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Change The Game - a reception in support of Michael Steele

Guest Steele For Maryland, Inc.

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Guest Steele For Maryland, Inc.

Washington has no clue what’s going on in your life.


They blame each other…they work the angles…while you’re just trying to make today better than yesterday.


You just want someone to get something done.


I’m Michael Steele.


Instead of the spin, I’ll talk straight about what’s wrong in both parties.


You know, to get a different kind of government, you’re gonna need a different kind of Senator.


Please come out on August 24 for the VIP Reception starting at 6pm and the main reception at 7pm, located at the Frederick Douglass-Issac Myers Maritime Park in Baltimore.


Tickets are $35 for the main reception and $500 for the VIP Reception.


If you prefer to donate by mail, please send your personal check to:


Steele for Maryland Finance Department

Change The Game Reception

1350 Dorsey Rd. Bldg A, Suite A

Hanover, MD 21076


For contributor assistance, please contact the Finance Department at

Contributions@steeleformaryland.com or (443) 603-1288.


Lt. Gov. Michael Steele implored black legislators from around the country yesterday to turn the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of social equality into one of economic empowerment for minorities.




"As African-American elected officials, we must bend down every day to help our communities, but we must do it with a different perspective," he said. "Dr. King got us a seat at the lunch counter. Now it's time for us to take ownership of the entire diner."




Del. Nathaniel T. Oaks, a Baltimore Democrat, introduced Steele to the audience by thanking him for capital projects Gov. Robert Ehrlich Jr.'s administration has approved for his district.


"Some people say that's a hard thing to do because he's a Republican. I was just looking at the bacon I've taken home," said Oaks, who added that he voted for Steele.



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