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Mark Brunnell Must Go


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Mark Brunnell is done at quarterback. Joe Gibbs is too conservative. Dan Snyder has no passion besides money.


Looking past the fact the Redskins overpriced offensive line cannot passblock. Looking past a 1,000 plus playbook, which I bet has about 100 plays and the rest are mask formations. Looking past that there is no way Redskins team can memorize such a playbook. Looking past an overpriced defense that cannot dominate the line or cause turnovers.


Does Clinton Portis and Sean Springs make that much of an impact on the team?


Is this a player depth in key positions issue?


I do not want to post in a Redskin's censored message board, which keeps deleting my posts, because the truth hurts. So I am posting it here.


The Redskins reflect Dan Snyder. Marketing hype that looks good on NFL Press Releases. This is our nation's number one money making franchise. Number two in the world.


If they were winning I would not doggess. But, I was a kid watching Lord Jack Kent Cooke's world. I respect the fact that Joe Gibbs is Hall of Fame coach. I thank him for some of the happiest moments of my life. But, please Redskins fans don't proclaim he is GOD. Gibbs is a religious man and does not like believing some fanatics place him with that title.


I also respect Joe Gibbs decision of being loyal to his quarterback. But, I do not agree with his decision.

Why not give Jason Campell a chance? Even if the Redskins beat the Texans the win has little value. The Houston Texans have been statistically one of the worst teams in the league the past couple years. This year does not look to be different. Everyone is saying Jason is dumb and by no way is Ben Roethlisberger. I believe different. Jason Cambell was the Redskins pick for a reason.


Let Jason Campbell play!


We need to start opening up the offense. We need Gibbs to be more than Snyder's reflection. We need our hall of fame coach back. Let Danny 'Jump for Joy' Snyder play with his new buddy Tommy "Teen Idol" Cruise, so he can learn the miracles of Scientology. Joe Gibbs needs a wakeup call from the fans.


Washington is a funny place. People love you one minute and hate you the next.

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Wake up!!!! Your Coach is way overrated. Attemping a field goal instead of going for it showed everyone your team is all hype. Your team is a a bunch of country club softies. The Giants manhandled your offensive and defensive lines.


Good luck against the Titans. You guys will need it.

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