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Dallas Week Seems Pretty Flat


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Where did all the Redskins fans go to? Its Dallas Cowgirl week folks. We need to get fired up.


A woman in Dallas calls 911. When the officer answers the phone the woman is hysterical and tells the cop that a man has just broken into her home and she thinks he intends to rape her. The officer explain that they are just extremely busy at the moment and tells her "Just get the guy's jersey number and we'll get back to you."


The Redskins have had a week to recover. But, we still have injuries:


Dockery, Derrick Probable Hip

Griffin, Cornelius Questionable Hip

Marshall, Lemar Probable Ankle

Patten, David Probable Thigh

Rogers, Carlos Out Thumb

Salave'a, Joe Probable Calf

Sellers, Mike Probable Elbow

Springs, Shawn Probable Groin

Washington, Marcus Probable Hip


Every media channel is whinning about Gibbs not building his team through the draft, not playing Jason Campbell, and firing Al Saunders. I do not think that is the problem. What is the problem? I truly believe Redskins team lack is passion to win the game. My idol Joe Gibbs has gone soft. He is a good soft spoken church man that believes in the power of forgiveness and getting through bad games together. But, coach this is football and the players with heart should not be lumped in with the ones here to get a paycheck.


The Redskins need to get Andre Carter and Chris Samuels pumped up for the game. Because, they look like they are here just for the money.


Someone needs to put some fire up Derrick Frost's ass. Because the man is performing at high school level.


The Redskin's offensive line really is starting to look like George Allen's legendary "Over the Hill Gang."

The Dirtbags need to start looking dirty or enjoy retirement.


Maybe last year was the pinnacle of what the Redskins could acheive. Now the core of the team is just to old to play and should just watch the games on TV.


But, this is Dallas WEEK. So, if the old timers could see it to win this game I will be happy. I hate the Cowboys and I hate Cowboy fans.


ATTENTION REDSKINS FANS!!!!!!!!!! If you see a cowboy fan watching the game make sure to make his or her life miserable and want to leave. I am starting a fan training session that will take people to EAGLES, GIANTS, and BEAR stadiums. There you will learn to be loud and mean to your opponent. Upon graduation you will proudly state that you are not a politically correct fan and scream




