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Re: Same Sex Marriage Ban in DC


Ms. Lisa S. Greene of D.C. Citizens for Marriage will re-file with the DC Board of Elections & Ethnics an initiative for the 2008, election year ballot seeking that marriage in the District of Columbia be defined as being between a man and woman.


This initiative will be re-filed after it has been re-drafted by counsel and satisfies all requirements of the DC BOEE.


I support Ms. Greene’s objective, will lend my lobbying and marketing talents to the effort, and I have asked a large group of Latinos who specialize in the distribution of political matters to lend their talents to this effort.


I believe that “Homosexuality” is in direct violation of the teachings of all religions, patently unnatural, an unhealthy life-style both physiologically and psychologically as well as posing as a health risk to the non-homosexual populace in general.


Respectfully submitted,




Jonathan R. Rees

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