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When you begin the process of looking for a job in Washington, DC, put your college diploma in your "hope chest" as it will not get you a job here.


Next, begin looking for friends already working in DC and tap into them to promote your employment desires with their employers as this is what gets most people the better jobs.


The reality is, if you rely on the merits of your education and work history, then prepare to get the lower paying jobs offered in Washington, DC as it is not a city looking for brain power but "yes men" and "yes women" who are smart enough to know how to say yes and ask no questions.


E.g. Vialetta Graham http://www.dcwatch.com/govern/ig030522.htm at DC Board of Elections & Ethics who only had a GED was given a job by DC BOEE Director Alice P. Miller starting at a DS-15 Grade with a salary over $100k just as she gave a musician Marvin Ford from Nativity Catholic Church the position of Chief of Staff at the DC BOEE even though he had no college degree, no prior government service or experience in office management.


Alice P. Miller is just the tip of the iceberg of DC Government leaders who show me that it is not what you know but who you know, and your education and work history means nothing when you are looking for a job and wanting to contribute your talents to better things for all.


This disease that infects DC Government that no political penicillin can cure, is just as bad out in the private sector as our anti-nepotism laws do not encompass your old school buddies, church friends or that nice looking guy or gal you want as a great relationship can be forged with the gift of a job you do not qualify for!

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Thank you Big Blue.



My buddy calls your city a 'Third World Nation.' Now I understand. The city and government is filled with morons.

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