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God can enter two human bodies at a time


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God can enter two human bodies at a time


When God becomes the human incarnation, He enters into a human body as said in the Gita (Manusheem Tanumasritam). The word asritam means the entrance of God into the human body. Another verse in the Gita clearly states that God is not modified into the human body which means that God has not become the human body (Avyaktam vyakti mapannam). The current entered the wire but the current is not modified into the wire. The current has not become the wire. If God became the human body, God should also perish when the human body perishes. When the divine work is over, God exits the human body. When the Lord left the body of Krishna, it was cremated by Arjuna as said in Bhagavatam. Therefore, you should not think that a particular human being is God. God has not become that human being. God only entered that human being. God can enter any human being provided the human being is eligible for His entrance and is suitable to His work. God can enter two human bodies at a time for two different works.


The fan is moving and at the same time the electric bulb is glowing simultaneously. The same current has entered the fan to give air and entered the bulb to give light simultaneously. God entered Rama and Hanuman simultaneously. Through Rama God wanted to show the path of ideal human being (Pravrutti) and through Hanuman God wanted to show the path of practical devotion (Nivrutti). The first criterion for His entrance is eligibility which can be achieved through practical devotion. The proof of love is only service as said in the Veda (Sayuja Sakhaya, Kurvanneveha). The second criterion is the suitable efficiency for the specified divine work. The fan is suitable to give the air but is not suitable to give the light. The bulb is suitable to give the light but not the air. Between these two, eligibility is more important than suitability. If you want to select a person for a job in your office, you must give importance to eligibility first and then only to suitability.


If the candidate has good character without corruption, he is eligible to your service. The talent required for your service can be developed in him by giving a short training. Even if the candidate is suitable with already acquired talent, he should not be selected if he is corrupt. He is suitable but not eligible. Therefore, God selects the human body of a devotee which is eligible by practical devotion. In such case even if the talent is absent, God will grant the talent in a moment by His grace. Therefore, to reach the divine knowledge God selects a particular eligible human being. Such selected human being becomes a scholar in no time by His grace.


Even though several scholars exist who are suitable for His divine work, He will not select them because such corrupt scholars are not eligible. Jesus selected the eligible fishermen to propagate the knowledge but not the corrupt priests who were suitable to the work. Any country develops by selecting eligible candidates and by giving them suitable training for the profession. Therefore, the education must give eligibility and the specific department should give required training. Eligibility comes only by spiritual knowledge. Today the education is giving suitability only from the beginning and forgets imparting the eligibility at any stage. This mistake in the education is responsible for the fall of India. The fruits of programmes of the Government are not reaching the needy people due to corrupt officials, who are selected by the only criterion of suitability that is imparted from their childhood.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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