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Datta Datta Swami alone can give the total essence of all those three divine preachers


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Datta Datta Swami alone can give the total essence of all those three divine preachers

The awareness is the most subtle form of Energy. When you say that God is awareness, it means that God entered the medium, which is awareness. In case, God has not entered the awareness, you are taking the awareness as a representative item for God for the sake of worship or meditation. To retain the awareness even by imagination, it is very difficult as said in Gita (Avyaktahi Gatih ….). The most difficult- imaginable item is awareness and therefore, it is the best representative model for God who is completely unimaginable. Thus, awareness is only a representative model for God. Neither awareness is God nor God has entered the awareness due to absence of any proof for such entry. The Advaita scholars have completely misunderstood the concept and have gone to the extreme ignorance by taking awareness directly as God. Through the most difficult item, an impossible item can be indicated. The star-Arundhati is invisible and it is indicated by the nearest visible star-Vasishtha (Arundhati – Vasishta nyaya). Since, awareness happens to be the material of the soul, Sankara preferred the awareness to represent the God. By such concept, He could attract the then atheists to become theists because, since awareness is both God and soul, the atheists easily accept themselves as God. Such concept will satisfy them because there is no external God other than themselves. It is very subtle diversion for the sake of atheists. Latter on, Ramanuja introduced Narayana, who is the energetic body possessed by God. The awareness is only a representative item for God, where as Narayana is the energetic incarnation of God. A possessed item is better than a representative item. The energetic form can be retained by imagination and thus the convenience is increased.


At last, Madhva introduced Lord Krishna and Lord Rama who represent the human body possessed by God. The human form of God is more convenient than the energetic body not only for experiencing directly your worship but also to preach the knowledge. Today, Datta Swami reveals the sense of concept of Madhva in a more clear way, which is the most convenient. The human incarnation like Rama and Krishna does not exist today. Their statutes and photos can neither experience your worship nor can preach the divine knowledge to clear your doubts. Therefore, the present live human incarnation is the final essence of all the spiritual knowledge. Shiva entered Sankara. Vishnu entered Ramanuja, Brahma entered Madhva. Datta, who is all those three in one entered this Datta Swami. Therefore, Datta Swami alone can give the total essence of all those three divine preachers. Some may misunderstand Me treating this as egoism but I cannot help them in any way because this is the absolute truth of truths. But, I can pacify their jealousy to some extent by stating that I am not Datta and that Datta only entered Me. I can further release their tension by stating that Datta can enter any human body provided it is first eligible. I declare that Datta has entered the human bodies of all My devotees who are participating in this divine mission of propagation of divine knowledge. Their devotion to Me is only external according to the divine drama and essentially all of them are equal to Me. Hanuman is the servant of Rama as per the divine drama but essentially He was equal to Rama because the same God exists in both those roles.



At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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