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Portis Hurt in 1st Preseason Game


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Redskins starting running back Clinton Portis partially dislocated his shoulder in the first quarter of Sunday night's preseason game against Cincinnati. This begs the question, "Why was he in there to begin with?" Yet we all know the answer, MONEY. The NFL makes too much money in the preseason to let it go even if it means star players may receive serious injuries.


"I don't know why myself or any other player of my caliber should be playing in the preseason," said Portis, a sling over his left shoulder as he departed Redskins Park. "I think for the last four years I've done enough to show the world I'm going to be ready for the season."


Too many players get injured in preseason (remember Jon Jansen finishing his season before it started two years ago.) I think that at the most there should only be two preseason games and starters should not play. It is a good way to look at rookies/free agents/vet's trying to make the team but for established players there is no need.


I hope that Portis will be ready for the start of the season and that this injury does not bother him for the whole season, which there is a good chance it will. Without a healthy Portis it may be a long year for the Washington Redskins.

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