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BUSH MUST GO! Demonstration at Opening of Congress

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1. DEMONSTRATION, 12noon, Thursday, January 4, 2007

Upper Senate Park (Delaware & Constitution, just north of Capitol), Washington DC



7pm, Thursday, January 4, 2007

National Press Club, Washington DC


Millions thought they were voting against the war and the president, but the Democratic leadership of the new Congress has sworn that impeachment is off the table. If war crimes, torture, and crimes against humanity are not reasons to impeach, what is?


On January 4, people will come to Washington DC to demonstrate at the opening of Congress carrying signs and doing street theatre dressed in orange Guantanamo torture jumpsuits. The demand: that Congress investigate and hold accountable the Bush administration for criminal liability, and that the House of Representatives immediately initiate Articles of Impeachment against President Bush for his multiple “high crimes and misdemeanors.”


At 7pm, MICHAEL RATNER, JOHN NICHOLS, CINDY SHEEHAN, and others will speak at the National Press Club at a forum sponsored by World Can't Wait-- Drive Out the Bush Regime.


Debra Sweet, National Director of the World Can’t Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime: "A regime as criminal as the Bush regime should not be allowed to remain in office. This unjust war was started on lies and has continued for four years despite an election where millions thought they were voting to stop it. The Democrats, now the majority, allow debate only on how to run the war more effectively, and are saying that impeachment can’t even be considered. This is unacceptable. If George Bush is not removed from office before 2008, then everything he has done -- his doctrine of preemptive war, his legalization of torture, his undermining of the rule of law, and his elevating the role of fundamentalist Christianity in the laws, culture and institutions of the country -- will continue no matter who becomes the next president. As people of conscience living in the U.S. we cannot allow that to happen.”


Endorsers include Rep. Cynthia McKinney; AfterDowningStreet.org; Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Families for Peace; Bill Goodman, Center for Constitutional Rights; ImpeachBush.org; Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Hip Hop Caucus; ImpeachForPeace.org; ImpeachBush.tv.

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Guest Congressman Kucinich

Under circumstances that can best be described as "suspicious," the www.kucinich.us website was crippled early this morning a few hours after Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced 35 extensively documented Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush.


Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich last night introduced 35 Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush in a dramatic presentation of the floor of the House of Representatives that last nearly five hours.

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Guest Bobby_*

An Ohio Democratic lawmaker and former presidential candidate has presented articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush to Congress.


Thirty-five articles were presented by Rep. Dennis Kucinich to the House of Representatives late Monday evening, airing live on CSPAN.


"The House is not in order," said Kucinich to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), upon which Pelosi pounded her gavel.


"Resolved," Kucinich then began, "that President George W. Bush be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, and that the following articles of impeachment be exhibited to the United States Senate. ...


"In his conduct while President of the United States, George W. Bush, in violation of his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and to the best of his ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has committed the following abuses of power..."


The first article Kucinich presented, and many that followed, regarded the war in Iraq: "Article 1 - Creating a secret propaganda campaign to manufacture a false case for war against Iraq."


Kucinich, a 2004 and 2008 Democratic candidate for the White House, abandoned a prior attempt to begin impeachment proceedings against Bush in January of this year.


In April of 2007, Kucinich presented impeachment articles against Vice President Dick Cheney, but the effort went nowhere. Kucinich exclaimed that "impeachment may well be the only remedy which remains to stop a war of aggression against Iran."


Before leaving office in January 2007, Rep. Cynthia McKinney--currently a Green Party presidential candidate--introduced articles of impeachment against President Bush as her last act in Congress, but that effort also was fruitless.



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Guest Robert Parry

Once the proud newspaper that broke the Watergate scandal, the Washington Post is now helping to cover up presidential wrongdoing with its rear-guard defense of George W. Bush's Iraq War lies.

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Guest Badass

This is much more involved than just Bush, there are thousands of rich people that benefited from Bush. thousands of corrupt outstandingly rich people. Bush was just a stupid fool they used to get what they want. more money. that’s all war has even been about. money and power. it sickens me to the soul. the bilderburg group, the rothschilds, the rockefellers, the schwab family, the rich internationalist bankers who own all the mainstream media, and the federal reserve, and the majority of oil companies, etc. it’s much much deeper than Bush’s dunce. he’s just a puppet. if he gets impeached that will not solve anything. the problem people are still hiding with all their money and power. It goes even deeper than that, but I will not, because then it really starts to get super crazy, and most people can not handle the truth. : )

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Guest Neil Young

Bush needs to be impeached for what he did. I mean, the Senate has verified it. It needs to happen for history. It's like a dirty business. It needs to be taken care of. Nobody wants to be bothered, but it should happen, because do we want to let this go down in history? It's a cancer. It's a blight. It has to be eradicated. You have to look at this and go, 'The president mislead the people into going to war, lost 5,000 troops, there's hundreds of thousands of people killed in Iraq, billions and billions of dollars were taken out of the economy for the war, and now we've discovered for sure -- the Senate committee has said, 'Yeah, he did. He lied.' ' So what do you have to do to get impeached? What do you need to do? And who are we if we don't do it ... if we don't actually say, 'Hey -- the law! You can't do that!'"





