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Guest Unhappy birthday Girl

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Guest Unhappy birthday Girl

I don't understand people who make it this far who lack appropriate social skills...


They slyly charged us a "miscellaneous" food charge for 30 dollars to BRING OUT A BIRTHDAY CAKE and when we asked about it, YELLED at the customers for needing money to wash 25 plates. From the back, the manager resembled a bobble-head, flailing his arms around like a monkey at my friends, I mean, What's more important to you--- the fact that we brought $400 revenue that night or wanting to force us to pay 30 bucks to bring out a birthday cake? I can't believe the stupidity of the manager, I no longer desire to dine at Paper Moon, will spread the bad news about the grotesque reactions from the manager's inability to understand the situation, that it is ILLEGAL to charge us for something and not tell us about it and making the customers feel unthanked for bringing them business. I don't mind paying the $30, just please tell me as to the reason why and come at me correctly, like an adult, like a manager, like an individual that knows how to run a business.


By far the rudest customer service and inconsiderate manager alive (this French guy). Cheap, unthankful manager, and holds such an arrogance toward us in wanting US to thank him for bringing people or reserving a table for us, when in fact, THIS IS THEIR JOB TO HOLD RESERVATIONS. The one manager is ignorant, uneducated, knows absolutely NOTHING about the restaurant business, and needs to learn how to interact on a professional level. Too bad, the food is good, but the attitude leaves the nastiest taste in my mouth.

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