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Bohyme Keratin Tip Extensions Problems


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Hi Valencia,


I am hoping you can help me with a huge problem I am having. I have been doing extensions for a little over a year and am certified with So.Cap and Beauty Locs. I occasionally use the Bohyme keratin tipped extensions for certain clients. Everyone of these clients (including myself, since I have half Bohyme and half So.Cap) has called me saying they are shedding and slipping out. I had to do two re-dos in one day!! They seem to soften up and start to disintegrate and shed. I called the company and they said that when they met with the people in China to make them they had a problem and it has now been corrected. With my re-dos I used half Bohyme and half So.Cap, the client called me today to say that the So.Cap are awesome and the Boyhme are coming out AGAIN!! After only 3 weeks! Have you heard of this happening? I have used several different brands and am finding that the So.Cap/Great Lengths are the only ones with a true keratin bond that hardens and stays put. What should I do? These poor ladies do NOT want Bohyme again since it will only come out again.


Desperate Daisy

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I have never used the Bohym pre-tipped hair but I have used the hair and I had the same problem. I even stripped the hair and pre-tipped by hand and still, shedding....I stopped using the hair. I don't know how they process the hair but it is impossible to remove. I like to pre-tipp the hair by hand because not everyone can use the same size bond, I make my bonds a basic size and cut as needed, I just don't trust the mainstream companies anymore....I feel your pain, I have done alot of re-do's myself because of the use of Beauty Supply Store hair. Try using Virgin hair, they treat their hair with all natural products that can be easily wash away, also make sure your clients have no styling products or oil on the hair before getting the service...Clean dry hair is important....


I hope this helps


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