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From: "Jo" <stlyearjedf@mail.com>

Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 16:48:14 +0000

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Dear Fr<!on>ie<!oli>nd,<BR> <BR>We off<!dhor>er yo<!bract>u e-ma<!ghntb>il

add<!guahra>re<!eomee>sses da<!mogusc>taba<!symjag>ses for adve<!wivgue>rtise<!sd>ment<BR>ma<!wor>ili<!db>ng; we se<!curjok>ll da<!ionpasd>tab<!jut>ases, c<!iovptl>arr<!sanizul>y o<!ysum>ut

ma<!ue>ili<!wa>ng and also of<!roi>fer ho<!uahu>st<!ikaeur>ing<BR>for the ad<!makrtw>verti<!ful>sing pr<!ikies>oje<!fstuxte>cts.<BR>We can wo<!arrobo>rk

on a t<!igporhb>urnk<!dtasema>ey pr<!iekmot>oje<!odoptu>ct and cr<!po>ea<!iprnt>te a si<!heq>te with or<!pitn>ig<!efy>inal de<!oedn>si<!razutp>gn,<BR>p<!epr>rogr<!lpecu>am and

su<!kunhre>bj<!el>ect con<!um>ten<!isjaf>ts. Our data<!phth>ba<!oo>ses are being up<!byhba>date<!conmom>d con<!pof>stant<!ephfl>ly<BR>with the e-m<!ja>a<!bsit>il

add<!awb>ress<!bysniho>es from all over the wo<!rflownk>rl<!yheopy>d.<BR> <BR>The<!gyr>ir va<!dn>lidi<!si>ty and origi<!ildrewu>na<!rlwp>lity

are ver<!kirs>ified. To<!uoy>day they co<!tp>nta<!nla>in over<BR>50 mi<!erd>lli<!wde>on val<!nfua>id ad<!eacnicl>dre<!vi>sses.<BR>We use

our own ma<!tege>ilin<!odcdai>g so<!gu>ft wh<!rydshbu>ich can be idea<!woeljol>lly adj<!dereg>ust<!anjn>ed for ev<!ehotma>ery<BR>c<!llhro>usto<!mlidpa>mer

re<!dar>que<!bp>st. We have a hi<!rlysu>gh-sp<!isk>eed chan<!kap>nel and a h<!ut>igh pow<!opkm>er serv<!piuca>ers.<BR> <BR>The

co<!bazna>nsta<!judigik>nt of our se<!ckpm>rvic<!tm>e d<!us>em<!ocrm>and a<!cu>llo<!inb>ws us to ke<!ugauma>ep lo<!im>w

pr<!nkee>ic<!fi>es.<BR> <BR><a href="http://w%77w.%65m%61i%6cp%72o%6do.%62i%7a/eng/cont.html">

Cl<!turhevm>ic<!iewy>k He<!pa>re T<!or>o Co<!sroybo>nta<!po>ct U<!uxiy>s</a> (U<!sulwraa>SE ON<!ryniffr>LY T<!ffesd>HI<!mna>S)

<BR> <BR>Ple<!catnd>as<!elyi>e, fee<!ecde>l

fr<!sondvi>ee to c<!bo>ont<!cc>act us an<!oks>ytim<!dtick>e!<BR>We'll be h<!somo>ap<!ib>py to an<!eownc>s<!ha>wer e<!dtiha>very yo<!nu>ur




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