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Retail In Southwest Waterfront


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Wish we had a better selection of restaurants along the Waterfront. By the way, just because the restaurant is near the water doesn't mean it must be a seafood [or primarily seafood] restaurant. :(



And, we need a Starbucks or a Teaism. Patrons of the Shakespeare Theatre have mutiple options for food and drink. However Arena Stage patrons have next to none.



Residents in Southwest do read. Would be great if Olsson's opened a location here. :D

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Guest SouthwestMatt

I agree with everything you said. I think the retail is coming, it will just take a bit. I cannot think of another area of the city with more people living there with that level of disposable income with less commerce options.


Cantina Marina is not focused on seafood.

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Guest Southwest Matt

Sure, there are many great places in Cap Hill, but I think the hope is that there will be more options within Southwest sometime soon.


I have hope that South Capitol Street will grow in retail options, but I have no idea of the zoning laws there.

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Guest Charlie

Is the shopping center EVER going to be redone and the office buildings rebuilt?


The ballpark is not likely to do much for the waterfront for a very long time. It is just too far away. No one is likely to want to walk between the waterfront and to the baseball stadium area at least for quite a while.


There were plans to do the waterfront, and ideas like building streetcars. Are all of these plans now dead?

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Guest Little Mermaid

I'm sure that retial will begin to grow, especially wit the new condo development we've seen in the last year. Waterside is a mess however and I can't see any business wanting to move in until the lease is confirmed.


While places like Boarder and Starbucks re OK,it would also be nice to cultivate more local/neighborhood places... a real diner would be great!

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