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Guest True American

Our entire government made the mistake. You cannot blame just one branch of it. Democrats and Republicans got bad intelligence. If the Executive branch forced policy, then the people who followed should have broken ranks back then. All I see are people that want to make money off of book deals.


If Scott McClellan really knew all of this then he should be going to jail for not letting the people know sooner. If he really cared about our country the proceeds of his book deal should be going to charity. He is a scumbag.


Al Gore is a scumbag as well. The former Vice President should be putting all the money that he made to a school doing research on Green Technology. The man cannot practice what he preaches. Just pathetic.


I am no keen on John McCain, Barack Obama, or Ralph Nader. These people talk about putting all our taxpayer dollars into programs that will go nowhere.


This country has a huge debt. It is only getting bigger. We should remove our troops from Germany, Korea, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Japan unless they pay us for the protection. Nobody is paying our country to police the world. We should move those troops to the Mexican border, ports of entry, Alaska, and U.S. territories. We need to clean house with all unnecessary programs and focus on rebuilding our transportation infrastructure, health care and educational institutions.


I do believe in the Green Movement. I would love for the citizens of our country to be not dependant on not only OPEC, but also disband our power companies. I hope our future generations can power themselves with off the grid energy.


I also hate stores like Walmart. People love them, because they sell cheap goods. But, everytime they buy a product, they give their money to China and we lose another job.


George Bush was no way like his father or the late Great Ronald Reagen. But, don't blame him on all our misery. Just blame ourselves. Just blame our wasteful greed.

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Guest Dennis Kucinich

Impeachment Resolution: First Reading Today


Dear Friends,


This afternoon, at approximately 5 p.m. (EDT), the Clerk of the House of Representatives will give the first reading of the Article of Impeachment of President George Bush. Article One charges the President with deceiving Congress with fabricated threats of Iraq WMDs to fraudulently obtain support for an authorization of the use of military force against Iraq.


Once the Clerk reads the bill, I will move to refer the bill to the Judiciary Committee for hearings. I believe the American people have a right to an open airing of the charges against this President. Did he or did he not lie to take us into a war? I believe the evidence is overwhelming that President Bush knew that Iraq was not an imminent threat, was not in possession of WMDs at the time, and had nothing to do with 911 or with al Queda's role in 911. And yet, despite having facts to the contrary, he took the U.S. into war with devastating consequences for our troops, our nation, and the people of Iraq. Congress must hold hearings.


There can be no greater offense of a President or a Commander in Chief than to conjure a war based on lies to Congress, to the troops, and to the people of America.


I love our country with all my heart and I intend to persist until America is America again.


Please contact your friends and neighbors and ask them to go to our website at www.Kucinich.us and sign the impeachment petition. Thank you for your continuing support and for your love of our country and its people.

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Guest Impeach Bush

Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich posted a video today announcing that his impeachment resolution against President George W. Bush will be heard before the House Judiciary Committee on Friday. Kunich charged the president with lying to Congress about the presence of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq, in order to obtain permission for a US attack.


"I want to thank you for the support which you have given to my efforts to hold this administration accountable for taking us into a war based on lies, and for the destruction of the rule of law and the destruction of cherished Constitutional principles," Kucinich said.




Come to DC for this Historic Moment: "Hearing on the Imperial Presidency of George W. Bush"


Contact NIN DC action coordinator: cynthia_papermaster@yahoo.com if you’re coming from outside the DC area.


July 22-24 "Impeachment Lobbying Days", House of Representatives


July 25


9 a.m. "Choose the Constitution" Press Conference & Rally


Rayburn Building, Independence Avenue


10 a.m. Hearing on the Imperial Presidency of George W. Bush


House Judiciary Committee, Rayburn Bldg, Rm. 2141

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Guest Nader for President

Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader today sent the following letter to U.S. House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers on the hearings about presidential misconduct scheduled for Friday, July 25.


July 23, 2008


Chairman John Conyers

House Judiciary Committee

U.S. House of Representatives

Washington, D.C. 20510


Dear Chairman Conyers:


For years I have been urging you to initiate a resolution of impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for chronic, repeated violations of our Constitution and the many "high crimes and misdemeanors" they commit day after day. These two men are the worst recidivist impeachable occupiers of the Presidency and Vice Presidency in American history.


