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Redskins Tickets for $10.00 each


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After several hours of tailgating at Fedex parking lot it was almost time for the game against the Eagles. As I walked toward the gates a season ticket holder was selling his seats for $10.00 each. I could not believe it. Then I went to sit down and the ticket holder next to me asked if I knew anyone that would be interested in purchasing his seats. I was quite amazed how a losing season can change the dynamics of the fan base.


Most fans seem to be fed up with the high costs of going to a football game. On top of that. the Redskins have had a heart breaking season. All the Redskins draft picks have been traded away, so there seems to be no hope for next year.

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I know I am fed up with the hype Snyder tries to sell. The man is more interested in purchasing classical radio stations than maintaining his existing problems. All he wants to do is buy, buy, buy. Then sell, sell, sell mediocre products and eventually ruining their good name. Just look at what Lavar Arrington had to say about Joe Gibbs.


Soon Snyder's forced aquisition of Six Flags will turn our beloved Bugs Bunny into a thug.


Here is my thereputic rendition of Dan Snyder as a big fat pig. I am not a great artist, so maybe some of you out there can make a better one.



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I understand Snyder is a successful businessman that is learning how to manage one the most popular teams in the NFL. He brought Joe Gibbs back. I think no fan would fault him for that. I know that he has tried to bring in top rated players to win. But, I think he has to realize managing a football team is not a simular business model.


In my opinion, the first thing Dan Snyder has to realize that the fans only have a limited amount of disposable income. But, the fans are the ones who really market the team by talking about the Redskins with their family and friends. Corporations purchase seats to reward their employees and market their products and services. But their marketing value is much smaller. Mr. Snyder should realize this because he has stated numerous times that he was a Redskins fan as a kid.


The second thing Dan Snyder has to realize is that he does not have a football player mentality. I am pretty sure that he never played football at Woodward High School or in college. So it is hard for him to understand the physical mentality of the game. This is very apparent by the Redskin players attitude during games. The Redskins have been called a Country Club team this year. They dabble in what uniforms to wear and constantly dance around the field to Fedex music when they are losing the game. This shows me that the team has no discipline or heart to win.


The third thing Dan Snyder has to realize is that he does not the aptitude to scout prospective talent. Joe Gibbs has never proved that he can do this successfully. Vinny Cerrato does not have the skill set to evaluate players. What we need a general manager like Bobby Beathard. We need a drafting guru to build the Redskins with draft picks and free agency. In addition, we need a Manager that understands organizational structure, philosophy, systems and execution of football operations in the areas of college and pro player evaluation, athletic training and equipment, medical programs, information systems and salary cap management.

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Dan Snyder is a scumbag. I don't understand why you are even defending a man that treats Redskins fans as greenbacks.


Dan Snyder says he always was a fan, but he is not. A fan would not have moved the Redskins training camp from Dickenson College in Carlisle Pennslyvania. It was a tradition that started in 1963. I remember my pop telling me about the Carlisle Indian school for Native American Indian children that closed its doors in 1918. This was the flagship school the legendary Jim Thorpe played his first football game. Carlisle Indian fans became Redskins fans. The town made money from Washingtonians coming up to watch their beloved team play in the stands. I remember getting autographs from Dave Butz, Art Mont, Nick "The Trashman" Giaquinto, "Downtown" Charlie Brown, and many others. The weather is much cooler in Carlisle than balmy Ashburn. All those good times were free. Lord Cooke never charged the fans. Dan Snyder killed that tradition and charged fans admission and a parking fee. That is the day I realized this man is a true scumbag.


A true fan of the game would not bombard his patrons watching the game with so much marketing B.S. Instead of instant replays we get Fedex commericals.


A true fan would not mislead people on waiting the legendary Redskins waiting list that new lower bowl seats were available, but not tell them they had obstructed views.


A true fan would not charge people $25 to park on Fan Appreciation Day.


I can go on, but it makes me sick to think about this.


Like a wolf in sheeps clothing, Dan Snyder is a scumbag hiding behind a Redskins Jersey.

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