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Irob Relief and Rehabilitation Operations Brotherhood (IRROB), Inc. is a grassroots, tax-exempt nonprofit organization registered in the District of Columbia for the purpose of assisting a recurring drought-affected and persistent poverty-ridden segment of population in Ethiopia, know as Irob.


Now that Ethiopia has been recently devastated by an unprecedented floods affecting over 360,000 peoples in many parts of the country, we have just established an emergency relief fund to help the victims in response to the country's call for help. Most of the affected people are nomads and poor peasants who lost every things by the devastating floods.


We are conducting online a find-raising campaign from our organization's website




appealing to the general public of good-will to help us raise funds for the victims. Therefore, I am asking your assistance, if it is all possible, in publicizing on DC Pages the appeal message (the way you think appropriate for you) and in forwarding the below attached clickable appeal message to all your friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances asking them to do the same to their contacts and encouraging them with your personal note to make a donation to this cause. We would like to create a chain of potential donors by forwarding and promoting the appeal information to follow after this note.


Thank you for all your friendship and for all your help and collaboration in this urgent cause!




Rev. Tesfamariam Baraki

Director & Co-Founder, IRROB

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I have known Father Baraki for many years. He worked with my father in the District helping the poor. He is a saint in my mind. To find out more about the terrible plight in Ethopia visit his organization's web site.




Please spread the word and help out.

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