Since assuming power over both Houses, the Democratic leadership declared impeachment to be "off the table."


During our 2004 Nader/Camejo independent campaign for the Presidency, we invited the American people to sign on in support of our demand for the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Many thousands of citizens signed.


We have had several conversations and two meetings where impeachment was discussed. On March 24, 2008, I wrote you a letter describing the various options open to you as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (see enclosed.)


A few days ago, it was reported that your Committee will hold hearings this Friday July 25, 2008 on Congressman Dennis Kucinich's article of impeachment referred to your jurisdiction.


You have invited four members of the House to testify including, of course, Congressman Kucinich and several observers of the subject, including the inestimable former mayor of Salt Lake City Rocky Anderson, Bruce Fein and John Dean. The Libertarian candidate for President, Bob Barr is also on the witness list, but I am not.


This is not the first time that I have been excluded from testifying on subjects both of us have been concerned about and have discussed. Remember your invitation to testify at your unofficial public hearing right after the 2004 elections regarding "irregularities" in Ohio? Within two days, your chief of staff, Perry Applebaum, persuaded you to disinvite me.


Applebaum has been a problem with my appearing before a Committee Chairman whom I have known, admired and worked with for nearly forty years. He has performed his exclusionary behavior on other occasions. It is time to make this public and to ascertain why he prevails again and again with his superior either not to invite or to deny requests to testify regarding subjects well within my knowledge, experience, and forthrightness.




Ralph Nader

P.O. Box 34103

Washington, D.C. 20043


For more information on the Nader/Gonzalez Campaign, see: VoteNader.org

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Guest Tiffany Burns

Cindy Sheehan Goes To Washington – Marking the one year anniversary of her challenge to the Speaker: “Put impeachment on the table or I’ll run against you!” – A year to the date later Congress prepares to begin investigations.


WHO: U.S. Congressional Candidate Cindy Sheehan brings together a diverse assembly of prominent citizens to address the hearings taking place this week in the Judiciary Committee investigating abuses of Executive power. Speakers will include noted Republican Constitutional Lawyer Bruce Fein, Fein will also be testifying at the hearing; Mara Verheyden-Hillard representing ImpeachBush.org, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern and others.


WHAT: Press conference marking the significant one year anniversary of Sheehan’s “Journey For Humanity” that ended last year in Washington D.C. on July 23rd and delivered over one million signatures to Congress asking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Judiciary Committee Chair Congressman John Conyers to move forward with Impeachment hearings; and her subsequent challenge to Nancy Pelosi for her seat in CA District 8.


WHEN: Thursday, July 24, 2008 – 1:00PM


WHERE: Press Club, Zenger Room

529 14th Street, NW Washington DC 20045


For more information go to:



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Guest Jonathan Godfrey

Conyers Announces Hearing on Imperial Presidency


Today House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr. announced that, on July 25, the House Committee on the Judiciary will hold a hearing on the Imperial Presidency of George W. Bush and possible legal responses.


“Over the last seven plus years, there have been numerous credible allegations of serious misconduct by officials in the Bush Administration,” said Conyers. “At the same time, the administration has adopted what many would describe as a radical view of its own powers and authorities. As Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, I believe it is imperative that we pursue a comprehensive review commensurate to this constitutionally dangerous combination of circumstances. Next Friday’s hearings will be an important part of that ongoing effort.”


The Committee is expected to examine a range of legal and legislative responses to allegations of administration misconduct and their expansion of executive branch power.


Since the beginning of the 110th Congress, the Committee has conducted extensive oversight into allegations of misconduct by the administration, including: (1) improper politicization of the Justice Department and the U.S. Attorneys offices, including potential misuse of authority with regard to election and voting controversies; (2) misuse of executive branch authority and the adoption and implementation of the so-called unitary executive theory, including in the areas of presidential signing statements and regulatory authority; (3) misuse of investigatory and detention authority with regard to U.S. citizens and foreign nationals, including questions regarding the legality of the administration’s surveillance, detention, interrogation, and rendition programs; (4) manipulation of intelligence and misuse of war powers, including possible misrepresentations to Congress related thereto; (5) improper retaliation against administration critics, including disclosing information concerning CIA operative Valerie Plame, and obstruction of justice related thereto; and (6) misuse of authority in denying Congress and the American people the ability to oversee and scrutinize conduct within the administration, including through the use of various asserted privileges and immunities.


The July 25 hearing will be held at 10:00 a.m. in room 2141 of the Rayburn House Office Building. Additional information, including witness participation, will be announced next week.

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