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Promise 3: Where you live should not determine how you live

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DC Action for Children just released the third of five promises to children and youth as part of the District-wide 5 Promises to Kids Campaign.


Promise 3: Children and youth will have a fair chance to succeed no matter where they live


Challenges like violence, health problems and housing insecurity too often prevent young people who live in high poverty areas from achieving their potential. The District can reverse the collective impact of these challenges and ensure a fair chance by focusing on the neediest communities first and eradicate opportunity segregation. DC should fund services close to where the most fragile children and youth live and most importantly make the success of low-income children and youth a priority in policy and the budget.


The details of the Promise, including recommendations about legislative and budget actions that can be taken by the new mayor and city council members, are on our web site -- http://www.dckids.org/getinvolved/promise3.php.


We encourage you to ask candidates for mayor and council their positions on a number of important policy and budget issues including: increasing funding for mental health services for children and youth, their plans to better serve teens who will leave foster care without a family and their plans on funding quality universal pre-k.


We invite you to join us in making these promises to children and youth who call the District of Columbia home. You can easily endorse the Campaign by completing an on-line form -- http://www.dckids.org/getinvolved/becomeapartner.php.

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