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  1. Some people say that the Lord preaches with love and kindness in the world for transformation. If the soul is not transformed, the soul will be thrown to hell permanently at the end of this life. They say that the Lord should not punish the soul in this world. This is exactly similar to say that you should preach the student and if the student fails, he should be hanged to death permanently at the end of the period. You are not allowing punishing with cane during the period. Therefore before the final punishment temporary punishment must be also given to the soul. Before the final examination interim examinations are also conducted. If the student fails in the interim examinations, there will be a chance for the student to correct himself before the final examination. Therefore interim punishments are part and parcel of the coaching before the final examination. The Lord adopts different procedures of coaching in different regions based on the psychology and attitude of the human beings. You should not criticize the procedure of the Lord which is different in some other religion and region. The Lord is universal but the human beings in the universe differ in their attitudes. The same single Lord adopts a different procedure in a different region and such different procedure appears as a different religion. A few criticize the Lord of other religion. You are criticizing your own Lord of your own religion. The external behavior of the Lord differs due to different internal and external behaviors of the human beings in this universe. The external form, dress, language, food habits and culture of human beings differ from one region to the other. Accordingly the external form, dress, food habits, language and culture of the Lord also differ to suit that particular region. The internal Lord and the internal essence of the same Lord is one and the same in His different human incarnations which have come in different regions or religions. At Thy Lotus Feet Anil Antony www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org
  2. Critizising other Religions The Lord is universal but the human beings in the universe differ in their attitudes. The same single Lord adopts a different procedure in a different region and such different procedure appears as a different religion. A few criticize the Lord of other religion. You are criticizing your own Lord of your own religion. The external behavior of the Lord differs due to different internal and external behaviors of the human beings in this universe. The external form, dress, language, food habits and culture of human beings differ from one region to the other. Accordingly the external form, dress, food habits, language and culture of the Lord also differ to suit that particular region. The internal Lord and the internal essence of the same Lord is one and the same in His different human incarnations which have come in different regions or religions. At Thy Lotus Feet Anil Antony www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org
  3. Government of Lord & Government of World It is the climax of ignorance to think that the spiritual knowledge is unrelated to the present worldly affairs. People think that the spiritual knowledge is always related to the upper world only and this shows their ignorance. The Lord is simultaneous ruler of this world as well as the upper world. The Lord can grant any materialistic boon in this world and also can give simultaneously the protection in the upper world. The Lord is also involved in the social problems of this world because He is ultimately governing this society also. There is His government underlying in the present human government as the foundation. The present human government is like the castle seen above the ground. But the government of the Lord is like the hidden foundation present inside the ground. Jesus always referred this government of the Lord. The absence of realization of the existence of this underlying invisible divine government of the Lord, which was preached by Jesus again and again as kingdom of heaven is responsible for all the present burning problems at the individual level as well as at the gross level of the society. The human government is neglecting to propagate the awareness regarding the existence of this divine government. In fact the divine government also rules the human government. Perhaps the human government is feeling about the loss of its prestige by propagating the presence of this ultimate divine government. The awareness of the concept of this ultimate government of the Lord can be propagated through education at the primary level. But the government especially in India feels shy to introduce the spiritual knowledge in the education due to the so-called secularism. Secularism really means that the same medicine is present in every cup and you can take the medicine present in all the cups with equal liking. Secularism also means that you can take the medicine from any cup and respect other cups with equality. But the present secularism has ended in a horrible sense by which the medicine is not taken at all from a single cup or all cups. Such sense is misunderstood or misinterpreted secularism. Mahatma Gandhi prayed Eeshwara and Allah equally and that is the real secularism. At Thy Lotus Feet Anil Antony www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org
  4. Toughness of spiritual path The majority of the people will oppose the spiritual path preached by you. Only one in thousands can accept your path. Should you not be universal and preach the path acceptable to all the people? ===================================== In spiritual path, majority always goes to hell. Gita says that one in thousands can only reach the God. Even that one person will reach the Lord after several births (Kaschit Maam Vetti, Bahunaam Janmanaam). Jesus also says that the path leading the hell is very wide with full of rush. The path leading to the Lord is very narrow and only one or two persons will be travelling. The path to the hell is filled with flowers and the path to the Lord is filled with thorns. Therefore the path to the Lord is not acceptable to all. Then shall I recommend the path filled with flowers to all the people, which is easily acceptable to all of them? I am universal because I am preaching the narrow thorny path to all the people. But the path is not universal. I cannot help for that. In the spiritual path only minority exists. There is only one in millions like Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhva, Jesus, Sai, Vivekananda etc., in the spiritual path. The gravel stones are in majority. There is only one Kohinoor diamond, which is valuable. The fraud Gurus shows that flowery path which is “Amrutha Visham” i.e., it looks like nectar but it is actually the poison. The Satguru shows the thorny path, which is “Visha Amrutham” i.e., it looks like poison but it is actually the nectar. Gita says the same (Yat Tat Agre Vishamiva).
  5. My dear Christians and Hindus, The spiritual message of Jesus and Krishna are always one and the same in every aspect. Jesus always preached for the detachment from the blind worldly bonds like bonds with family members. He stated that unless one is prepared to leave parents children, money and even life for His sake, one couldn’t be His dearest disciple. He always preached the eradication of egoism. Whenever a supernatural act was done by Him, He always claimed that it was due to His Father whose glory is to be propagated. He never owned any supernatural act. He always preached that His Father only grants the boons and all the facilities on this earth. Krishna also told the same points in Gita about detachment (Nirmamah…), removal of egoism (Yadahamkaramasritya…) and sanction of boons by God only (Mayaiva Vihitan…). These three aspects are very important steps to achieve the grace of the Lord. You love your family members and such love gives you some pleasure in your heart. Therefore, your love is only for your self-satisfaction and such love is only selfishness. You are over powered by the emotions of love but you are not analysing by controlling your emotions. If you analyse, you can clearly understand that your love cannot protect either yourself or your family members. Your love is only some loss of your precious nervous energy and valuable time. Except this loss there is no use. By emotion you are becoming weak by losing energy. Why are you doing such foolish thing again and again? There is no benefit out of such act and there is only clear loss. But if you divert your love towards God, He will protect and develop yourself as well as your family members in this world as well as in the upper world. By spending the same quantum of nervous energy towards God, you are getting all unimaginable benefits forever! How wise is this act! By protecting yourself and your family members, you are proving your love towards yourself and your family members. This is the true love. The former is only false love, which involves wastage of energy just out of selfishness. Thus, wise scholars overcome emotions and analyse any point with calm and energetic brain. Gita says to apply the brain always to do the analysis and find out the truth before any action (Buddhow Saranam…). Most of the people are not understanding this truth. Especially this is very clear in the case of parents who blindly love their children with the climax of the emotion spending their maximum precious nervous energy, which is simply wasted without any use for themselves or for their children. I find, some times, some parents or elders are talking with just born babies! They talk so many sentences and they no very well that the baby cannot understand even a single word! They waste their nervous and oral energy for such a long time and they feel very great about such foolish act! Therefore, try to understand my point without any excitation and try to implement my advise. You can experiment my advise just for a month and then see the tremendous change in your circumstances. The next item is eradication of egoism. Whenever you are doing some appreciable act, immediately you disown yourself from such act. You surrender all the credit to the Lord even before somebody praises about it. If some body is praising you for such act, you pass on the ownership to the Lord at once. Otherwise, the wine of egoism will enter your brain and your are intoxicated with the egoism. You are transformed in to a demon shortly. Some people disown the praise externally but accept the praise in their minds. This is just like drinking the wine negating it orally. In such case also the intoxication of egoism is inevitable. You are thinking that you are the owner or the master of your family. You feel your self as the king or the ruler and you think that your family is your kingdom. This is the climax of foolishness and ignorance. You cannot even rule the organs of your body like heart, kidneys, lungs etc. Even your body is under the control of the Lord only. How can you control other human