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    Tony Kornheiser Leaves Washington Post

    Washington Post columnist Tony Kornheiser accepted a buyout from the newspaper last night after working for the paper 29 years. He said on his radio show, "All I ever wanted to be was a newspaper writer, which is likely not something that anyone under the age of 30 will ever say again. This other stuffis great, but I don't care about it," he said. "In my mind that's what it says on the headstone, it says 'newspaper guys." I wonder why the Post let him go. The Washington Times should pick him up. He is the man who invented the Redskins Bandwagon. I will miss his column.
  2. I just cannot figure out how the U.S. can police the entire world. We are in so much debt already. But, I hope that we make sure not let this happen.
  3. HailtotheChief

    Christmas tree farms

    I have not been to one in many years. But, when I was a kid my parents took me. I just remember it being a good family experience.
  4. HailtotheChief

    NBC Heroes Review

    I watch the season premiere of Heroes tonight. Gabriel Gray, more commonly known by his assumed name of Sylar is back. With a swoop of a finger he incised the top of Claire Bennet's skull and squeezed out her adrenal gland and gains her powerful healing ability. He did the same to Bob Bishop and gained his ability to turn anything into gold. Sylar was looking to be unstopable when he threw Elle Bishop to the ground, but he got zapped hard and went unconsious. Who was the first person he saw when he opened his eyes? The Season premiere bombshell, Angela Petrelli, tells Gabe that she is his real mother. This means Nathan and Peter are his brothers. And Claire is his niece!!! I can't wait for the Petrelli Thanksgiving Special.
  5. HailtotheChief

    Racism in American Politics

    I have to chime in on this discussion. One of my friends told me that he went to see Joe Gibbs at the 2008 Values Voter Summit this weekend. It is basically a republican fundraiser held by Family Research Council. He was joking about the Obama Waffle Mix they were selling. I cannot believe that a group that claims to faith, family and freedom would sell racist crap to sell money. The box demeans him to be simular pancake-mix icon Aunt Jemima. Just look at his popping eyes and big, thick lips as he stares at a plate of waffles and smiles broadly. Here are some pix. Tell me what you think. http://www.obamawaffles.com/
  6. Lingerie maker Triumph International Japan has unveiled a new eco-friendly concept bra called the “Solar Power Bra” (太陽光発電ブラ - Taiyoko Hatsuden Bra), which aims to stimulate eco-awareness and promote clean energy. The green, high-quality cotton bra features a waist-mounted solar panel that powers a small, chest-mounted electronic billboard or any other electronic device you choose to connect. A pair of reusable drink containers attach to the bra cups, allowing the wearer to reduce consumption of aluminum cans and plastic bottles while increasing bust size. When not in use, the containers can be collapsed and stored in small pockets in the cups. Triumph hopes the bra inspires people to think about global warming, the dwindling supply of fossil fuels, and the future of energy. http://www.triumphjapan.com/
  7. HailtotheChief

    Tony Kornheiser Leaves Washington Post

    Hmmm. I guess I really have not followed the Post since the Redskins. You could be right.
  8. HailtotheChief

    Boycott 2008 Communist China Olympics

    Honestly, I think the Chinese Olympic games are a non issue. Can you name one U.S. Olympic team track star that will be attending? How about tennis? How about basketball? How about anything. I think that people will watch the beginning just for the novelty and then be done with it. Redskin training camp will get better ratings.
  9. HailtotheChief

    Redskins Outlook

    Jim Fassel? Are you joking? Plain and simple Washington Redskins fans HATE DAN SNYDER. He does not deserve the Wasington Redskins. He makes the worst decisions and only cares about MONEY. What he did to Greg Williams is unforgivable and stupid. Lets get rid of the one person outside of Gibbs that could have kept this as a unified team. What must the players be thinking? What must Jason Campbell thinking? Snyder keeps on making bad mistakes. Remember his decision with Marvin Lewis. The only thing I can think is Danny Boy is taking advice from his guru buddy Tom Cruise. How long will Redskins fans be stuck in purgatory? DO NOT BUY ANY DAN SNYDER MERCHANDISE. DO NOT GO TO SIX FLAGS. HIT SNYDER WHERE IT HURTS HIM MOST. When he starts losing money then he'll sell. Synder does not seem to realize or appreciate that Redskins fans subsidize and contribute to the overall financial success of the Redskins! He is just a Bethesda high school nerd that wants to get back at all the people who picked on him. You remember the type. That kid that nobody wanted to play with. Vinny Cerrato is just a YES Man butt kisser. Hopefully when Bush/Cheney leaves the white house, Snyder/Cerrrato will leave Redskin Park. Pass the word about a new petition that Dan Snyder needs to go http://www.petitiononline.com/Redskins/petition.html Also any homeless people that need warm clothing this winter.
  10. HailtotheChief

