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  1. sorry my english. i met: looks like nobody else should have mass-destruction weapons than u.s. and why the hell is that... you have killed more people than any other country. cia has trained bin laden and al quaida to attack russians. but u.s f---ed up the middle east policy and turned al quaida against them. and i dont understand why you have to support israel so much..? my country was attacked by soviet union and we attacked back. the same time than nazis. our destination wasnt conquer the soviet union, only destroy some strategic targets, so we would have better changes to keep our independency. lenin was good but stalin wanted to conquer finland back to u.s.s.r. it was the world greatest defence victory. the big soviet union didnt get us!
  2. finnish defence forces got their training from germans in 1902-1913. and next year we got independens and nazis took power in german. russia attaced finland in winter 1939. yes we did a counter-attack to soviet union aside nazis. but only for our independency, to destroy some strategic targets. i just hate your country becouse it goes so easily to every war. trying to control other countries and their policy. your president wants to unwear others from mass-destruction weapons and increase own. you have trained the terrorist and now they are fighting agains you becouse dissrespecting their culture and religion. in iraq it wasnt about nuclear weapons, it was about oil! your social policy is fu--ed up and the gans are taking the streets again. every u.s citizen can buy a gun. maaaan, this sucks! take care your own!
  3. you have more nuclear weapons than any other country. and U.S is the ONLY ONE WHO HAVE USED THEM! if you have, others should have
  4. us is taking part of every war there is going on. they give this "freedom" killing more people than any other country! should learn other religions and try to understand them, not saying "we know what is best for you". what you ever do in united nations if you dont respect their solutions? every day more and more people start to hate your politics! and the bombs your were used had made by uranium. nowadays plutonium. it means iraqi have 10 000 times more radioactivity ratius than you. and the childs are born have smaller hand and so.... bet they dont tell you that on the news! so do you want to conquer the world? take all the oil? or what, control everything? and where was the biochemical weapons you were talking about? peace and love from finland
  5. Hell yeah. why shouldnt they make this alliance? It seems like the USA wants to conquer the world and take the oil. USA is taking part of every war. What the f*** are they thinking! " There are some nuclear weapons in Iraq". None were found. The first political department they attacked was oil department. There were seven departments and USA gave back six, except oil.... and the bombs they are using are made by uranium. This means some Iraqi children might have high radiation dose when they born. finnish creep
  6. just want to say... your politics and "freedoms" sucks! all you can do is bombing! you should take care your own people.
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