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NATO and Russia ‘counter’ dirty bomb


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Emergency teams from NATO and Russia tackled the consequences of a simulated “dirty bomb” attack in Italy in exercise “Lazio 2006”, which ended on 26 October.


From 23 October, emergency response teams from Italy, Hungary, Romania, the Russian Federation as well as Austria and Croatia, practiced managing the consequences of a simulated terrorist attack with a “dirty bomb” or radiological dispersal device.


Following the ‘explosions’ on the first day of the exercise, Italian firefighters and medical teams moved in to deliver the first assistance to the victims.


They were then followed by the teams from the other countries, which came to assist with monitoring, detection and decontamination.


NATO’s Deputy Assistant Secretary General Ambassador Maurits Jochems called the exercise a very good example of cooperation among emergency response teams.


He also said that very valuable lessons had been learned, which will help to improve the joint capability to respond to radiological terrorism.


Exercise “Lazio 2006” is the third in a series of consequence management exercise conducted under the responsibility of the NATO – Russia Council (NRC).

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