    Sean Taylor was a great player

    Meet the faces who killed Sean Taylor. Clockwise from top left, Charles Kendrick Lee Wardlow, Eric Rivera Jr., Jason Scott Mitchell and Venjah K. Hunte. These men are being charged with ONLY unpremeditated murder. Burglers don't shoot people upon being discovered, they run away. There is NOT enough electricity for them. I would love to see smoke coming out from their heads. I found Eric Rivera's web page. Send a note of how you are wishing him a good fry. http://www.myspace.com/ericriverajr4
  11. HailtotheChief

    What is the Redskins Problem

    If the Redskins beat Dallas all is forgiven. They have the talent, but they lack 4th quarter motivation. Its almost like Dan Snyder is telling them to throw the game.
  12. HailtotheChief

    Redskin Brand Ketchup and Mustard

    Since the Redskins have an early bye week, I can try to understand what happenned last night. It started great with a special coin toss with Sam Huff. The man is a true legend to sports fans. He is the Babe Ruth of NFL fans. His story has been in Life magazine, Time, and countless news stations. He still is in his prime. Wow. The stadium was almost Burgandy and Gold. Ever since Super Skin arrived at Fedex I cannot stop thinking of whether this "Dauntless Defender of Quality" is really Dan Snyder in disguise. I can only laugh and forget every thing else, but the Monday Night Philadelphia game. My Burgandy and Gold is turning into "ketchup and mustard". Joe Gibbs is now teaming up with Toyota. The Don Coryell "West Coast Offense" has been transferred to this new eastern mind set of collective reasoning. We must be peaceful and hamonize with nature. "You must come to our spa at 21300 Redskin Park Drive 1600 FedEx Way." No, I still remember the Redskins of my youth. Lord Cooke's Redskins. Starring Joe Gibbs and Bobby Beathard. But its fading fast.... Snyder changed the hot dogs. The small dinks were good in large quantities. These new mystery dogs taste like rooster meat. The Redskins could learn alot from the Nationals. Right now Fedex has more attendance than RFK. But, the Nats roster is looking pretty sweet. The Ravens won last week. Cmon Joe and Dan Wake up!!! Why are little kids seeing tee-shirts that state "**to perform an anatomical sexual impossibility** THE REDSKINS!" Everything is so disjointed. The game started off with momentum. Fans were high fiving each other. There was even the old die hard saying "You know I am not saying it aloud, but I think we are going to be 13 and 3." The Offense got off to a sluggish start, but you still saw signs of greatness. Then we missed our first field goal. No Redskin fan was worried. It was the defense turn at the ball. You could see the players were pumped and ready to beat em, swamp em, and score. Everyone was standing and cheering. I had not heard it this loud Gibbs second term, second season game against the Cowboys when we whipped their asses. What a great game. The guy next to me was saying he wanted to see turnovers from the defense and got his wish in a big way. Hats off to the Redskin defense on their amazing first half. Here is the reality. Our offense is medicore at best. Al Saunders play calling has been conservative and erratic. Where is Brandon Lloyd? Is he a bust? I know everyone thinks so. But, the organization does not want to let that cat out of the bag. The second half was a let down. The last few minutes of the game were a complete heart breaker. I saw a philly fan smile. We got our medicine. It is going to take two weeks to swallow this bitter pill.
  13. HailtotheChief

    I think the Redskins will have a great season

    You were right on the money last night. The Redskins defenders stuck to Eagles receivers like flies on honey. We are going to plow over the Giants next week and be 3 and 0!!!!
  14. HailtotheChief