beings? Therefore, you quit your post of headship of your family. From now onwards you recognise that the Lord is the head of your family. From this moment onwards you feel that you are just a member of your family like any other family member. You belong to the category of “Ruled” and you are not at all the ruler. Now your family and your body are under the control of the divine master. If anything happens to your body or to your family, do not get disturbed because the rectification is responsibility of the Lord who is the owner of your body and the family. The owner only has to worry about any disturbance. You are not responsible for either the disturbance or its rectification. Let any problem arise, you keep calm and peaceful. Even if you disturbed and feel responsible, you can not do anything. Suppose you are responding to the problem and try for its rectification, even then, you feel that you are acting as instrument or a servant of God to do that work. You must feel that you are assigned to solve that problem by the order of the Lord. When the problem is solved you must pass on the entire credit to the Lord only. As I told you, you can experiment my advise for a month and see the excellent works of the Lord. You must always feel that the final granting authority is only the Lord. Except the Lord no body or nothing or no force is responsible to accomplish anything every body and every thing acts according to His wish. The Lord is not seen by you. Therefore, you think that somebody is kind enough to help you. The person who helped you is forced by the Lord to help you. That person is just carrying on the order of the Lord. Even if you scold him, he will not stop helping you. Even if you praise him, he will not help you if there is no sanction from the Lord. A messenger is bringing a signed cheque from the Lord. The Lord is in the house and you are not seeing Him. You have seen the messenger and the cheque in his hand. You are thinking that the messenger is very kind in helping you. You are praising the messenger. The cheque is handed over in the Bank. The staff are arranging for the payment of the cheque to you. You are praising the staff thinking that they are very kind to help you. It is the duty of the staff to arrange for encashment of the cheque. They will loose their jobs if they are not doing their duties. They are working for the fear of their jobs only. Therefore, you must recognise that the God is the signatory and that He is the account holder. You must understand that the Lord is paying His cash to you. You must analyse the root cause. The root cause is the cheque. The cheque is valid only when it is signed by the account holder. Therefore, you must recognise the force that makes the root cause valid the sanctioning the boons to you. By such deep analyse only to find the Lord as the cause of the cause. Then only you will become grateful to the Lord. And express your gratitude to the correct person who is the Lord alone. Whenever any favour was granted Jesus used to praise the Lord immediately and expressed His gratitude to the Lord. You must thank the Lord for whatever is given to you already. If you are not satisfied with the existing facilities, you will never be satisfied even if the Lord grants any number of more facilities. If you already satisfied and feel contented with whatever is given already, the Lord is further pleased to grant further facilities. Therefore, to achieve the grace of the Lord, the contentment with the existing circumstances is essential. Therefore, be always satisfied and be always cheerful with whatever you have already. This is the basis for achieving the grace from the Lord in more quantity in the future. You must always express the gratefulness to the Lord for whatever is already granted to you. You should not ask for anything more. When thousands of people came to see Jesus, He was having just four breads in a basket. He did not ask the Lord for more breads. He raised the basket with His hands and praised the Lord for giving those four breads. Immediately the four breads were multiplied to thousands. Gita also says about the necessity of self-satisfaction with the existing things (Nityatrupto…). He will be rained with infinite grace of the Lord if you follow my advise. Again I suggest that you experiment this for a month and then practice in your life. All this preaching is only the practical philosophy, which requires firm faith in the preacher. The preacher should be the correct the person. Only the Lord in human form can be such a correct preacher. If you believe a false preacher or an ignorant person as the true preacher, results cannot be seen. If you approach the real water and believe it as the water really, you can put your finger in it and feel the coldness, which is the correct result. If you put your finger in fire, you cannot feel the coldness because it is not water. Similarly the false preacher gives negative results. If you put your finger in air, which is neither water nor fire, your finger neither feels the coldness nor is burnt. Similarly an ignorant person acting as a true preacher can give neither correct result nor the negative result. You will be wasting your time energy with such an ignorant preacher. Therefore, catching the right guide (Satguru) is fundamental step. If you mistake the true guide as some ordinary guy, only you are loosing. Veda says “Ihachet Avedet…) which means that if you miss the correct preacher in this world in this birth, you are a permanent looser. All those ignorant people who did not recognise Jesus and crucified Him were permanent losers. Similarly, all the ignorant people who cannot recognise Lord Krishna are loosing the spiritual treasure forever.
  6. God is the Lord for both Pravrutti and Nivrutti. You have to please the Lord even in Pravrutti. If the Lord is not pleased in Pravrutti you cannot please Him in Nivrutti also. The fundamental requirement to please the Lord in Pravrutti is to have satisfaction at every step. The contentment with whatever you have will always please the Lord. You must be happy with whatever is already given to you by the Lord and you must always thank for the past. You should not put your eye on the present or the future and put an application to the Lord. Even if you have travelled from one place to other place you must thank the Lord for having protected you during the journey. You have reached the destiny only by the grace of the Lord. It is not sure that one will reach the destiny by a bus or train or aeroplane. If any accident takes place you are gone forever. Everybody is under the influence of strong ignorance and thinks that he has reached the destiny by his effort. Some people think that reaching the destiny does not need any effort and it is just a routine thing. Therefore, either you feel egoistic for your effort or you neglect the journey as a routine matter, which does not require any effort. Both these are illusions. You have reached the destiny by the grace of the Lord only. Therefore, in every stage you must remember the Lord and express gratefulness to Him. By such behaviour the Lord becomes immensely pleased and is encouraged to do every thing for you. Jesus always used to thank the Lord in every small work also. He always thanked the Lord for the past and never was worried about the present or the future. He thanked the Lord for the four breads already given. He never was worried about the thousands of visitors who came to see Him and they were feeling hungry. He never planned about the future consequence of such situation. The Lord was extensively pleased and multiplied the four breads into thousands of breads. Therefore, contentment with what already you have and thanking the Lord for whatever was already given will please the Lord. You must thank the Lord even for every respiration because it is only by the will and grace of the Lord the lungs are working and the air is going in and coming out of the lungs. The heart beats and every beat is only by the graceful sanction of the Lord. I find several people who crave for money every time irrespective of what ever they had. They never attain the satisfaction at any stage of the growth of their financial strength. God becomes displeased with such people and will not grant further wealth because the fellow will never get satisfaction. There is no use of granting any amount of wealth because the fellow is never satisfied. When the satisfaction is absent he will not thank the Lord with full heart. Even if he thanks, it is only for the future sanction. Therefore, if you really wish to have the grace of the Lord to remove your present financial crisis and poverty, the first step you have to take is to have satisfaction and complete contentment with whatever you already have. You plan with the existing funds and adjust yourself accordingly. If you have the will to adjust you can adjust to any quantity of wealth. When the adjustment is done, you will have the full satisfaction. Then if you pray the Lord you will not ask for any thing more because you are already satisfied. In such case your prayer is not for the fulfilment of any desire. Your prayer requires the Lord Himself and not any thing other than the Lord. Your prayer will be in His praise only and not for any desire because you had the full contentment already. Then the Lord gets real pleasure from you and will force His grace on you continuously. He will rain wealth on you forever. The wealth will be multi-dimensional. Wealth does not mean simply cash. Wealth means health, good children, good appetite for food and good digestion, good sleep, perfect peace, and success in every effort, continuous courage, knowledge and finally the salvation. Goddess Lakshmi is in eight forms and one form is only cash (Dhana Lakshmi). Therefore, if you really wish to get rid of the eight forms of poverty from your life and if you really wish for the eight forms of wealth, the only qualification you have to attain is the full contentment with whatever you have already. Gita says the same (Nitya Truptah…..). Sankara was in such a state. When He praised Goddess Lakshmi, she rained golden fruits. He did not take even one fruit from that heap. He desired for Goddess Lakshmi and for Her grace, but He never desired for the fruit of Her grace. He derived bliss from praying Her and from Her constant grace. The gold rained by Her does not give bliss. It gives only tension and worry. It creates dissatisfaction always. It destroys the contentment. If you have ten gold coins you will aspire for one hundred. After getting hundred you will aspire for thousand. There is no end for this. You will never achieve the contentment and you will be in the stream of dissatisfaction till the death. Therefore, if you touch the beginning of this chain, this infinite chain of wealth carries you away. If you do not touch it you are always having the contentment. Sankara told that the poor fellow is always fortunate (Koupinavantah Khalu Bhagyavantah). Sankara also told that the money would lead to misery of dissatisfaction only (Arthamanartham…).
