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Help Us Repeat Our House Party Success

Guest Nancy Eiring

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Guest Nancy Eiring

On May 22, more than 40,000 people in all 50 states gathered at nearly 2,000 house parties for John Kerry. Not only did people at these parties get to participate in an exclusive conference call with John Kerry, they also raised over $1 million in just one day, and brought thousands of new donors and volunteers on board our campaign.


These house parties came on the heels of a successful "$10 million in 10 days" grassroots fundraising effort. Our supporters have already built an incredibly powerful grassroots organization, and we've only just begun.


Help us take the next step by hosting an event at your house. This month, House Party Day is June 26th, and we've got a tool kit that will make hosting a successful event fun and easy. Just like last time, if you have more than 10 guests coming to your party, you will be able to participate in an exclusive conference call with John Kerry.


Start planning your party by signing up here:




On June 26, we'll be doing more than just fundraising. We're also asking people to step forward and pledge to be a volunteer for our campaign between now and Election Day -- even if only for a few hours. We need to start getting feet on the ground to bring people out to vote and win this election. That's why we are calling this month's house party, "From your House to the White House."


The Kerry campaign has been working hard, but George Bush had an $85 million head start in fundraising, and 4 years to build a nationwide field organization. We have begun to close this gap, but we are still depending on the strength and determination of our supporters to accomplish our mission on November 2nd. Host a "Your House to the White House" party and help us increase the size of our grassroots field team and raise the money we need to beat George Bush.


Our website has step-by-step instructions and the tools you need to host a successful party, even if you've never done it before. Hosting an event at your home is one of the best ways you can help win back the White House and have fun doing it.


For more information visit:





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