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1,500 volunteers from all faiths are needed for the largest interfaith project of the Washington DC metropolitan area. You can choose from such projects as preparing meals & serving them to the homeless, painting shelters, throwing parties for sick children in hospitals, visiting seniors in nursing homes, distributing gifts at over 20 homeless shelters, donating blood and many more activities. Online registration at




Want to take a more ACTIVE role? Lead volunteers in activities at your selected site. The December 25th Community Service Day needs 60 volunteer team captains to lead clusters of volunteers to sites all around the city on this big day of community service. If you would like to be a team captain, please email Naomi Oppenheim at teamcaptain@washingtondcjcc.org or call (202) 777-3243.


Location of Project / Street Address: Across the metropolitan area. All volunteers meet at the Washington DCJCC to pick up supplies and then head out to their project site.


Number of vol. needed: 1,500 volunteers

Minimum age w/adult: 10

Minimum age w/o adult: 18


Donations needed!

Support the 20th Annual December 25th Community Service Day by donating the items most needed by over seventy social service agencies. Below is a list of Gift Requests from our partner social service agencies (number of items needed in parenthesis):


New adult-size socks (3,000 items)

Gloves, mittens, hats and scarves—for adults and kids (3,000 items)

Large-sized (men's and women's sweaters and other large-sized warm-weather clothes)

New travel or full size toiletries for adults in shelters (4,000 items)

Non-slip slippers—large sizes for senior citizens in nursing homes (1000 items)

Travel-size games, puzzles, and crafts for children in hospitals (200 items)

Sports equipment, cosmetics, and gift certificates for teens in shelters (2000 items)

Diapers and pull-ups for infants and toddlers up to two years old (1,000 items)

Rattles, mobiles, and books for infants and toddlers in hospitals (500 items)

Gift bags, wrapping paper, tape, scissors and ribbons to wrap the gifts (100 items)

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