  7. Q1) The Bible (Matthew 19:12) says regarding becoming a eunuch (napuMsaka) for the sake of the kingdom of heaven “He that is able to receive it, let him receive it”. Does it mean that anyone who feels capable of remaining a celibate (brahmachari) for the sake of God should become one? A. The word eunuch means the removal of male egoism. Krishna asked the saints to be born as maidens to receive the salvation. Celibate means the person is always interested in the search of the God. It is has nothing to do with marriage. In Sanskrit the word Brahmachari indicates a person who is always aware of the Lord. Q2) How can I handle Rajas and Tamas in me? A. Rajas or Krodha means emotion. Tamas means ignorance. Both these can be removed by Sattvam, which is the true knowledge given by your selected spiritual preacher. Q3) The Bible has a concept of the "Holy Spirit" that comes down to dwell in people who have put their full faith and trust in the Lord Jesus. Where does that fit into Hinduism? A. The Holy Spirit means pure Sattvam. Sattvam indicates the knowledge and all the good qualities associated with it are indicated by the word Holiness. All the devotees of God are blessed with this pure Sattvam as you can find in Gita. This pure Sattvam is always associated with the Lord as said in Gita. Q4) You say that you are the human incarnation of God. Then how come I never got even a little bit of Bliss from you? Even if Bliss is not the goal, I should get atleast some in order to identify you as per your method of identifying the human incarnation—Knowledge that gives bliss and generates love. A. I never said that I am the human incarnation of God. Only when the devotees stress on this concept even after my serious opposition I agree to it because if you analysis the word human incarnation, it does not mean that I am God. It means that the God is present in this human body as a guest visiting your house for his work. My inert human body is the house. I am the soul and owner of this house. The God visited my house for his work. When the guest in your house speaks you are not speaking. Therefore, when God gives this spiritual knowledge I am not speaking. You need not fear that I have become God. You say God in flesh. This word indicates the concept. The word flesh indicates the inert human body and the soul in it. The word God indicates the guest that visited the human body. This spiritual knowledge has given bliss to some people and has not given bliss to you. This means that the defect is with the soil and not with seed. If the seed is defective, the seed should not germinate in any soil. Similarly my knowledge should not have given bliss to anybody. As soon as you hear the knowledge, the harsh truth in it may not give bliss to you. But some devotees may get bliss on hearing the truth even if it is harsh. Did the knowledge of Jesus give bliss to all in His time? In that case why He was crucified by majority of the people? According to your version, all the people should have got bliss. When the doctor says to a patient that an injection of medicine is to be given, the child weeps. The child does not get bliss from the medicine immediately. But in long run the child gets good health and gets bliss permanently. A grown up person is happy by seeing the injection because he realises that the medicine injected will act quickly. A child is not getting immediate bliss on seeing the injection. But the same injection is giving bliss to an elder person. Your heart is pure and innocent like that of a child. When the knowledge is practiced, then only the eternal bliss dawns on you. But you should not satisfy yourself there. You must give bliss to the God through sacrifice. If your ultimate goal is only bliss, you are in no way greater than any ordinary human being who also craves for the same bliss. You have taken God as the means to achieve the bliss. The other fellow has taken the wine as means to achieve the same bliss. Your aim is on the bliss only and not on the God. You should keep God blissful through suffering by sacrifice. The God also will keep you blissful by attracting your sins on Him. Such sacrifice of yourself or God is the real love. Such real love is practically experienced in the case of your love on your family members. It is not impossible. If it is impossible, it should be impossible everywhere. Q5) After Jesus Christ left his disciples, the disciples continued to teach that one should follow and worship Jesus Christ only. Even though they were the ones representing God and the Holy Spirit was supporting them, they did not ask people to worship them. How come you are indicating that it would be good for people to worship you now? A) I am speaking about the God in flesh, who comes in every human generation. I am telling that you should identify such human incarnation and worship Him. The disciples cannot be the human incarnations and so the disciples of Jesus were correct. Whoever is the human incarnation like Jesus, Krishna etc, should be worshipped. I have given the signs of the human incarnation as present in scriptures. I have also asked you to use your logic in such identification. After all this, if you identify me as the human incarnation, then only you have to worship me. I never say that I am the human incarnation and you should worship me. Krishna also told Arjuna to worship Him as the human incarnation. I never told like that. I only say that after the analysis of the scriptures, whoever is found as the human incarnation, He should be worshipped. If you are found as the human incarnation you should be worshipped. How can I force anybody to worship me? I have accepted the worship of those devotees only who have firm faith in Me even after My several negative tests. That does not apply to your case. Whomever you find as the human incarnation you worship Him. My information to you is that the human incarnation exists in every generation to avoid the partiality. Q6) The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will be your guide in all things until Jesus Christ comes again. And, there will be other preachers, but Christ himself will not come down until the time and manner specified. You are saying you are re-incarnation of Jesus Christ, and we should worship you. Please explain this. A) As I told you the Holy Spirit means the divine knowledge. The recorded divine knowledge can certainly guide people to some extent. But the direct explanation from the God cannot be given by anybody. God gives such direct explanation to every human generation directly. If one generation is blessed by such direct contact and other generations are having only the indirect guidance by Holy Spirit, again the partiality arises. Therefore, either there should be continuous guidance by the Holy Spirit for every generation from the beginning of the creation or God must be coming in every generation. Gita says that God comes down whenever there is necessity. You stick to one scripture only and argue. What about the other scriptures? Q7) What is your explanation of the Millennium prophecies in the Bible? A) Any prophecy carries the internal meaning, which is present in every human generation and it is not limited to a particular period of time. Q8) According to your lectures, the same people of your inner circle are born again and again in this world. Does this mean that these people cannot reach the permanent abode of the Lord? A) The inner circle devotees of God have reached already the permanent abode of God. These devotees take human births whenever God comes down in human form. When the mission is over God will go to the permanent abode along with these liberated souls. In fact wherever God exists, that is the eternal divine abode. These devotees will never come to the routine cycle on this earth. From that angle they have no re-birth. Any soul is having the equal opportunity to enter the inner circle provided the soul has strong wish and puts efforts. Q9) You say it is necessary for God to incarnate again and again since Christianity and Islam do not accept re-incarnation for the soul. But later you explain your theories assuming reincarnation of the soul. So what is your actual stand; do you accept reincarnation of the soul or not? If you do, then how can you reconcile with Christianity and Islam, which absolutely do not accept it? A) The liberated soul will never have re-birth in this routine cycle. But the soul will be born as human being to associate and serve the God, whenever God comes down in human form. Regarding the ordinary soul also, it will not get the re-birth having the same spiritual chance. Therefore, one should try to please God in this human birth itself without postponement. Thus, there is no re-birth from this angle. But the soul can be born as an animal or animal like human being and thus re-birth exists. Like this the contradiction can be removed. If you pass a hard and fast rule that the soul has no re-birth at all, do you mean that omni potent God is also bound by your rule? The Lord can sanction the human re-birth to a soul with the equal spiritual chance also, provided He feels that the soul can uplift itself if a chance is given. Of course, such chance is very rare and one should not depend on it. Q10) In your attempt to reconcile reincarnation vs. permanent heaven/hell, you say that repeated animal births is also a permanent hell. The Bible clearly says that in hell, the souls retain the ability to feel pain and reason (thinking). Animals do not think and do not remember their past births. If you say they are being punished, they do not even know why they are being punished. They will not learn anything from the punishment and will continue with their sinful ways if they get human birth. Also animals cannot be said to be suffering because they do not even know any better life. How can this be the hell described in the Bible? A) The sinners are like animals. You can see a thief continues with his quality in spite of intensive third degree treatment in the police station. According to your version, he should realise his mistake because he is a human being and not the animal. How do you know that the animal is also not realising since it keeps silent? You are depending always on one scripture and your argument is always unidirectional. If you read life history of Shirdi Sai Baba, one day He found a snake swallowing a frog. Sai told His devotees that both the snake and frog were human beings in the previous birth and that they stabbed each other for the sake of property. Then Sai told the snake and frog “Are you not ashamed of your behaviour which continues from the previous birth”? The snake left the frog and went away. Animals have realised on the warning from the Lord. Sometimes you find two human beings fighting with each other and do not separate inspite of your repeated warnings. If you simply depend on the Bible or Gita only, there is no use of any discussions with you. You must be a sea frog and not well frog as said by Swami Vivekananda. You must examine all the scriptures impartially and then only you can arrive at the true knowledge. I see yourself as pure colourless crystal with pure innocent heart like child and imbibing the colour of any substance near yourself. You say