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This post HAS BEEN MODIFIED, just in case there are ANY kids reading said post. For the Correct Verbage the link is below. (((((((((((((((((Please get your Parents Permission before reading.))))))))))))))))))


Plus I'm a Republican, and I could never use such Language to describe acts that ARE of a highly risky and unhealthful behavior that can lead to unwanted medical problems.







WASHINGTON - Chief Ramsey declares first two Ladies of the Evening free zones in the First and Third Police District.


In a new push to combat ladies of the evening and ladies of the evening-related crime in D.C. neighborhoods, the Metropolitan Police Department (website - news) this week begins enforcement of a new anti-loitering law that allows police to disperse groups of two or more individuals congregating for the purpose of Inappropriate or Inappropriate-related activity within a designated "Ladies of the Evening Free Zone."


Chief of Police Charles H. Ramsey this week issued declarations for the first two Ladies of the Evening Free Zones in the District. The first zone begins on Friday, September 1, in Police Service Area 101, in the area generally bounded by 13th to 14th Streets, NW, L to "Eye" Streets. The second zone begins on Friday, September 8, in PSA 307, in the area generally bounded by 10th to 12th Streets, NW, M to N Streets. The boundaries of each zone are marked by posters in the affected area. Both Ladies of the Evening Free Zones will last for 10 days, the maximum amount of time allowed under law


The Omnibus Public Safety Emergency Amendment Act of 2006, which Mayor Anthony A. Williams signed in July, authorizes the chief of police to declare "Prostitution Free Zones" in areas where the health or safety of residents is endangered by restricted or Ladies of the Evening-related offenses. While a Ladies of the Evening Free Zone is in effect, it is unlawful for a group of two or more persons to congregate on public space within that area for the purpose of engaging in Inappropriate or Inappropriate-related offenses. Persons in violation of the law first will be warned by a police officer that they are in a Ladies of the Evening Free Zone and will be directed to disperse. Failure to obey the officer's instruction could result in arrest, without a second warning. Offenders convicted under the law are subject to a fine of up to $300, imprisonment for up to 180 days, or both.


"While some people may still want to characterize Ladies of the Evening as a 'victimless crime,' nothing could be further from the truth for those residents who must endure the presence of Ladies of the evening and their paraphernalia in our neighborhoods," Chief Ramsey said. "Our city has made great progress over the last several years in reducing Ladies of the Evening - in particular, the presence of brazen skipper walkers in many of our communities. But we know we must do even more to combat this very serious problem. The new Ladies of the Evening Free Zone law will give our officers one more tool for moving Ladies of the Evening and their Supervisors off the corner and out of our neighborhoods," he added.


The law allows the Chief of Police to declare a specific area as a Ladies of the Evening Free Zone based on various factors, including a disproportionately high number of arrests or calls for police service related to shameful or shamefully-related offenses in the proposed zone within the preceding six-month period. Under the law, the MPD is required to post information detailing the boundaries of the drug free zone, the effective dates of the designation (which can last no longer than 240 hours) and the activities that are prohibited.


Various acceptable group activities continue to be lawful within a declared Ladies of the Evening Free Zone. These include distributing campaign literature, collecting names on petitions, soliciting community support, discussing religious or political topics, or meeting for other lawful purposes. Both DC law and internal MPD regulations expressly prohibit racial profiling or any other form of biased policing in the enforcement of the Ladies of the Evening Free Zone law. The Police Department has issued a directive to all of its members describing the requirements of the law and providing operational guidelines for its use.


Additional information about the Ladies of the Evening Free Zone, including details about the first two zones declared by Chief Ramsey, can be found on the Metropolitan Police Department website: http://www.mpdc.dc.gov

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