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Election 2004

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Claim: The outcome of Washington Redskins home football games has correctly predicted the winner of every U.S. presidential election since 1936.


Status: not any more.


Claim: Any Washington Redskins Head Coach under Dan Snyder that wins one Superbowl can be elected President since 2004.


Status: Joe Gibbs do you want my vote?



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It boggles my mind that those of us who are Republican are always classified as extreme, or that our views are extreme.


I'm wheelchair bound for life, and the democrats have come out saying that we "Republicans" are trying stem research into possible cures for those with spinal cord injuries by limiting the amount of cell lines out there that can be researched.



For 20 years I have been hearing the same old line that stem cell research will lead to a cure for spinal cord injured. I am sure that for the next 20 years that I will hear the same old arguement, and I got to tell you that, that arguement has gotten VERY OLD.



As for the other arguements ( do the research, Please don't go for the hype.)


If any of the people who read this post have ever worked in Congress, you would know that not everything is as it seems.


I remember working there, some Republicans were more Democrat than the Democrats, and some Democrats were more Republican than the Republicans.



You got to love this town, it's alot of fun. It's the Nation's Capital. :)

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Could the elections have been won by the democrats? Yes


If they choose someone who was Center, if they concentrated on what Bush is doing when it came to out sourcing jobs not just in the Federal System, but how that affects us in terms of National Security.


Look! I understand the Issues, You “Democrats" just did not present it properly.

You got Out Sourcing all wrong, you did not point out that in the Next Ten years that the Chinese WILL have trained 350,000 Engineers, That Russia is actively training 500 Nuclear techs for IRAN.



Most of America is not far left, or far right. You "democrats" should know that.


If you were far more centrist even I would have voted for you. If you were far more Conservative on the International front as well.


Many Democrats that I know of are not for other Countries Dictating to us, on how we should be basing our policy on what is good for their National Interests.


By the way, Many of the democrats that I know of actually voted Republican.


You simply dropped the Ball. But hey!! if you do continue reaching out to the far left, People like me WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM in picking apart your political issues.

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