    DC to build Day Labor Center

    WHAT!!!!! Fenty is in support of illegal aliens. I hate politics, but I cannot back away from this. Taking jobs from the poor. He will be a one term mayor.
  15. Still in the red, even after selling advertising on every possible square inch of space they can — on the walls facing the escalators, on platform kiosks that used to have system maps on them, wrapped around whole buses and train cars, and don't get me started about those goddamn' flickering video ads in the tunnels coming in and out of Gallery Place. Oh, and dont'cha just love how Metro turns almost every piece of advertising space in a station over to one friggin' product — as if its manufacturer thinks they have a better chance of selling you something if they bludgeon your eyeballs repeatedly with the same image over and over until your brain turns into **to perform an anatomical sexual impossibility**ing oatmeal? Wait wait don't forget they are still paying Richard White a nice handsome salary and he's not working there anymore and when he worked there metro was at an all time low, more late buses and messed up trains and so much more bad stuff and they want to raise the managers salaries 5% and give the workers less hours and maybe get rid of some as well, either through getting killed or just firing them. Metro needs to make itself safer for it's workers and the bosses need to actually ride the buses (all of em') and the trains (from one end to the other) many many many many many many many many many times (maybe enough so they aren't making decisions and a citizen/rider task force is set up to really run metro right and not into the ground...also maybe they might eliminate the ads that plague the trains buses and platforms and everywhere else they put em (unless they start putting them up there ass) Pay cuts for all of the bosses fare decreases, a new Manager who is competent enough to run metro (no more Richard Whites or who ever this new guy is, who screwed up the system he worked at before) and more service and safety for the workers!
  16. HailtotheChief

    Michael Vick Indictment

    ConVick will escape jail time, but will have a lighter wallet to pay his legal dream team.
  17. HailtotheChief

    I think the Redskins will have a great season

    2007 PreSeason - I predict the Redskins will go 3 and 2 8/4 @ Ravens (Scrim.) 12 noon ET - We will lose 8/11 @ Titans 8pm ET NFL Network - We will win 8/18 vs. Steelers 8pm ET Comcast SportsNet / WUSA-9 - We will win 8/25 vs. Ravens 8pm ET Comcast SportsNet / WUSA-9 - We will win 8/30 @ Jaguars 7:30pm ET Comcast SportsNet / WUSA-9 - We will lose 2007 Regular Season - Washington will win at least 11 games this season. No, I am not crazy. The Packers game is a toss up. 9/9 vs. Dolphins 1pm ET CBS - Chris Chambers is going to send Miami down the drain. Sorry Charlie. Redskins will win 9/17 @ Eagles 8:30pm ET ESPN - Mexican defensive tackle Mauricio Lopez eats too many beans and stinks the Redskins out of Philly. We will lose 9/23 vs. Giants 4:15pm ET FOX - Eli, Plaxico, Jeremy will be screaming at each other by the end of the game. We will win this one close. 10/7 vs. Lions 1pm ET FOX - Lions will never be good. Skins win 10/14@ Packers 1pm ET FOX - Haven't you ever noticed the greats always beat the Redskins in NFL highlight films. Brett Favre will win the game winning touchdown and pass Dan Marino with most TD passes. 10/21 vs. Cardinals 1pm ET FOX - Kurt Warner is a sissy. We better win. 10/28 @ Patriots 4:15pm ET FOX - Brady is too much for us. We will lose this one. 11/4 @ Jets 1pm ET FOX - Jets looked better than the Skins last year. Chad Pennington will fake the Skins out. We will lose 11/11 vs. Eagles 1pm ET FOX - Eagles Coach should be having a breakdown about his two boys. Skins will win. 11/18 @ Cowboys 1pm ET FOX - The Post-Parcells Cowboys Just Plain Suck. Redskins will win. 11/25 @ Buccaneers 1pm ET FOX - Chucky should do horror movies after this game. Redskins win. 12/2 vs. Bills 1pm ET CBS - Bills are a boring team. Redskins will dominate. 12/6 vs. Bears 8:15pm ET NFL Network - Huge Upset - Redskins win close. 12/16 @ Giants 8:15pm ET NBC - Giants have Redskins number. Skins lose. 12/23 @ Vikings 1pm ET FOX - Hey Brad, Revenge is soo sweet. Redskins Win. 12/30 vs. Cowboys 1pm ET FOX - Redskins give fans a New Year present. Skins blowout win.
  18. HailtotheChief

