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Statistics show that in the District of Columbia, it takes the average college graduate up to five (5) months to find a job whether it is a first job, a new job or what have you.


DC boasts a robust job market but that is grossly untrue.


The robustness of the DC job market only applies to jobs that are on the bottom of the pay scale, part-time, temporary but not for well paying, permanent, full-time jobs.


The reality is, outside of employment with the District of Columbia or United States governments, the job market is actually very poor, unstable and does not afford most the ability to meet their basic economic obligations, and also fails to afford people health care coverage and an ability to prepare for retirement.


This instability for workers in the private sector can be blamed on the DC City Council who continues to pass anti-business laws, maintain plantation style labor laws (at-will) that allows employers to abuse workers.


Council member and mayor elect Adrian Fenty has the worst track record on defending the rights of workers but has sided more often with big business in his six years on the council.


Adrian Fenty as a councilman also neglected proper oversight of other services such as health care for the poor, mental health services and so much more making his campaign claims that he is ready to jump when a constituent is in need a lie unless that constituent was one of his wealthier ones living in Rock Creek.


The ugly truth is, Adrian Fenty has never been a champion of the middle class or the poor.


Gary Imhoff in the December 10, 2006, edition of [TheMail] pokes fun at Adrian Fenty over his addiction with his [blackberries], but the fact is, it is a serious addiction that is indicative of something more serious than meets the eye.


Voters of Washington, DC not being all that knowledgeable about the various forms of mental illness a person can suffer from have quickly misunderstood the true nature of Adrian Fenty and his constantly on-the-go, inability to focus on anything for long and his lack of a genuine warm mindset as rooted in a mental illness that could interfere with his ability to govern the District of Columbia.


Adrian Fenty since a child and I have known him since he was 5 has always suffered from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) which his parents ignored and allowed to go untreated.


The foregoing fact has been well noted by friends, colleagues and the media in his inability to focus on anyone, anything or any thought for long.


It is this hidden mental illness of Fenty that will be his un-going as mayor.


Add to his ADHD the fact that Fenty has dabbled in the use of illegal drugs which some of us have witnessed including this author and is it any wonder he is so detached and cold?



Adrian Fenty is another Marion Barry in the making but at a much younger age!

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Why not Nelson? I know them and others said the same when Fenty was growing up and bouncing off the wall as a kid. A little Ritalin might had helped.



" which his parents ignored and allowed to go untreated."


You should not be talking about his parents. That is way over the line if there is such a thing nowdays.

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