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Passing a “Same Sex Marriage Ban” would benefit business and minorities.




Some believe that the influx of lgbt people into DC is the result that “lgbt” people believe that DC is one of the few ripe areas in the USA for same sex marriage to come to pass. As a result of the influx of lgbt people into DC, this has contributed heavily to rising wages, for “them”, rising costs all round to all and a hidden factor contributing to gentrification.


If a same sex marriage ban would be passed in DC, it is believed that many in the DC lgbt community would leave DC as no longer seeing DC as fertile ground to achieve their goal.


A same sex marriage ban could see 25% to 30% of lgbt people leaving DC out of anger and the net result would be:


Employers would replace such people who usually demand a higher wage with equally qualified people, but at a lower wage, rents would go down because there would be a glut of empty and un-rentable apartments, cost of living increases would slow down, minorities, many whom are poor would not be squeezed out and so on.


The foregoing is based upon studies of lgbt migration from jurisdictions that have passed same sex marriage bans like Ohio and others.


Banning same sex marriage in DC could be good for business, good for minorities and good for the poor who usually suffer most from a higher concentration of lgbt people in the community.


In other jurisdictions, the funding to get a same sex marriage bans passed came heavily from the business community who saw same sex marriage being banned as good for business and good all round.


Not all efforts to ban same sex marriage is coming from the religious right but mainly and quietly from big and small business who see the costs all round to be much higher where there is a higher concentration of lgbt people.


The issue is more complex than I have stated above but the gist of it all is, lgbt people are bad for business.


Some will argue that the buying power of the lgbt community adds to any community but not so as other areas of local business hurt by their presence, the poor and minorities suffer and business leaders see that chasing lgbt people out is good.


Some lgbt groups around the country are not blind as to who is throwing the fuel on this fire!!!!


In DC, the hate for Kathy Patterson, Phil Mendelson and Adrian Fenty in the minority communities is high because they are seen as having cuddled up too much with the lgbt community, and a defeat at the polls of these three will knock the wind out of the lgbt community enough so to weaken their agenda.


Disclaimer: I make an issue of the foregoing only because as a political candidate, and without naming names, I have heard some business leaders in DC expound this virtue. President Bush made homosexuality a part of his agenda and surprisingly, this is not just a Republican thing but many moderate and conservative Democrats are behind him on this issue here in DC.



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