that logic should be avoided. This means you must follow whatever some body says to you without analysing it. Now I will also say some thing and just follow it without analysis. You always analyse my statements because I said that you should analyse every statement. But I mean that you should analyse every statement of every person. Some one says that you should follow his statement without analysis. You simply accept that without analysis. What I mean is that you should analyse both of us and arrive at the truth. If you are against the logical analysis, why are you analysing my statements only? You must follow my statements also blindly. Is it said that the statement of any Indian guy should be analysed and your version of “Beyond the logic” does not apply to the Indian guys? Q11) The Bible mentions the coming again of the Christ. It does not say anything about repeated incarnations of Jesus. It accepts only two: One that came 2000 yrs ago and the second, which will come after the tribulation. Specific events described in the Bible about the time of second coming of the Christ have not yet taken place. How can you then claim to be the re-incarnation of Jesus? A) The word Jesus means the eternal God present in that human body. The same human body will never come again. Therefore, Jesus will come in another human body. If you restrict to only two human incarnations according the direct meaning of statement, then Bible contradicts Gita. Gita says that God will come in human form any number of times whenever there is necessity. I have to speak keeping all these scriptures in my view. You speak only keeping one scripture in your view. This is the reason for the gap between us. To solve the contradiction I will say that Jesus will come again and this does not mean that He will come once only again. The tribulation is present in every generation and is not limited to a particular period. Q12) The Bible indicates that the world will not know perfect peace until after the tribulation period. Is perfect peace the aim of your mission? A) In every human generation the tribulation comes and the tribulation may be very serious in the end. The cyclones come often and Tsunami comes rarely. Both the cyclone and Tsunami should be controlled. The efforts of human incarnation may vary in their intensity. Perfect peace is the initial aim of God (Pravrutti), which is the establishment of balance of the society. The higher aim is liberation of the soul (Nivrutti). Unless the first aim is achieved, the second aim cannot be thought of. Unless the class is kept silent, there is no use of teaching. Q13) I think that you are the Anti Christ since it is written in the Bible that the Anti Christ will win the hearts of people by pretending to preach world peace and unity of all religions. What do you say? A) You are saying that the anti-Christ tries for world peace. This means that Christ is against the world peace! This simple logic crushes your statement because Jesus is the very embodiment of peace. Even in Hinduism, the followers of Ramanuja say that Sankara was the incarnation of a demon. They quote some verses from the “Bhavishyat Purana” written by sage Vyasa, which show the same meaning. The question to such people is “Have you recorded the Purana from the mouth of Vyasa directly by a tape recorder? Or at least have you got a written hand script of Vyasa?” Certainly this statement was introduced in to the scripture by some guy later on. Q14) If Jesus died for my sins and the sins of the whole world, then my sins are washed when I confess and accept Him as my only savior. Why do I need you or anyone else for reaching heaven or attaining salvation? A) It is written on the first page of Bible that Jesus came to save His people. His people mean His devotees and it does not mean that He saved every human being without any discrimination. I ask a simple question with simple common sense. According to Christianity the soul has no re-birth. All the souls before the birth of Jesus have gone either to God or hell permanently. Now Jesus suffered for all the sins of all the souls. Does this mean that all the souls present in the permanent hell were immediately relieved from the hell and hell is vacant? Now you say that your sins are also cancelled. How He has cancelled the sins of the future generation? Suppose you say that He has cancelled all the sins of all the souls of past, present and future, this means no soul was in the hell and no soul is in the hell and no soul will go to the hell. What is the use of that hell which is always vacant? The people have propagated the misinterpretations due to their anxiety to attract the people towards Christianity. They show this as their special point, which is not present in any other religion. They want to attract the innocent masses by such statements and forget the simple logic and their committed blender. The real interpretation of this statement is that Jesus suffered for the sins of His real devotees. Such behaviour of sacrifice exists in Hinduism also. Krishna tried to give away all His wealth to Sudama and tried to transfer his poverty on to Him. But Sudama is His real deserving devotee. Incarnations of Datta like Sai also showed the suffering of sins of their real devotees. With such interpretation only this concept becomes universal and justified in all religions. Do not be carried away by the interpretations of the human beings. You read the Bible and think about the meanings. Your pure heart will certainly receive the real meaning if you do not hear any body. You read the knowledge of any body and try to assimilate it with your own brain. Do not allow other brains for understanding the scripture. God has clearly explained in the scripture and you can yourself understand by using even little common sense. The word of God is very clear. Q15) You base your arguments on the impartiality of God. However the Bible gives indications that God favored some places and people over others. The truth is that partiality/impartiality, logic, reason, justice, equality and fairness are all concepts of the human mind. You cannot judge the works of God based on these human concepts. Why do you try to fit God in the limited boundaries of human rationality? A) The partiality of God is justified provided it is shown on good people. But His partiality to a small country, which contains majority of bad people, is not justified. Therefore, you have to judge the partiality in the light of justice because God will never do injustice. Q16) You say in the Rohit Gita that the son will be sent to hell if he leaves his parents for the sake of a girl (woman). However Jesus does not condemn it. Since man and woman were made by God and are united into one soul, in marriage, why should it not be justified for a man to leave his parents for a woman in order to start his family? A) When a person leaves his parents, due to attraction of a girl, I mean leaving the attachment to parents. It does not mean physical separation, which is necessary for setting up the family. Jesus told that one has to leave all his family and even one has to be prepared to sacrifice the life for the sake of God in order to become His dearest disciple. How do you explain your own Bible in this point? His path is full of thorns and truth is always harsh. Q17) You said that we all play roles here in this earth. Some people play good roles, and some people play evil roles. But, both the roles get their remuneration after death equally. Jesus Christ said that 'Evil trials must come, but woe to those through whom they come'. Why is there woe to the evil person who brings trials to the good then, like the disciple Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus? This also seems to go against the philosophy of Heaven and Hell. Please explain. A) When the human incarnation comes down along with the inner circle of devotees, the roles are assigned for the divine drama. In such case, there is no discrimination of good and bad roles. Ravana was the gatekeeper of the Lord. But you should not extend this to the entire world and say that every bad fellow is in the divine role. Ravana went to the abode of the Lord after the death. But every bad fellow will not go to the abode of Lord. The divine drama is enacted for the sake of the world. Judas Iscariot acted in his bad role. His repentance and suicide prove that he belongs to inner circle only. My friend! Since you have not accepted me I address you as My friend and not as my disciple. This is the inner meaning when I told that you were my friend in Brindavanam. I will never say to you or your category that I am God or God is in me. I say only that I am a devotee like you. This is the reason for sending Rohit Gita to Dr. Nikhil only and not to you directly. I say God is in me to such devotees who have partial faith on me. But to my inner circle devotees I say that I am God. The statements differ one devotee to other. Jesus also told in different ways “ I am messenger from God”, “I am son of the God” and “I am the God since I and my father are one and the same”. These different statements relate to different levels of devotees. One level cannot absorb the statement of other level. For example you take the case of Ajay Bhaiah. He always sings the devotional songs composed by me. He has full devotion on me while singing the Bhajans. He always participates in Satsanga and receives knowledge through his intelligence. He always works for the mission. He sacrificed all his ancestral wealth to the mission during the time of past ten years and the cost of that wealth comes to about one crore rupees. He has children and lives on his salary only. He has several debts in the Banks. I tried several times to pay his debts but he did not accept. I tested him in several ways but his faith did not shake. In fact I am defeated by him. He saw the vision of Viswaroopam (Cosmic form) in me. The God in me gave that vision to him and I have nothing to do with it. When I said that the God in me gave the vision, he never agrees and says that I am the God. Therefore, I declare to him only that I am the God. This declaration is personal and is limited to his case only. Krishna never told that He is God to any one in His lifetime. Only when He was teaching Gita to Arjuna He declared He is God and gave the vision of cosmic form. Therefore, you do not touch the statements of other levels. I will speak to you in your level and you can treat me as a mere human being and as your good friend. At the Lotus feet of Datta Swami
