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Why are all the ward 3 candidates running a single issue campaign (schools) and ignoring other issues of concern to voters?


Cheh, Rice, Strauss and etcetera all claim they have the solution.


Since arriving in DC in 1979, our schools have been crumbling and more, but nobody gave a damn. All of a sudden, and in the name of political gain, my rivals care when there is no evidence that they ever did before.


Furthermore, with only 7% of the ward 3 voters having children in school, do the candidates think the other 93% are putting our schools first in what they seek from the next ward 3 council member?


This “School Issue” is a perfect example where the far left wing of the DC Democratic Party has been brain-washing people to believe that our schools come before housing, food on the table, clothing, needs of our elders and other matters.


The far left wing took DC into bankruptcy bringing upon us a Federal Control Board and now it has turned DC into the most expensive city in the USA east of the Mississippi forcing its people to face personal bankruptcy or leave this city not to face such.







Jonathan R. Rees

Candidate for Ward 3

DC City Council


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