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  1. Favorite Trilogy, Saga Films

    Mine are: Spiderman Pirates of the Caribbean Shrek HP
  2. Spiderman 2 Rocks

    I agree!
  3. Scary Movies

    LOL. The scary or funny ones?
  4. Texas Chainsaw Massacure

    Sometimes I can't take it to watch horror movies but it excites me when I learned that it was a true to life story.
  5. Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

    Freaky zombies...
  6. Best Horror Movie

    Post what you think is deserving.
  7. Movie: Jennifer's Body

    Starring Megan Fox.... What's your POV here?
  8. Final Destination 3

    I've seen the other movies. But I haven't watched this one.

    What's about it?
  10. What's the last movie you've watched?

    Blood: Last Vampire
  11. Anyone read 90 Minutes in Heaven?

    I haven't read it yet.
  12. Across the Universe is a musical must see

    Definitely, but it's not quite famous.
  13. Transformers Episode 1 : The Road to Earth

    Oh, does it have a series that is airing on tv?
  14. Movie Reviews : Sex & The City

    I am fond of watching the series before. but I haven't watch the movie yet.