  8. Judas betrayed the human incarnation. Judas may be an ordinary human being or may be the servant of Lord who belongs to the innermost circle. Thus there are two possibilities. Let us examine the scripture in the light of both the possibilities. If he is an ordinary human being, he shall be punished by death given by the judgement or he shall punish himself by committing suicide. The latter part of punishment was advised by Lord Jesus Himself. Jesus told that it is better himself to cut ones own sinful hand than falling in the eternal fire. If the human being is a realised soul, he will follow the instruction of Jesus and will commit suicide. But if the human being is like an animal, he will betray the Lord and go away with the bribe. For such a fellow, the judgement in the court is required in this world. If he escapes the judgement here, he will certainly go to the liquid fire. Now Judas proved himself as a realised soul. According to Jesus, if you punish yourself for your own sin, you need not go to the hell. In Hinduism also, Manu Smruthi says ‘the sinner punished by the king in this world gets rid of his sin and goes to heaven.’ (Rajabhih Dhruta Dandastu …. Manu Smruthi). Even from the court of law, we know that a single crime cannot have two punishments. Therefore if you take Judas as an ordinary human being, then also, he need not go to hell. Now if you analyse the case, in the path of second possibility, the devotee of the Lord acted in that bad role and punished himself for his own sin. In that case he has given the message to the world and entered the inner circle of the Lord after playing his due role. In both these possibilities, the scripture applies in toto. The conclusion of both the possibilities is only that one should not betray the Lord in human form. If one betrays the creator it is better that he ends his life and join the list of unborn persons. This is the meaning of the statement of the scripture. Especially in the case of Judas, he became the disciple of Jesus for sometime. Betraying the spiritual preacher, who is the Lord in human form (Satguru) is the highest sin. No other way of repentance is justified. Betraying an ordinary human being itself is the highest sin. Betraying the Lord is higher than the highest sin. This shows the purity of the Lord and the importance that should be given to the Lord. At the Lotus feet of Datta Swami
  9. Yoga is the most prestigious field of spiritualism. People think about 6 wheels (Chakras) or lotus flowers present in the spinal card, which are not seen by the eyes. They are imaginary and so they carry some inner meaning. When you say a face as a moon, fools search for moon in that face. But, wise people see similarity in the face and moon. Similarly, wheels and lotus flowers should not be searched in the spinal card. Spinal card is the main nerve, representing mind, which is the base of love. All these wheels or lotus flowers are the bonds of love in the various relatives like parents, wife or husband, children etc. They are compared to wheels or the revolving whirlpools in the ocean, which attract a swimmer and drown him. Similarly, these love wheels are compared to lotus flowers, since the lotus flowers attract the bee by sweet fragrance and bind it. Similarly, these love flowers attract any one and bind them. “Kundalini” is the mind which is the energy travelling as waves like a serpent, should cross all these love wheels connected to 7th lotus flower in the head called “Sahasrara”, which is Buddhi or intelligence that takes the decision, which is the firm love on God. Bhagavat Gita is called as the main scripture of Yoga (Yoga-Sastra). Why there is not even single reference to these wheels or lotus flowers in anywhere in Gita or even in Upanishats? Since they are not real, they are not even mentioned. The author of the Gita was Krishna, who was called Master of Yoga (Yogeswara). Krishna also says that the real yoga was lost since long (Sa kaleneha mahata….). This means that in the beginning, Sages in India knew the real yoga and loved God only crossing all their family bonds. In due course of time only, this true yoga was lost. Why? The middle age Indians were unable to cross their family bonds and so failed to succeed in Yoga. They wanted to cover their in ability by twisting the very concept of yoga. The family bonds were removed from the concept and only wheels or lotus flowers are left fixed. Now, they close the eyes and say that they have seen the lotus flowers or wheels, which are only imaginary. Now they cross these wheels by their imaginary “Kundalini” and say that they have succeeded in Yoga. These blind teachers are also not to be blamed, because they were trained like that by their blind teachers. This misinterpretation was done long time back and hence, even at the time of Krishna, He told that yoga was lost since a long time. We cannot catch those original culprits, who were the top most twisting masters and so the present tradition also cannot be blamed. Only rectification is the way left over. Some say that they see light, which is only an imagination. After all, the mind is a form of energy and on its concentration imaginary light can be imagined. Instead of such a week light, you better see a strong light with your open eyes. What is the use of these imaginary lights and colours, without achieving the Lord through your love, which excels the various worldly, loves. I pity the foreigners, who are trapped in this false imaginary line of yoga, who are wasting their precious lifetime and energy. In fact, they are the best to succeed in yoga, if the reality of the yoga is exposed. Their family bonds are very weak and their love towards God is real, which is proved by their huge sacrifice of money to God’s work. Money is the fruit of work and its sacrifice for God’s work is “Karma phala tyaga” as mentioned in Gita. Again, the middle age Indians twisted this word “Karma phala tyaga” as sacrifice of the fruit of the work like praying God instead of sacrifice of money. The reason was that these Indians were unable to sacrifice money to God due to their strong love on their children. Foreigners ask their children to earn after certain age. Indians store money even for ten generations and still continue to store only. Since prayers, meditation and knowledge are very much diverted to God, India was blessed by God with good language, good mind and good knowledge. Since foreigners are good in sacrifice, God blessed them with good wealth. Even Indian spiritual centres were strongly funded by foreigners only. Swami Vivekananda cried, “Why my India suffers with poverty in spite of so much spiritual knowledge?” Sacrifice of money (Karma phala tyaga) and sacrifice of work (karma Sanyasa) put together constitute the God’s service, which is the real Yoga (real proof of love) called “Karma yoga” in Gita. Foreigners are the best in this karma yoga and so they easily succeed in yoga. Throughout Gita, this karma yoga was explained as yoga and wheels or lotus flowers are not at all mentioned. At the Lotus feet of Datta Swami ANIL ANTONY antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org http://www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  10. Had your statement been correct, there should have been no hunger death in this world? This means there is no such responsibility for the Lord. This is explained in Gita (Na Kartrutvam). Every living being attains any thing including food according to its own deeds. Therefore one should not aspire for any fruit from the Lord and thus one should be always selfless. The Lord protects such human beings only who are selfless and serve the Lord. The Lord protects them by transferring all the sins to Him. First you cut your blind bond (Moha) with your son. He was your enemy in the previous birth. You grabbed his property. He is now born as your son to collect his money with interest (Runanubandha Roopena). In the previous birth you prayed the Lord to punish the same fellow. The Lord neither punished him in the previous not will protect him in this birth. The punishment and protection follow him as per the fruits of his deeds. All the living beings are dearer to Lord in all the births. For you one soul be comes dear in this birth and the same soul becomes enemy in another birth. You are recommending him to Me! Suppose a guest comes to your house and recommends your son to you, how do you feel? The Lord punishes anybody only to bring realization in that soul. Did you not punish your son in the childhood. Did I interfere then in your punishment. I have more responsibility than your case. Guru is greater than even the parents. If you recommend anybody to the Lord, you are insulting the Lord. It shows as if you are more concerned about him than Me. Therefore you think about yourself and leave him to Me. At the Lotus feet of Datta Swami ANIL ANTONY antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org http://www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  11. How can one argue that the Lord cannot come down in the human form? If He is incapable of doing so, He cannot be omnipotent. One need not argue that though the Lord is capable, there is no necessity of such human form. You may not have that necessity. Are you the only human being on this whole earth? Have you taken the opinion of all the human beings to say like this? There are several devotees who belong to Nivrutti and desire for the Lord in human form to see (Darsanam), to touch (Sparsanam), to hear the knowledge and clarify their doubts (Sambhashanam) and to live along with the Lord (Sahavasa) for achieving these three for a long time. The main purpose is preaching the divine knowledge and clarify the doubts. The statues or photos or energetic forms or space cannot preach the knowledge and that is against the universal observation (perception). Preaching of the knowledge by the human forms of the Lord like Krishna, Jesus etc is observed universally and accepted perception. Such universal observation is according to the rules of the nature. When something is possible through a simple way by following the rules of the nature, is it not foolish to do the same simple thing in the complicated way violating the rules of the nature? When water is available in plenty from the tap, what is the necessity of producing water by forcing Hydrogen and Oxygen to react with the help of an electric arc? To show the production of the water by this reaction, this experiment can be performed once but not every time whenever water is required. To show the super power of the Lord a statue or a photo or the energetic form or even formless space may talk once. But to preach the spiritual knowledge continuously, the Lord need not talk continuously through statues or photos or energetic forms or space. Some devotee might have experienced such super power in some place and in some time. Such experience is not supported by simultaneous universal observation. When you are seeing the moon in the sky, others are also observing the same moon simultaneously. This is required to authorise any experience. When this authorisation is absent, your experience may be true or might have been due to some psychological disorder. The existence of such psychic experience is also observed in this world. Therefore we cannot isolate the possibility of these two cases in your experience Therefore there is a necessity for the human form of the Lord and since the Lord is omnipotent, He is coming down in the human form. There cannot be any further argument on this point. I know you are worried that the Lord is modified into the human body and thus the unchangeable Lord has to be changed. Do not worry about this point, because the Lord is never modified into the human body. He only entered into the human body. The word “Asritam” in the verse of Gita “Manushim tanumasritam” means the entry of the Lord into the human body and not the modification of the Lord as a human body. Lord