    Washington Redskins 2007 NFL Draft Review

    The Redskins invited first-round pick LaRon Landry to Redskins Park on Sunday and completed a defense-focused draft by taking linebackers Dallas Sartz from USC in the fifth round and H.B. Blades from Pittsburgh in the sixth. Texas-El Paso quarterback Jordan Palmer was a late sixth-round pick, and Michigan tight end Tyler Ecker was chosen in the seventh. Maryland quarterback Sam Hollenbach, Maryland offensive lineman Stephon Heyer also was signed by Washington, Connecticut running back Terry Caulley, LSU cornerback Daniel Francis, UCLA defensive end Justin Hickman, Oklahoma linebacker Zach Latimer, Youngstown State running back Marcus Mason, Boston College wide receiver Taylor Sele and Virginia wide receiver Deyon Williams. All-Atlantic 10 left guard, UNH Tucker Peterson also signed with Washington Redskins
  19. HailtotheChief


    How are you sure of it?????? Where are your facts???
  20. HailtotheChief

    Nationals president Stan Kasten

    The former Atlanta Braves president joined the Nationals in May 2006 and envisions rebuilding the Nationals' franchise on a solid foundation -- starting with a strong farm system. The Nationals have begun strengthening their Minor Leagues by changing the drafting philosophy, hiring more scouts, signing numerous Minor League free agents and being more aggressive in the Caribbean. I hope he teaches Nats owner about respect. I am still disgusted with what they did to Frank Robinson.
  21. HailtotheChief

    Redskins 2006 Team Sucks

    Once again the Redskins blew their lead. The defense is the worst. Greg Williams should be fired and Dan Snyder should sell the team. I am pissed. Don't buy Redskins merchandise! The team does not deserve your money.
  22. HailtotheChief

    Redskins Tickets for $10.00 each

    Dan Snyder is a scumbag. I don't understand why you are even defending a man that treats Redskins fans as greenbacks. Dan Snyder says he always was a fan, but he is not. A fan would not have moved the Redskins training camp from Dickenson College in Carlisle Pennslyvania. It was a tradition that started in 1963. I remember my pop telling me about the Carlisle Indian school for Native American Indian children that closed its doors in 1918. This was the flagship school the legendary Jim Thorpe played his first football game. Carlisle Indian fans became Redskins fans. The town made money from Washingtonians coming up to watch their beloved team play in the stands. I remember getting autographs from Dave Butz, Art Mont, Nick "The Trashman" Giaquinto, "Downtown" Charlie Brown, and many others. The weather is much cooler in Carlisle than balmy Ashburn. All those good times were free. Lord Cooke never charged the fans. Dan Snyder killed that tradition and charged fans admission and a parking fee. That is the day I realized this man is a true scumbag. A true fan of the game would not bombard his patrons watching the game with so much marketing B.S. Instead of instant replays we get Fedex commericals. A true fan would not mislead people on waiting the legendary Redskins waiting list that new lower bowl seats were available, but not tell them they had obstructed views. A true fan would not charge people $25 to park on Fan Appreciation Day. I can go on, but it makes me sick to think about this. Like a wolf in sheeps clothing, Dan Snyder is a scumbag hiding behind a Redskins Jersey.
  23. HailtotheChief

    Redskins Tickets for $10.00 each

    I know I am fed up with the hype Snyder tries to sell. The man is more interested in purchasing classical radio stations than maintaining his existing problems. All he wants to do is buy, buy, buy. Then sell, sell, sell mediocre products and eventually ruining their good name. Just look at what Lavar Arrington had to say about Joe Gibbs. Soon Snyder's forced aquisition of Six Flags will turn our beloved Bugs Bunny into a thug. Here is my thereputic rendition of Dan Snyder as a big fat pig. I am not a great artist, so maybe some of you out there can make a better one.
  24. HailtotheChief

