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$25,000 Battle Competition


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WWW.FLOWFORCASH.COM is having it's National Freestyle Competition!!! The East Coast is gonna be at Zanzibars, and as of yet no one from DC has signed up to represent. The winner gets $25,000 and everyone who signs up is gonna get seen by celebrities, A&R's, recoord exects, magazines, radio personalities and more. Promotions are being done on Radio One stations, and national magazines like Streets and Vibe. We are also hitting major cities all across the nation. Don't believe its real, check out the webpage WWW.FLOWFORCASH.COM and see the promos or see some of the artists that have signed up. Join our mailing lists and you can win a chance to get free tickets to the show as well as more prizes. Be about your business or be out!!! For more info call Jason 202-276-5581 or infoflowforcash@yahoo.com

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