Krishna in Gita clarified this in the verse “Avyaktam Vyaktimapannam”. At the Lotus feet of Datta Swami ANIL ANTONY antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org http://www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  12. Early morning is called Brahma Muhurtham, which means that it is the time to worship God. At that time, all the people are in deep sleep and nobody will disturb you. The atmosphere is sacred because the vibrations of mind involved in world matters are not emitted from the people since they are in deep sleep. Mind is also a form of energy. Mind disappears in deep sleep. The atmosphere is not polluted by the radiations of worldly feelings. At that time devotees awake and pray God. Their pure mental rays pervade all over the world and make the time sacred. Thus it becomes congenial and encouraging atmosphere. After sunrise people awake and the materialistic mental radiations are emitted through their physical senses. The atmosphere is polluted. People will disturb you dragging you to materialistic discussions. Even by seeing face, you will be affected. If you see a devotee, you become sacred. The mind and body are inter-related. Since mind is energy and energy is matter, even if you see the body, the mind in that body is emitted out affecting you. Therefore, avoid even the vision of materialistic people, not to say about their touch, conversation and co-living. After sunrise when you worship God, close your eyes to avoid such people. But, their mental radiations spread all over the cosmos and are inevitable. It is better to walk in the early morning while singing devotional songs. Morning walk is good for health. Apart from this, the mind desires dynamic condition of the body. The body was in static condition all over the night. Mind is always for a change. Satisfy the mind and you should not unnecessarily control the mind when it is not necessary. You can pray God even without bath. Veda, Gita and the very first verse of Sandhyavandanam say that God can be worshipped irrespective of physical formalities. After some time body is tired and the mind needs rest. By that time, sunrise is over. Now you sit at a place and worship God closing your eyes. Thus the time has its own invisible effect on the spiritual effort. Sattvam is prominent in the early morning. Rajas is prominent in the day time. Tamas is prominent in the night. Therefore early morning is the divine time called as Brahma Muhurtham. At the Lotus feet of Datta Swami ANIL ANTONY antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org http://www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  13. The greatest item of the creation is pure awareness (Soul) only. The inert energy like light, heat, electricity, magnetism is more subtle and greater than the inert matter. The life energy that is produced in the oxidation of food is only the heat energy (Tejah sati- Veda) because the oxidation reaction is an exothermic reaction but the awareness, which is generated from the nervous system by the heat energy, is the most subtle and finest form of energy. The inter conversion of awareness and heat energy is understood theoretically but not possible in practice for the scientist. This does not mean that the life energy is independent and eternal without generation and resolution. The awareness disappears in deep sleep and appears when the person wakes up. This proves that the awareness is not eternal but inter-convertible form of inert energy only. Of course, the conversion is not in the hands of the scientist. Though the conversion is theoretically proved and accepted. When you stop the supply of food or oxygen, the heat energy is not produced in the digestion and the awareness disappears, which is the state of coma or deep sleep. When the life energy is not supplied, the death happens. In the last stage of the patient, though digestion stops, the respiration continues. Though food is not supplied, oxygen is supplied. Instead of food, the stored fat is oxidized. Therefore the patient is alive for sometime in spite of the absence of food. After sometime, the nervous system stops functioning either due to damage in the system or due to inadequate supply of the heat energy. This is the stage of unconsciousness. Finally in the last stage, the oxidation stops and no more heat energy is produced. We say hat the human being is dead due to absence of any trace of heat and the body becomes cool. This process of death is described in Veda (Manastejasi tejassati). Just in the last fraction of a second of the time of death, a small portion of the heat energy is used in the formation of the energetic body that goes out of the gross body along with the bundle of qualities, which are stored in the mind. The scientist cannot prepare this bundle of qualities accumulated from the past millions of births. He cannot bring back this bundle, which escaped from the gross body through the subtle body. Due to this reason only the dead person cannot be made alive. Otherwise science has developed the nervous system and brain in the Robot by introducing a small bundle of qualities as information chip. Therefore, the man is produced but the same man cannot be reproduced. The concept of Robot clearly proves that the awareness is also a form of inert energy because in Robot the electrical energy is converted into the so called awareness which is only the electro magnetic radiation. This energetic body is called as subtle body or ‘sukshma sareera’. This goes to the upper world, which is invisible as said in Veda (‘Manomayaha’) and in Gita (‘Vayurgandhan’, ‘Utkramamtam’). At the Lotus feet of Datta Swami ANIL ANTONY antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org http://www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  14. Hindus say that Brahman is the creator, Muslims say That Allah is creator, Christians say that the creator is Jehovah, all say that the creation is this entire world. If Hindus say that Brahman created India, and if Muslims say that Allah created Arabian countries and If Christians say that Jehovah created the western countries, The problem is solved, there can be three Gods together, Who have created the three parts of the earth separately. But this is not so, each religion says that their God only Created the entire world, unfortunately there is one world! One world only! Come on, all of you sit together here And give me the final conclusion after debate, otherwise, The scientists are laughing on all of you! Shame to all! They criticize that these religions do not have even The basic logic, which is the fundamental common sense. Because of you, the greatest God is also mocked by them They say that the religions are rigid conservatisms! Even a small boy is putting this question to all of you. Stop all your discourses and first answer this question. If you want to say that God created the entire world, You have to accept that there is one God only always And that His names are all the above three names. We see in the world a single person having three names. If there is one God, He only created this entire world. All the human beings are invariably His children only. No Father is partial to a single child and therefore He must have preached the same knowledge to all In different languages and in different methodologies To different levels, this is Universal Spirituality. At the Lotus feet of Datta Swami ANIL ANTONY antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org http://www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  15. Every Religion in this world wants you to get rid of bad qualities at least from today for the admission into that religion which is practically impossible. The reason is that these bad qualities were grown like hills for the past millions of births. This small human life is insufficient even to move them, not to speak of removing them. People can control the bad qualities to some extent by their efforts. These bad qualities are frequently sparking in the minds of even the most pious sages. If one says that he is good and he is devoid of all the bad qualities, it only cheating others, which in turn is cheating oneself. Due to this practically impossible condition, for the religious admission, people have developed allergy towards any religion because the eligibility for admission is impractical. The religious preachers have confused the whole situation by fusing religion and spiritualism. Religion is the context of GOD to establish peace and justice in this world. In this context, you must control your bad qualities so that you will not disturb the peace and justice and will not harm any good person in this world. If you disturb the world by your bad qualities, God will punish you. But, in this context, it is sufficient if you control the bad qualities since you cannot remove them. The Religion ends here. Some religions strictly end here without any spiritualism. The spiritualism is the context in which you have to make efforts to reach God. In this context, you need not even control your bad qualities because, God has no personal objection towards your bad qualities. These bad qualities cannot be obstacles in any manner in this context. Moreover, when you turn these bad qualities towards the God, they become your helpers. Any quality whether good or bad, is created by God only to help you in reaching Him. If you realize the original aim of all these qualities, good or bad, why should you control these qualities, which are with you as a helper? No fool controls his helpers. So, any quality when involved in spiritualism is used for its original aim, it becomes a good quality. So all your qualities become good in spiritualism and you need not put any effort to remove or even control them. When the qualities are not used for their original purpose, they become bad qualities. Therefore, whatever qualities turned towards the world, are bad qualities. In this spiritualism, there is no need of any effort even to control these bad qualities. Then, for what, our effort should be made? Our effort should be concentrated to achieve “Bhakthi” which is the love on God. “Bhakthi” is achieved and is grown by the knowledge of God. For example, you came to know that Bombay City exists. This is the knowledge of existence of Bombay. By this you want to see Bombay. As you know the details of Bombay more and more, your desire to see the city becomes more and more. Knowing details about the Bombay City is again the further knowledge. So, knowledge is directly proportional to desire. First Rukmini heard that there is Lord Krishna on this earth. As she heard more and more about Lord Krishna from Sage Narada, her love on Krishna increased enormously. Narada means he who gives knowledge. Therefore, ‘Jnana”(knowledge) generates and develops “Bhakthi (devotion)”. Due to Bhakthi, the Lord is attained. Gita says the same ‘ONLY BY BHAKTHI I AM ATTAINED’ (‘Bhaktya………’). In the spiritual path all your effort must be concentrated in acquiring the knowledge of God day by day. Once this knowledge based Bhakthi (devotion) is achieved, your qualities good or bad are immaterial. Whatever may be the vessel, the drink in it is important. The value paid in a hotel is for the drink only. If you have taken