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“Blessed are those who believe Me without proof”.


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The final stage of the entire divine knowledge is expected to be the practical service to the Lord who comes to this earth in every human generation, without aspiring any fruit for such service and sacrifice rendered by you. The complete example for this is Hanuman. You must understand the Philosophy of Hanuman which should lead you in recognizing the present human incarnation on this earth and to participate in His service without aspiring any fruit in return.


If this philosophy of Hanuman is not understood, there is no use of the temples of Hanuman and various methods of worship of Hanuman. Of course, they serve the purpose of giving you the inspiration to fix your concentration on Hanuman. But what is the use if you have not gained the real guidance from Him in the spiritual path? You are going to the school regularly in time. You have the uniform and all the books. You have good teachers in the school. But what is the use of all this when you do not learn the knowledge from the school? The entire life of Hanuman is only sacrifice and selfless service to the human form of the Lord. You shall be ashamed of your entire path of worship.


You are asking all types of boons with very wide range starting from this world to the upper world. Initially He has fulfilled some of your desires which are proper because the health, mental peace and wealth are necessary as the basis for spiritual effort. But you are not satisfied with the basis and you are proceeding in to the wrong line from the basis, in which you are desiring for more and more worldly comforts which in excess are called as luxuries. After achieving the basic needs you must travel in right line by learning the philosophy of Hanuman. He got a job under the king Sugriva and settled Himself with the basic needs. Then He searched for the human incarnation and He was waiting in Kishkindha for the Lord in the human form. What have you done? Did you search for the human incarnation?


He was not worshiping the statues in the temples with all the unnecessary extra rituals, which are manipulated by the priests for their benefits. Of course, the statues and shrines serve the purpose of inspiration about God and seeing the statues and photos (Darsanam) is sufficient. Of course, the extra rituals which are the various methods of worship to the statues in human form also serve the purpose of removing egoism and jealousy towards human form provided you are suffering with egoism and jealousy. But Hanuman was not at all having such egoism and jealousy. He never remembers His strength and feels Himself as zero. But what about you? You never remember the defects and limits of your little strength and always feel yourself as a hero.


You are not at all searching for the Satguru who is the human form of the Lord that exists in your generation. The Lord is impartial to any generation and so comes in every generation in human form. The human form of Lord came to Hanuman and He recognized the Lord in the very first sight it self. In your case even if the human incarnation comes to you and shows some proof to you, you are not recognizing the Lord. You will say that all the proof is only illusion or magic. After recognizing the Lord, Hanuman used Himself for the work of the Lord. In your case, even if you recognize Him, you try to use Him for solutions of your personal problems. Hanuman never discriminated the social service and personal service of the Lord.


He simply did the service according to the will of the Lord. His aim was always to please the Lord by His service to the Lord in whatever way the Lord wished. In your case even if you enter in to the service you will start criticizing the Lord, if He involves you in His personal work. You will immediately say that He is not the God since He is selfish. Hanuman never criticized Rama even in His mind when Rama told Ravana that in case, Sita is returned, He will go back. If you are in the place of Hanuman you will immediately say that if Rama returns after getting Sita what will happen to the society that is suffering by the cruel deeds of Ravana? Such question never rose in the mind of Hanuman because the aim of the spiritual effort is only to please the Lord and nothing else. In fact, He does not need your help either in His personal work or in the social work. His family and this entire world constitute the divine drama meant for His entertainment only.


He is testing your attitude towards Him and the basic strength of your recognition. If the recognition is determined without any doubt, such doubts will not come to your mind. Hanuman did not ask for any vision or for any miracle. Arjuna called as Nara representing yourself (Nara) asked for the highest vision from Krishna as a proof. Hanuman believed Rama without any such proof. He is the blessed soul as per the statement of Jesus “Blessed are those who believe Me without proof”.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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