more than just a means for many American politicians to practice expressing their rhetorical skills.

"It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the air force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber." Women's International League for Peace and Freedom 1979

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Margarita still has not sent me the list of tutoring services she promised. I have left several messages with her and the Office of Strategic Planning Services. Have you contacted her?


In fustration I called Sandra-Walker McLean of the Office of the Chief Academic Officer. Sandra was quite charming and apoligized for my fustration. She is going to contact Margarita and get the information for me.


You can contact Sandra at 202.442-5090

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Here are some more tutoring programs you might be interested in.


1. DC Reads Program- 202-274-7115

2. Jumpstart Program - 202-393-4444

3. Head up Program - 202-544-4468

4. Junior Achievement - 202-777-4486

5. Serve DC- 202-727-7925

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If you are interested in tutoring please contact Experience Corps at 202-797-1150 they have a tutoring relationship with DCPS.


This organization is content at scheduling a tutorial session once or maybe twice a week with one of their volunteers. The academic need of todays youth require more of a coordinated effort between teachers, students and volunteers in order to be measurably effective. The rest just sound good lasts for a few hours and then everyone hops, jumps and skips away singing, " Our exchange is so strong that I won't see you again, nor even talk to you over the telephone until next Wednesday!"

Communication = Cooperation was a formula I always used in my classrooms.

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How would you propose to coordinate this effort of bringing teachers, students, and volunteers together?




This summer is coming and DC residents can begin to more actively meet and develop tutorial services at building the studying skills and basic academic output for students as well as providing workshops for parents and interested adults of DC at our many churches. Right now I am at work at developing that kind of output at the Isle of Patmos Church that I attend.

The goal that we share is to do our best to use the summer to better stimulate a more positive peer influence by working with groups of DC youth as well as building the confidence, creativity and skills of many DC parents to more effectively address the academic needs of their children or of the youth within their neighborhood. I trust the majority of us know that the key to learning anything is - Practice makes Perfect !

Reading an interesting newspaper article to children (if not challenging the little angels to learn how to spell a few words) if not having them reading an interesting article to us and challenging us to spell a few words is only the tip of an iceberg of ideas that can in time positively influence their reading and writing skills. Consistency to addressing childrens reading, writing and math skills must be creatively addressed and thus prove to be enjoyable. When I worked as a GED Instructor at the Cedar Knoll Correction facility I would let those deserving to often play Password during many classes during the summer. I laugh at the memory of seeing the kids struggling for and possibly guessing the right word. Password was a wonderful and very educational game and I pray that thousands of my little brothers and sisters enjoy themselves playing it this summer.

To encourage the teenagers to develop their reading skills was easy after I shared a few grammatical errors if not very poor design of an article that I would sometimes find in the Post or some other newspaper. The kids would be shocked to see such errors from "professional" writers and I trust a little more willing to learn from a mistake of their own. We always hear about reading programs but rarely hear about a program designed to develop the writing skills of the students. In any true academic exchange reading and writing go together and unfortunately many of our youth are not truly given any editing skills to employ and as a result their writing suffers. Patiance and encouragement are the keys that unlock many young and strong minds.


Developing the concentration skills of our elementary youth is easier when you share the tricks that adding is the opposite of subtracting and multiplying is the opposite of division. Many junior high and senior high youth had experienced fear of not remembering basic math skills and so their effort in learning was cut in half. I have seen many smiling faces after I approach them and from the very beginning inform them that all I need is their attention to learn basic algebra to solve the equation m - 43 = 12. Of course once I have their attention I can go off into addressing a few more challenging problems such as 3c - 12 = 27 Our children of DC, Baltimore, Richmond and throughout this country need action so that by the end of the summer many of them will be returning to school with a stronger sense of confidence, willingness to learn from a mistake and a wonderful smile on their face as they impress themselves, their parents, each other and those that have helped them during this coming summer.

I pray 10 churches here in DC will contact me if not each other and and begin to coordinate the tutorial services that they will provide to the youth of their community during the course of this summer. We all study from the same book on Sunday ! How about another similarity that we all can have for the benefit of the children of our community during this summer?

I am sure that the thousands of proud students attending the University of the District of Columbia, Howard University, American University, Catholic University, Georgetown University, George Washington University and the many other proud adults attending many other local schools are part of the solution to this challenge to develop the studying skills and academic output of DC youth beyond just this summer.

Our level of cooperation will be determined by our level of communication.

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