a cup of coffee, you are paying the cost of the coffee only whether the cup is made of glass or metal. Similarly, God gives value only for your Bhakthi and not for your quality. I will give a beautiful example here. “Sabari” is with good qualities and offered fruits to the Lord Rama who is Vishnu. A hunter called “Kannappa” gave flesh to the Lord Siva. Sabari reached the ‘World of Vishnu and Kannappa reached the World of Shiva”. Both have reached the same Lord because Veda says, “Shiva is Narayana”. Both of them have been given the similar value by the Lord because in both cases, the intensity of the devotion is the same as both gave even their food without eating. Therefore, this proves clearly that the Lord has no objection for your bad qualities. Hence, all the effort should be only to achieve and increase the intensity of love devotion or Bhakthi on God. It is not necessary to bother about your qualities that are inherent coming from millions of births. They are the born qualities. The tail of the dog is curved. Any effort cannot make it straight. By force, we can keep it straight but it has not become straight. Similarly you can control your bad qualities for not disturbing peace of the world by some force. When you come to God, you come in your natural state because you can deceive the world showing that your banded tail is straight but not the God. Whether the river comes in straight path or curved path, the ocean receives only the water with equality. Similarly, God receives your love irrespective of your quality. He received “Sabari” and ‘Kannappa” equally. Sabari with good qualities and Kannappa with bad qualities reached the same Lord, as their devotion is of same intensity. A piece of gold is wrapped in an old cloth. A stone is wrapped with a metallic foil. Which has more total value? Similarly, the love with high intensity covered even by a bad quality has more total value than the love with lesser intensity covered by a good quality. When the blood flew from the eye of the Lord, the Priest who is a person with good qualities is trying to apply the medicine. But, his devotion is less. In the same situation, “Kannappa” plucked his eyes and donated to the Lord. Kannappa is a person with bad qualities but his devotion is the highest. Devotion is the highest good quality. Now let us evaluate the total cost of the priest and Kannappa. The devotion in Kannappa is +100. The bad qualities in Kannappa are –10. The total cost is +90. The priest with good qualities is +10. The devotion in him is +20. The total cost is +30. So, of the two who is good? Obviously it is Kannappa. Gita says, that, “Even the worst is best by Bhakthi” (Api chet….). Therefore, what is the eligibility for the admission into our religion of Guru Datta? The eligibility is that you should be a living being. Even animals and birds are eligible to reach God irrespective of their qualities. Even serpent, spider and the elephant got salvation in Sri Kala Hasthi. The serpent has all bad qualities. God did not insist the serpent to get rid of all the bad qualities. Even if God says, the serpent is unable to understand put the efforts. When such a serpent is eligible, why not a man? All the people are depressed and dejected with the eligibility conditions stipulated by various religions. For example if an Institution stipulates the eligibility condition as that one should remove his head and come, nobody can be admitted. Similarly the religions stipulate the removal of all the bad qualities, which is impossible. Only a temporary control is possible which is necessary for you to live in this world with peace. This control is possible. In our religion also we are stipulating this condition, which is possible. So, in our Datta religion, the eligibility condition is that if your bad qualities do not disturb the world, the Lord has no personal objection to them and you need not even control them. Moreover, they will help you in spiritualism. How to turn the bad qualities towards God and make them helpers in reaching the God? There are six bad qualities that are inherent in any living being since millions of births. They are Lust (kama), Anger (krodha), Greediness (Lobha), ego (mada), Blind attraction (Moha) and Jealousy (Matsarya). Anger, greediness, ego and jealousy come under Rajas quality. Lust and blind attraction come under Tamas quality. I give you an example to divert your bad qualities towards the Lord, which can be used as powerful vehicles. Example:- Love in cinema songs can be diverted to the Lord by little change in words. Then, the powerful tune that created sweet feelings in you is now a powerful vehicle to make you to reach the Lord. A film song ‘Churaliya Tumne ……’) instead of ‘Sanam’ replace the word with ‘Hare’. All the sweetness of your mind is now on the Lord Krishna (Vishnu). See how a person, mad after cinema songs become a powerful devotee in his own way without any change! You can sing this as your prayer for which you need not put any effort by force. Your worship should be natural and spontaneous, which alone can be true. At the Lotus feet of Datta Swami
  16. First of all, you must know that meditation is not the real path to attain the grace of the Lord. Meditation means fixing your mind on a form or formless God. You can imagine only any thing, which is in the realm of the space-time. This means that you can meditate upon only a part or total creation and not upon the creator. God is not the creation and is also not in the creation. If God is creation, you are also God and there is no need of any meditation. If God is in the creation, all the changes in the creation must affect the God. Kapila says " Asangohyayam purushash", which means that God is not associated with creation. Gita also says the same (Nachaaham Teshu..). God enters a small item of the creation and pervades all over that item for your service, which is only the proven love. Did you meditate upon your parents or wife or children? No, because you have real love to them. You serve them directly and not their photos or some other inert objects keeping as their models. You serve them in their human forms. They are different from their human bodies as souls. But you are serving the soul through the human body. Similarly the Lord enters a human body and available for your true love. You must take pains to detect him. Have you not taken pains to search a suitable girl for marriage to show your true love? Take the help of the divine knowledge. Vedas and Gita have given the procedure to detect the human incarnation. To cut your bonds with the family members, who are also, human beings, another human form of God is only the equal competitor. Formless objects, statues and photos cannot compete. Your body is also a human form. The bond with money is only for the human forms. If you develop the bond with human incarnation, which is Lord Himself called as Sadguru, He will bless you with divine knowledge, which alone can cut your worldly bonds. Since you have not fully realized, your attachment persists. The attachment is violent only due to the high intensity of ignorance, which is nothing but mis-interpreted and twisted wrong knowledge. Such ignorance can disappear only by the light of true divine knowledge. The source of that knowledge is Sadguru. Therefore, you must catch a Sadguru and hear His divine knowledge constantly. You must clarify your doubts at every stage. When you are fully clarified, the ignorance disappears like the darkness in the presence of sunlight. Thus, the root cause is only ignorance and root remedy is only true knowledge. When the ignorance is associated with egoism and jealousy, it is like diabetes associated with hypertension and kidney-failure. Your case is not serious because you are with ignorance only. It will be easy to treat you.
  17. You are getting everything according to your present deeds and also the past deeds. The Lord has arranged the cycles of your births. In each cycle happiness and misery are alternatively arranged leaving the sequence of good and bad deeds. Even if you have done two sins subsequently the fruits of the two sins are not given to you subsequently. The result of a good deed is penetrated in between these two sins. Like this the Lord has arranged all your life cycles at present and in the future. If you are pestering Him, He will bring the result of good deed from the future cycle to the present cycle as a pre-matured fixed deposit with reduced value. By such interference your future life cycles will be filled with misery. Then you will scold the Lord crying “Oh! Lord you have given me misery from birth to death”. You don’t remember your foolish interference in the past birth. The other way is that the Lord in human form should transfer your sin on Him and should suffer for your sake. This path is possible only when you don’t aspire for this path and worship the Lord in human form by sacrificing all your bonds of the world. This is possible only for a true devotee who never wishes that the Lord should suffer for his or her sake. Such true devotee will be worshipping the Lord without aspiring anything in return. One has to understand the theory of Karma and the devotion towards Lord. The Lord suffers for the sins of His true devotees only who are really serving the Lord in practice by doing Karma Sanyasa (Sacrifice of work) and Karma Phala Tyaga (Sacrifice of the fruit of work) in His mission without aspiring anything in return. In such service even an Iota of desire should not be present even in any biological cell of the human being. This is called ‘NISHKAMA KARMA YOGA’ AS EMPHASIZED IN GITA.
  18. Astrologers say that you are getting troubles due to the movement of the planets. This means that you are getting the trouble not due to your previous sins. Therefore you feel that you are unnecessarily getting troubles, even though you have not done any sin. Astrologers say that a police arrests you because you are going on a road and accidentally the police is also walking on the same road. You are very anxious to get rid of these troubles because these are unnecessary punishments for you. The astrologers exploit your anxiety by suggesting some remedies. The word Graha (planet) means that system which gives the exact result for your exact deed in exact time. The planets are just the computers. They are inert and are not independent. Only Swami can change the decisions. Therefore there is no use of worshipping the planets. One has to receive the fruits of the deeds whether good or bad (Naabhuktam Ksheeyate Karma). There is only one way to escape the fruits of the deeds. The Lord comes down in human form and undergoes the punishments for your sake and saves you. At the same time He will protect the prestige of God of Justice and the theory of Karma. This is the main reason for His human incarnation. He will never cancel the fruits of deeds. He will sacrifice Himself and protects you. When you cannot pay the fine, your father pays it. You must become eligible for such grace of the Lord. The eligibility is achieved by you when you do not aspire to get rid of the fruits of your deeds and prepare to undergo the punishments of all your sins. You should never think that the Lord should sacrifice for your sake.