76 Adams, Flozell OT 6-7 340 9 Michigan State is a woman

14 Austin, Miles WR 6-3 215 R Monmouth Univ likes to wear women's clothing

50 Ayodele, Akin LB 6-2 250 5 Purdue likes men in speedos

24 Barber, Marion RB 6-0 220 2 Minnesota is a stalker

11 Bledsoe, Drew QB 6-5 238 14 Washington St loves the movie cry baby

57 Burnett, Kevin LB 6-3 240 2 Univ. Tenn. is talented at bending over.

99 Canty, Chris DE 6-7 300 2 Virginia loves to take his knee pads home

54 Carpenter, Bobby LB 6-2 257 R Ohio St is a Dixie Chicks fan

93 Coleman, Kenyon DE 6-5 295 5 UCLA has a poster of Ben Stiller in his locker

32 Coleman, Marcus S 6-2 209 11 Texas Tech dressed up in his Village People costume for halloween

75 Colombo, Marc OT 6-8 320 5 Boston College is taking classes on how to write

84 Crayton, Patrick WR 6-0 205 3 NW Okla State likes pinch players butts

89 Curtis, Tony TE 6-5 265 1 Portland State loves Tony Curtis movies

29 Davis, Keith S 5-11 205 4 Sam Houston dreams of performing at Broadway

37 Elam, Abram S 6-0 210 R Kent State is a war protester with Cindy Sheehan

98 Ellis, Greg LB 6-6 270 9 North Carolina has a pretty mouth

69 Fabini, Jason OT 6-7 309 9 Cincinnati dresses like Fabio

80 Fasano, Anthony TE 6-4 258 R Notre Dame is more like a loose end looking for defensive play

95 Ferguson, Jason DT 6-3 310 10 Georgia really wants to be a cheer leader

55 Fowler, Ryan LB 6-3 250 3 Duke is hooked on phonics

26 Glenn, Aaron CB 5-9 185 13 Texas A&M is learning to read and write

83 Glenn, Terry WR 5-11 195 11 Ohio State has a nose bleeding problem

53 Glymph, Junior LB 6-6 272 3 Carson-Newman suggested the team colors should be a rainbow

10 Green, Skyler RB 5-9 190 R LSU loves men in tight pants

65 Gurode, Andre C 6-4 312 5 Colorado has a bad odor problem.

97 Hatcher, Jason DE 6-6 295 R Grambling always has a brown stain in the back of his pants

42 Henry, Anthony CB 6-1 208 6 South Florida pretends he is FONZY

46 Hoyte, Oliver LB 6-3 250 R NC State is an Oprah fan

17 Hurd, Sam WR 6-2 195 R N Illinois likes young boys

56 James, Bradie LB 6-2 250 4 Louisiana State has a beautiful doll house

52 Johnson, Al C 6-5 311 3 Wisconsin watches Elmo religiously

21 Jones, Julius RB 5-10 211 3 Notre Dame pretends he is OJ with the tight gloves

33 Jones, Nathan CB 5-10 192 3 Rutgers blows kisses to his fans

27 Kincade, Keylon RB 5-11 208 1 SMU has jelously problems

63 Kosier, Kyle G 6-5 305 5 Arizona St suffers from irratible bowl syndrome

91 Ladouceur, L.P. LS 6-4 255 2 Cal is beach boys fan

1 McBriar, Mat P 6-1 223 3 Hawaii loves to hula dance in the mens shower

77 McQuistan, Pat OT 6-6 315 R Weber St eats two cans of Alpo

41 Newman, Terence CB 5-11 195 4 Kansas State is just ugly

81 Owens, Terrell WR 6-3 224 11 Tenn-Chatt likes to wipe his ass with hundred dollar bills

60 Parker, J'Vonne DT 6-4 323 2 Rutgers thinks he is Porky the Pig

71 Procter, Cory G 6-4 305 2 Montana thinks J'Vonne is Porky the Pig

90 Ratliff, Jeremiah DE 6-4 305 2 Auburn wants J'Vonne to squeel like a pig

35 Reeves, Jacques CB 5-11 192 3 Purdue is having a secret affair with Jerry Jones

62 Rivera, Marco G 6-4 309 11 Penn State uses his male enhancement regularly

9 Romo, Tony QB 6-2 225 4 E. Illinois was caught reading Playgirl magazine

51 Singleton, Al LB 6-2 250 10 Temple likes to spray people with perfume

96 Spears, Marcus DE 6-4 298 2 LSU likes to spear his inmate buddies

13 Vanderjagt, Mike K 6-5 218 9 West Virginia hangs out with Richard Simmons

94 Ware, DeMarcus LB 6-4 257 2 Troy St Univ uses dirty needles

25 Watkins, Pat S 6-5 211 R Florida St has recently come out of the closet

31 Williams, Roy S 6-0 229 5 Oklahoma supports same sex marriage

82 Witten, Jason TE 6-5 265 4 Tennessee is openly gay

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Hail to the Redskins,

This week looks a little brighter for our team.


Former offensive lineman Ray Brown has re-joined the Redskins organization and his primary role will be to help the team's younger players adjust to the NFL.


Brown, a 20-year veteran who played nine years with the Redskins, does not have a title or specific responsibilities. Brown was brought in primarily to be a positive influence, according to head coach Joe Gibbs.


Ray Brown

"What we are doing is bringing someone in the organization that started out as a Redskin, played 20 years, has been through thick and thin--and right now we are having a tough time," Gibbs said on Wednesday. "I talked to him about being around the players, being back, and just being someone that young players can go to and talk to. Many times they are wide-eyed and still trying to figure out what the NFL is all about.


"What Ray can do there, not from a coaching standpoint, is talk to young guys about how to become successful here. It is one thing for me to say something to them. They are not going to pay a lot of attention to me. They are going to pay a lot of attention to Ray Brown because he played 20 years."


Brown told Washington, D.C., reporters earlier this week that he expects to be a resource for the team. In the past, Brown has indicated an interest in coaching in the NFL. This new role with the Redskins could be a good transition for him.


"It's really unique to get a chance to come in at this point of the season," Brown told reporters. "I think I have something to offer. I think I know football, and now it comes to finding out how I can get it through to the guys so it will help them."


Gibbs indicated that Brown will be relied on to help the team through tough times. In 2005, when the Redskins were struggling at 5-6, Gibbs relied on Brown as a locker room leader.


Brown helped set a tone that led to a five-game winning streak and a postseason berth.


"He knows how to help you get out of [tough situations]," Gibbs said. "He has played his way out of them and been a part of a team that has played its way out of them. He was here last year when we had tough times and he was a big part of the leadership role."


Brown has been present on the Redskins' practice field this week and he has spent time along-side assistant head coach-offense Joe Bugel working with offensive linemen.


"Ray adds a lot with his presence on the field and in the locker room," Bugel said. "He attends all of the meeting and he understands our [coaching] language. It gives young players a chance to see what a 20-year veteran looks like. I'm glad he's doing this."


To build your spirits up I did a gallery of some photos of last year's victory win over the Cowboys



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