    Dallas Week Seems Pretty Flat

    Where did all the Redskins fans go to? Its Dallas Cowgirl week folks. We need to get fired up. A woman in Dallas calls 911. When the officer answers the phone the woman is hysterical and tells the cop that a man has just broken into her home and she thinks he intends to rape her. The officer explain that they are just extremely busy at the moment and tells her "Just get the guy's jersey number and we'll get back to you." The Redskins have had a week to recover. But, we still have injuries: Dockery, Derrick Probable Hip Griffin, Cornelius Questionable Hip Marshall, Lemar Probable Ankle Patten, David Probable Thigh Rogers, Carlos Out Thumb Salave'a, Joe Probable Calf Sellers, Mike Probable Elbow Springs, Shawn Probable Groin Washington, Marcus Probable Hip Every media channel is whinning about Gibbs not building his team through the draft, not playing Jason Campbell, and firing Al Saunders. I do not think that is the problem. What is the problem? I truly believe Redskins team lack is passion to win the game. My idol Joe Gibbs has gone soft. He is a good soft spoken church man that believes in the power of forgiveness and getting through bad games together. But, coach this is football and the players with heart should not be lumped in with the ones here to get a paycheck. The Redskins need to get Andre Carter and Chris Samuels pumped up for the game. Because, they look like they are here just for the money. Someone needs to put some fire up Derrick Frost's ass. Because the man is performing at high school level. The Redskin's offensive line really is starting to look like George Allen's legendary "Over the Hill Gang." The Dirtbags need to start looking dirty or enjoy retirement. Maybe last year was the pinnacle of what the Redskins could acheive. Now the core of the team is just to old to play and should just watch the games on TV. But, this is Dallas WEEK. So, if the old timers could see it to win this game I will be happy. I hate the Cowboys and I hate Cowboy fans. ATTENTION REDSKINS FANS!!!!!!!!!! If you see a cowboy fan watching the game make sure to make his or her life miserable and want to leave. I am starting a fan training session that will take people to EAGLES, GIANTS, and BEAR stadiums. There you will learn to be loud and mean to your opponent. Upon graduation you will proudly state that you are not a politically correct fan and scream "DALLAS COWBOYS AND THEIR CITY IS A BUNCH OF CANDY ASS *happy person** PUNKS." 76 Adams, Flozell OT 6-7 340 9 Michigan State is a woman 14 Austin, Miles WR 6-3 215 R Monmouth Univ likes to wear women's clothing 50 Ayodele, Akin LB 6-2 250 5 Purdue likes men in speedos 24 Barber, Marion RB 6-0 220 2 Minnesota is a stalker 11 Bledsoe, Drew QB 6-5 238 14 Washington St loves the movie cry baby 57 Burnett, Kevin LB 6-3 240 2 Univ. Tenn. is talented at bending over. 99 Canty, Chris DE 6-7 300 2 Virginia loves to take his knee pads home 54 Carpenter, Bobby LB 6-2 257 R Ohio St is a Dixie Chicks fan 93 Coleman, Kenyon DE 6-5 295 5 UCLA has a poster of Ben Stiller in his locker 32 Coleman, Marcus S 6-2 209 11 Texas Tech dressed up in his Village People costume for halloween 75 Colombo, Marc OT 6-8 320 5 Boston College is taking classes on how to write 84 Crayton, Patrick WR 6-0 205 3 NW Okla State likes pinch players butts 89 Curtis, Tony TE 6-5 265 1 Portland State loves Tony Curtis movies 29 Davis, Keith S 5-11 205 4 Sam Houston dreams of performing at Broadway 37 Elam, Abram S 6-0 210 R Kent State is a war protester with Cindy Sheehan 98 Ellis, Greg LB 6-6 270 9 North Carolina has a pretty mouth 69 Fabini, Jason OT 6-7 309 9 Cincinnati dresses like Fabio 80 Fasano, Anthony TE 6-4 258 R Notre Dame is more like a loose end looking for defensive play 95 Ferguson, Jason DT 6-3 310 10 Georgia really wants to be a cheer leader 55 Fowler, Ryan LB 6-3 250 3 Duke is hooked on phonics 26 Glenn, Aaron CB 5-9 185 13 Texas A&M is learning to read and write 83 Glenn, Terry WR 5-11 195 11 Ohio State has a nose bleeding problem 53 Glymph, Junior LB 6-6 272 3 Carson-Newman suggested the team colors should be a rainbow 10 Green, Skyler RB 5-9 190 R LSU loves men in tight pants 65 Gurode, Andre C 6-4 312 5 Colorado has a bad odor problem. 97 Hatcher, Jason DE 6-6 295 R Grambling always has a brown stain in the back of his pants 42 Henry, Anthony CB 6-1 208 6 South Florida pretends he is FONZY 46 Hoyte, Oliver LB 6-3 250 R NC State is an Oprah fan 17 Hurd, Sam WR 6-2 195 R N Illinois likes young boys 56 James, Bradie LB 6-2 250 4 Louisiana State has a beautiful doll house 52 Johnson, Al C 6-5 311 3 Wisconsin watches Elmo religiously 21 Jones, Julius RB 5-10 211 3 Notre Dame pretends he is OJ with the tight gloves 33 Jones, Nathan CB 5-10 192 3 Rutgers blows kisses to his fans 27 Kincade, Keylon RB 5-11 208 1 SMU has jelously problems 63 Kosier, Kyle G 6-5 305 5 Arizona St suffers from irratible bowl syndrome 91 Ladouceur, L.P. LS 6-4 255 2 Cal is beach boys fan 1 McBriar, Mat P 6-1 223 3 Hawaii loves to hula dance in the mens shower 77 McQuistan, Pat OT 6-6 315 R Weber St eats two cans of Alpo 41 Newman, Terence CB 5-11 195 4 Kansas State is just ugly 81 Owens, Terrell WR 6-3 224 11 Tenn-Chatt likes to wipe his ass with hundred dollar bills 60 Parker, J'Vonne DT 6-4 323 2 Rutgers thinks he is Porky the Pig 71 Procter, Cory G 6-4 305 2 Montana thinks J'Vonne is Porky the Pig 90 Ratliff, Jeremiah DE 6-4 305 2 Auburn wants J'Vonne to squeel like a pig 35 Reeves, Jacques CB 5-11 192 3 Purdue is having a secret affair with Jerry Jones 62 Rivera, Marco G 6-4 309 11 Penn State uses his male enhancement regularly 9 Romo, Tony QB 6-2 225 4 E. Illinois was caught reading Playgirl magazine 51 Singleton, Al LB 6-2 250 10 Temple likes to spray people with perfume 96 Spears, Marcus DE 6-4 298 2 LSU likes to spear his inmate buddies 13 Vanderjagt, Mike K 6-5 218 9 West Virginia hangs out with Richard Simmons 94 Ware, DeMarcus LB 6-4 257 2 Troy St Univ uses dirty needles 25 Watkins, Pat S 6-5 211 R Florida St has recently come out of the closet 31 Williams, Roy S 6-0 229 5 Oklahoma supports same sex marriage 82 Witten, Jason TE 6-5 265 4 Tennessee is openly gay
  25. HailtotheChief

