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Aren't You Tired Of Theeese Messaaages

Guest Tony Adams

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Guest Tony Adams

This is the email I got. It pissed me off. Anyone that knows how to make readyforthedealz.info stop please do.


Hi Josiah,


If you received this emaaaaail then whatever spaaam filteeeeer your using is not working properly.


If your one of those peeople that are sick and tireed of sifting throoooough your inboooox

loooking for the "gooood" emaaaaails then we have the product for you.


Your time is valuable, so haaaaving your inbox flooded with junk messaages is not

only annooying, but also cooostly.


The answeeer to all your prooblems is here...




Tony Adams





Reeeeemooovee Heeereeee




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