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Guest Mary Liu

Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) Oligofructoseor Sucrosetrisacchride



Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) Oligofructoseor Sucrosetrisacchride


1) Brief Introduction of FOS

Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) is also known as Oligofructoseor or Sucrosetrisacchride. It exists in fruits and vegetables, such as burdock (3.6%), onion (2.8%), garlic (1.0%), rye (0.7%) and bananas (0.3%). It is an indispensable element of human diet, ranking 7th among nutrients. FOS was discovered in 1950, produced industrially by Japan and first marketed in 1982. In 1992, the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan approved it and designated it as a specific health food, to be applied in more than 500 kinds of food; the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has also recognized FOS as a GRAS food ingredient to be widely used in food production; in Europe FOS is also widely used in food as a functional sweet substitute that can control levels of cholesterol. In the mid-and-late 1990s, FOS was extensively used in Taiwan and Korea. In China, the research and development of FOS was listed as a key project to be tackled in the Ninth Five-Year Plan. Now FOS production has reached a sizable scale, and it is used in many famous brands of health food. Following the world trend, more and more Chinese enterprises in the food and health food industries are using FOD to upgrade their products or develop new ones.


2) Physiological Functions of FOS

After years of research, many countries (including China) have recognized that FOS is very effective in improving the functions of the intestines, preventing constipation and diarrhoea, lowering blood cholesterol, and increasing the body¡¯s immunity. Its functional mechanism is twofold:

First, with its unique structure, FOS cannot be digested by hydrochloric acid and enzymes in the digestive tract; therefore it can reach the large intestines, to be swiftly and selectively absorbed by bifidobacterium, a useful bacteria group, which enables bifidobacterium to reproduce quickly. It will simultaneously produce a kind of fatty acid, making the PH value in the intestines a bit acidic. Then it can check the growth of harmful bacteria group, lower the activity of some harmful reeducates, and reduce the formation and accumulation of carcinogenic substance and harmful metabolites in the intestines, thus clearing the waste in the intestines.


Second, FOS is a water-soluble diet fiber that can lower serum cholesterol and improve fatty metabolism with consistent usage.


3) Physical and chemical features of FOS

1. Sweetness and tastiness:

FOS, with a purity of 50%-60%, is 60% as sweet as cane sugar, and FOS, with a purity of 95%, is only 30% as sweet as cane sugar. It tastes good and pure, so when it is used in drinks and food, it will moderate their sweetness and improve their tastiness. It can also be used with highly sweet agents such as Aspartame to replace cane sugar so as to enhance the sweetness of the food. FOS is a sugarless, low calorie and high fiber food ingredient.

2. Calorific value:

The calorific value of FOS as measured in the body is as low as 1.5Kcal/g. To add FOS to drinks and food will greatly lower and reduce their calories.

3. Viscosity:

Within the range of 0 to 70 degrees, the viscosity of FOS is similar to that of Isomerized Sugar,and it will become smaller as the temperature rises. It is easily operable when processing food.

4. Moisture activity

The moisture activity of FOS is about the same as that of cane sugar.

5. Property of moisture preservation

The property of moisture preservation of FOS is similar to that of sorb wine or maltose. It is suitable for food that calls for a longish period of moisture preservation so that food can remain on shelves longer.

6. Thermal stability

The thermal stability of FOS is similar to that of cane sugar at 120 degrees under neutral conditions.

7. Other processing features

FOS has good solubility, non-coloring property, forming property and anti-aging property.


4) The principal differences between FOS and IMO

In the body FOS is only absorbed selectively by the useful bifidobacterium and exploited by the useful lactobacillus; that is, it can increase the useful bacteria and check the harmful ones (pathogenic bacteria), thus having the function of two-way adjustment, while IMO can be exploited by some clostridia and most of the clostridia in the intestines are harmful rotten bacteria that make one feel uncomfortable in the digestive tract. Therefore, although IMO is beneficial to the reproduction of useful bacteria, it is also beneficial to the reproduction of harmful bacteria. Hence it does not have the function of Bi-directional adjustment.

1. As proven by scientific experiment on the body:

FOS can reproduce bifidobacterium quickly by 10 to 100 times, while IMO can only reproduce bifidobacterium by 2 to 4 times.

