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  1. You can ask me what is Kalema. Kalema is a declaration "La Elah illallah" which means 'There is no sovereign/Lord except Allah" that is "there is none to be obeyed except Allah." When a man accept this kalema and try to establish it then he is a Momen, Muslim.
  2. I think it is lucrative for Americans. You have to establish and protect your leadership all over the world by any way. Then if a country is treatened to your existence then you have to go this way. Do you think your opinions will be accepted to your authority? I think DC is going to attack Iran this 2012.
  3. In this last Your western Lords some times try to prove that Qur'an is full of violance. Go to the link http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Quran/023-violence.htm Now what is your answer?
  4. To where am I welcome? Yes I am welcome to any where in the world if I slave to you, the might.
  5. I think America is the creator of Al-Qaeda and the destructor too. No Laden will born if America did not help him with weapons in the war against Soviet Union.
  6. I don't want to go to your description. Islam is Seratal Mustakim, straight and easy way. To be a Muslim you have to accept Kalema. When you accept Kalema now you are Muslim. Then your duty as a Muslim is to perform Salah, Saom, Jakah, Haj etc. No Salah( Namaj) can make you Muslim. Only Kalema.
  7. It's also a miracle. A man with a common sense can not claim that it is words of human being.
  8. America has done unexpected well last Fifa World cup. I think they have progressed by this time. How much can we expect from America in next Fifa World cup in Brazil. Can we expect them in quarter final or semi final?
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