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Guest Mary Liu

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Guest Mary Liu

Eucommia ulmoides Leaf extract Tochu tea Polyphenols



Eucommia ulmoides Leaf extract Tochu tea Polyphenols


The suppressing effect of crude extracts of Tochu tea, an aqueous extract of Eucommia ulmoides leaves and a popular beverage in Japan, on the induction of chromosome aberrations in CHO cells and mice was studied. When CHO cells were treated with Tochu tea crude extract after MMC treatment, the frequency of chromosome aberrations was reduced. Out of 17 Tochu tea components, 5 irridoids (geniposidic acid, geniposide, asperulosidic acid, deacetyl asperulosidic acid, and asperuloside) and 3 phenols (pyrogallol, protocatechuic acid, and p-trans-coumaric acid) were found to have anticlastogenic activity. Since the anticlastogenic irridoids had an alpha-unsaturated carbonyl group, this structure was considered to play an important role in the anticlastogenicity. The anticlastogenic effect of Tochu tea extracts was examined in mice using a micronucleus assay. When mice received 1.0 ml 4% Tochu tea extract by oral gavage 6 h before intraperitoneal injection of MMC, a decrease in the frequency of micronuclei was observed. This decrease was not due to a delay in the maturation of micronucleated reticulocytes


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