2. FOS is a water-soluble diet fiber. It has low calorific value and is hard to digest, whereas IMO can be dissolved by the digestive enzyme, and 25% of it will be turned into glucose. Besides, the calorific value of IMO is five times that of glucose, even higher than that of cane sugar.

3. FOS has the function of lowering blood fat and improving fatty metabolism. This function is unique to FOS.

4. The effective daily intake of FOS is superior to that of IMO, the former being 3g and the latter 9g, three times the quantity of FOS. Estimated in accordance with the biological efficiency ratio, the quantity of IMO used is at least three times that of FOS.

5. FOS tastes better and purer than cane sugar, having a mellow taste and lasting fruit flavor. It greatly improves the outward appearance and texture of food products. This is a merit not enjoyed by IMO, and it makes it possible for FOS to be used extensively.


5) Use of FOS

Owing to its many outstanding physiological functions and physical and chemical features, FOS is now widely used in the food and health food industries both at home and abroad. It is used in more than 500 kinds of food, health food, and drugs, and is acclaimed as a new source of health sugar of the 21st century that has nutrition, health care, and curative effect rolled into one. Products added with FOS added are becoming more and more popular among customers.

1. As Poietin for bifidobacterium, FOS not only can make its function attached to the product, but also can overcome some defects of the original product, making it a better product. For instance, if FOS is added to unfermented dairy products (unprocessed milk, milk powder, etc.), it can solve the problem of excessive internal heat and constipation suffered by old people and children when taking in supplementary nutrition. If FOS is added to fermented dairy products, it will supply a nutritive source for the live bacteria of the product, which will strengthen the live bacteria and prolong the quality-guaranteed period of the product. If FOS is added to grain products, it will improve their quality and enable the product to remain on shelves longer.

2. As a Diet fiber, FOS can effectively lower serum cholesterol. It has a good effect on such cardiovascular diseases as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis caused by hyperlipidemia. If FOS is added to food or health food that is designed to lower blood pressure and adjust blood cholesterol, it will not only enhance the effect of the product, but also upgrade the product, making it tastier.

3. As an Activating element for Ca, Mg, Fe, etc., FOS will enable the body to absorb those minerals and trace elements. Therefore, if FOS is added to food or health food products for enriching Ca, Fe, Zn, etc., it will enhance their functions.

4. As Nutrient, FOS can promote the natural formation of compound vitamin B, which has good effects on the brain, nervous system, digestion and energy. For instance, if FOS is added to the nourishing food designed to enhance the immunity of the body, it will not only enhance the effect of the food but also lessen the internal heat it may produce.

5. As a unique Sweetening reagent which is of low in sugar and low in calories, and which is hard to digest, and when added to the food, FOS will not only improve the taste of the product and lower the calorific value of the food, but also enable it to remain on shelves longer. If FOS is added to the diet food, it will greatly lower the calorific value of the product; if it is added to the low sugar food, the blood sugar will not easily increase; if added to wines, it will prevent precipitate, making the wine more transparent and mellow; if added to drinks or tea, the drinks or tea will have a better flavor.

6. As a Beautifying element added to the beautifying food or skin care articles, FOS will enhance their beautifying functions.

7. Other uses: If FOS is added to the baked food, it will enhance the luster and crispness of the food, and it is conducive to dilation.


6) Successful Areas of Application for FOS

1. Drinks: carbonic acid drinks, soya-bean milk, milk drinks, ade, tea drinks, nutritive drinks, cocoa, powder drinks, etc.

2. Dairy products: milk, flavored milk, fermented milk, lactobacilli drinks, and various kinds of milk powder

3. Candies and cakes: various kinds of soft and hard candy, sorghum candy, sticky candy, chocolate, various kinds of biscuit, and Western-style pastries

4. Sweet pastries: pudding, jelly, gel food, etc.

5. Health foods: various kinds of health food (particularly those for old people and children)

6. Others: processed meat products, aquatic products, jam, honey products, etc.


Your early reply will be appreciated and wish you all of the best and regards !




Sincerely yours,




Sales Manager




Ms. Mary Liu




Organic Herb Inc.




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