  19. If anyone says that his/her religion is the only path to God and that other paths lead to hell, I have one humble question. The question is for every religion without any trace of partiality. The simple question is: Today I have heard your Religion and if I follow that, I reach God and if I refuse I will go to the hell for my own fault. This is very much reasonable. But before your ancestors discovered our country, the literature or even the name of your religion was not known to our ancestor and he could not reach God for no fault of him. But your ancestor reached God through your religion at that time. Even if I assume that my ancestor will take rebirth now and will follow your religion to reach God, such possibility is ruled out because you say that there is no rebirth for the soul. Thus my ancestor suffered forever for no fault of him and the responsibility for this falls on the partiality of God. Had the God been impartial, He could have revealed your religion to all the countries at a time. Had that happened, my ancestor might have also reached God as your ancestor. Therefore your statement proves your own God partial. The only way left over to you to make your God impartial is that you must accept that your God appeared in all the countries at a time in various forms and preached your path in various languages. The same form did not appear everywhere and the same language does not exist everywhere. The syllabus and explanation are one and the same, though the media and teachers are different. Can you give any alternative reasonable answer to my question other than this? Certainly not! Any person of any religion to any other religion can pose this question. Moreover every religion states that their God only created this world. Unfortunately this world is one only and every God cannot create the same world. There are no many worlds to justify that each God created His own world. Therefore any human being with an iota of commonsense has to agree that there is only one impartial God who created this one world and He came in different forms to different countries and preached the same path in all the languages simultaneously at one time. Let this logic sword of the divine knowledge cut the rigid conservatism of the religious fans in this world to establish the Universal Peace. I need not beg all these religious followers to be united and harmonious to each other for the sake of world peace. Such begging appeals are made enough in the past. The religious fans feel that there is no unity really in the religions but they have to be united since their kind hearts melted by these appeals. Thus a temporary change was only brought. At the maximum one generation of the followers got united. The next generation fights with each other because they feel that there is no real unity in them due to lack of the real unity in their religious scriptures. A permanent solution for this does not lie in the begging appeals, which may or may not unite the followers. Even if the appeals unite such unity is not permanent. If the real unity in all the religious scriptures is exposed through the logical divine knowledge, the followers have to be united for generations together. Therefore, My attack is not on the hearts of the followers through love and kindness. My attack is on all the religious scriptures through intellectual logical analysis of divine knowledge. The unity of hearts through love can be only temporary. The unity of brains through intellectual analytical divine knowledge will be permanent. Hearts agree but brains realize. Agreement is temporary, but realization is permanent. Thus this is My first blow of My divine Conch shell for the permanent unity of all the religions aiming at eternal Universal Peace.
  20. KINGDOM OF LORD --- TREASURE The kingdom of God is compared to a treasure hidden in the field. This means that God is hidden in the human body of the human incarnation. In Gita the human body was compared with the field (Idam areeram….). This means the identification of human incarnation. Purchasing the field means serving that human body. If the treasure is announced, the owner will not sell the field. Then it is impossible to purchase the treasure. This means that it is impossible to serve the real form of the God, which is beyond the imagination. The human body is a part of the kingdom of the God. Again the kingdom of the God is compared to a merchant who is in search of pearls. This means that the Lord in human body is in search of real devotees. But only one in millions can be the real devotee as said in Gita (Kaschit maam …). When a merchant found such a pearl, he purchases it by selling all his property. This means that the human incarnation will go to any extent to save that rearest devotee. Again the kingdom of God is compared to a dragnet, by which all categories are captured and from each category good is taken and bad is thrown. This means that God captures all types of devotees. Some devotees use God for their selfish benefits. Even for them, God answers and thus the God captures them. From these devotees, those who are turned in to real devotees are accepted and the others are thrown out. These other type devotees love God as an instrument to solve their problems and that is not a real love. JEWELS OF JESUS PREACHINGS Mathew 5:3-8: The mercy and purity are praised because such qualities will develop love on God. Then only God blesses them. Simple mercy and purity related to worldly bonds are of no permanent use. Such good qualities without the element of the God lead to temporally heaven, which is not a permanent fruit. Mere love on society leads to temporary heaven only from which one falls to earth, as said in Gita (Ksheenee Punye…) Mathew 11:28-30: The yoke of the Lord is light where as the yoke of human beings is heavy. This means that the work of the Lord will never give misery, as there is no selfishness. But the worldly work of the human beings becomes heavy due to selfishness that create anxiety and misery since one is attached to the fruit of the work. John 18:37-38:[/b] God is truth. But every truth is not God. For example, it is true if you say that wind moves. This does not mean that this sentence is God. He said " I am the truth.’’ He did not say " Truth is my self’’. The people who belong to the truth mean the devotees who belong to the God. Here the word truth represents God only and not every truth in the world. Mathew 6:8: He said that Father knows things before you ask. This sentence belongs to highest devotees. They do not expect anything in return, even for their practical service but the lower devotees aspire fruits from the God even for their theoratical service like prayers. For such low cadre He said " Ask, that shall be given’’. For the high devotees He suffers and cancels their evil effects. For lower devotees it is only postponing the punishment to another place called hell with increased interest. Luke 12:51-53: Jesus is evaluating the love towards Him in terms of decrease in the love of the worldly bonds. As the love of a boy on his girl friend increases, the bonds with his parents weaken proportionately. At the final stage he runs away with girl friend totally discarding his parents. Thus, the detachment from the worldly bonds is an indirect measure of the attachment to the God. Without the later, the former is useless. This is explained here. Jesus told that who could not be detached from parents, wife or husband and children and even with the life cannot be his follower. Luke 9: 60-62: Let the dead bury the dead. You preach about God. This means that you need not worry about the dead body or its rituals. The reason is that the inert dead body will decompose in to inert five elements. The decomposition reactions are controlled by inert items like entropy, free energy etc. The inert means dead. Therefore, the inert five elements will decompose the dead body and burly it whether you do the ceremony or not. The Parsy people should be appreciated in this concept because they leave the dead bodies on hills and in forests.
  21. JUDGE BY KNOWLEDGE Suppose there are two teachers and one is a Hindu and the other is a Christian. You must judge the teacher by His knowledge and way of preaching. Accept that teacher whose teaching inserts into your heart deeply and make you understand the subject. Such knowledge will definitely lead to practice. Similarly you judge any scripture by the value of its knowledge and the way of preaching the knowledge. Don’t be biased in such judgment because you will be helped by the knowledge of the teacher and not by the teacher. If you insist that Lord Krishna is the only God and Holy Bhagavathgita is the only scripture by which one can get the salvation, it is not correct. I will put a question here. If what you say is correct the information about Lord Krishna and Holy Bhagavatgita should have been given to the entire world on one day and in the same minute. Then those who follow will get salvation and those who do not follow will go to hell. Then God becomes impartial to all the human beings. But Krishna and Bhagavathgita existed in India thousands of years ago. The information about Krishna and Bhagavathgita reached other countries only about 500 hundred years back when Vasco-da-gama invented a route to India. Before the invention of India, the Indians were blessed by Lord Krishna and Bhagavat Gita. But, what about the foreigners? They did not have any information. In the absence of the information how can they follow Krishna and Bhagavathgita? It is not their fault when the information itself was absent. All the foreigners before 500 years went to hell according to your argument. That is not justified because they were not informed. This means God became partial to India only. But God is impartial. All the human beings in the world are His children only. Therefore such rigid argument of conservatism is foolish. Of course this applies to every religion who follows such conservatism. Be open minded and read all the scriptures and judge by the merit. You must judge the teacher by his knowledge and way of preaching only and not by the teacher’s caste, sex and religion. Therefore, I advice all the Hindus to read the preaching of Holy Jesus and get the spiritual benefit out of them. His teachings are very sharp and shrewd like the powerful rays of radiating Sun, which will help you in your spiritual effort. Don’t be biased by the external culture, which is apparent only. Are you not using the fan, the electric bulb, television etc., which are invented by the Christian scientists? Similarly you should use the diamonds that came out from the mouth of Holy Jesus in your spiritual efforts and get their benefit.
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