    this sunday we play the Colts

    Joe, When I am down on the Redskins I see your die hard enthusiasm for the team. But, unfortunetely I am getting sick of Snyder's marketing hype. But the hard facts are this: The Colts have the NFL's fourth-ranked offense and its healthy; the Redskins (2-4) have the NFL's 21st-ranked defense and it is not healthy. At this point Andre Carter is not playing like a $30 million Morris Trophy winner. Through six games, Carter has two sacks. One of those was courtesy of Greg Williams' scheme. Every team seems to run right through him. At most he should be grade as a third down pass rushing specialist. Furthermore, Carlos Rogers is out with a broken thumb. Not that it matters. The ninth overall pick in the 2005 draft is a complete bust. All Rogers is good is following receivers into the end zone. Shawn Springs is not healthy. Don't expect the Redskins new acquisition Troy Vincent to save the day. The 15-year veteran and a five-time Pro Bowler has worked with secondary coach Jerry Gray in Buffalo. But, has little understanding of Greg William's defensive playbook. Look for Peyton Manning to have a stellar day. I personally blame Al Saunders for losing the game last week. We were up 14 - 3 against the Titans. The old Redskins would use Clinton Portis to run out the clock. Instead we screen passes from Mark Brunell. Either he can no longer throw the long ball accurately or Redskins coaching staff stinks. What happenned to the old Redskins Smashmouth football? Al Saunders can make all the excuses he wants about getting to know his players capabilities, but should he not have known all this by the end of preseason. Lord Cooke would have told Gibbs by now that Al Saunders is not Redskins material. Lord Cooke would say "Coach, what do we need Saunders for? You know the offense.... RUN IT!!!" But in Danny 'Boy Toy' Snyder's world it more like "Gee coach, I mean sir... what do you think is wrong??? My new buddy Tommy says our team sucks!!! Our team has to get better or I am going to lose money funding this new movie deal. You know what... I may go for a hike this weekend. Strike that --- fall colors are burgandy and gold.